Belgium’s Golden Generation finally Delivers as they Knock Down Brazil #288

Belgium 2 Brazil 1 FT


Brazil seem to be the favorites at nearly every World Cup regardless of its location. They are heavy favorites in every tournament on the merits that they are Brazil the most storied international team in history. Brazil has won more World Cups than any team as they led their team for Glory on 5 different occasions. 3 times under Pele in the fifties that included a back-to-back World Cup title. That era won the World Cup 3 times that was the start of a new age of Brazilian football by most people’s estimation the most talented football in country in the world. Brazil won another in the 90s before securing their most recent World Cup Triumph in 2002 with the original Ronaldo leading the charge. Given the history of Brazilian football regardless of the situation they are always the favorite to win it and every single time they have a team capable of doing so. However since their last World Cup Triumph they have vastly under achieved. Something this Belgium team is very familiar with. During this era it has been the golden generation of Belgium football. Since about 2010 the Belgium Football Federation has developed some of the young talents throughout Belgium that evidently have become super stars in World football. A team with the likes of Chelsea’s Eden Hazard Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne as well as many more talented players who are now playing in the biggest leagues around the world. The biggest criticism all of this golden generation was the inability to deal with all the talent that they have to their disposal they have been unable to put it all together. As talented as this Belgium team is they have failed to deliver on the biggest stage massively underperforming at the Euros allowing a team that’s not even in this world cup to knock them out. We have one of the favorites to win the whole thing and an underperforming Nation with all the talent in the world. In a battle between two heavy weights if would be a Belgium team who  has failed to perform against the heavy favorites Brazil. Belgium were are the best team throughout the match a Fernandino own goal and a Wonder strike by Kevin De bruyne put  Belgium up as they  jumped to a 2-0 lead before Aguesto tried to get Brazil back into the game with a late goal but it was too little too late. As Belgium’s golden generation finally lived up to expectations taking out the favorites Brazil as their World Cup drought only continuous. Belgium will face France  in the semi-finals of the World Cup with place in the final at stake.

Heavy favorites Brazil won their group despite not being at their best. However Brazil turned it on in the round of 16 matchups against Mexico a team that had been knocked out in the same stage in sixth consecutive World Cups. Brazil took it up a notch proven that they are true contenders. Mexico try to hold off Brazil as long as they possibly could but Brazil was too strong too fast too quick too smart. Brazil ended up getting two second half goals from Neymar and Bobby Firmino as Brazil got passed Mexico in the round of 16 as Brazil really looked like the team to beat as World Cup contention just continued. Much like Brazil Belgium also won their group but they were much more challenged in their round of 16 matchup vs Japan in fact they were on the verge of elimination during the game. A very underrated Japan team caught Belgium sleeping far too often as they opened up a two-goal lead in the second half putting Belgium on verge of elimination was great disappointment from the golden generation. Despite being severely outplayed by Japan Belgium found a way back into the game. Vertonghen and Fellaini scored in Rapid succession to eventually equalize making it to 2-2. The drama of the World Cup was at its finest off a late Counterattack from Belgium ended up with Chadli putting the ball in the back of the net to win and historic result as Belgium came back from the dead to beat a very strong Japan team. As they clinch their place in the quarter-final setting up an incredible match with Brazil.


This was expected to be a must-see World Cup action between two of the most gifted teams in the tournament. The favorites against a team with arguably more Talent been any team at the World Cup. Despite how close this game looked on paper most believed that Brazil ultimately come on top and a thriller. Quite the opposite happened in actuality despite the fact that they underperformed against Japan Belgium looked fierce ready and enthusiastic the Flemish side did whatever they wanted it completely controlled the game and attacked constantly. Early in the first half Brazil found themselves down as fernandinho put the ball into his own net coming off a brilliant set piece by Eden Hazard. Belgium kept their momentum going very shortly after Belgium caught Brazil sleeping again and they continue to dig a hole in Brazil’s World Cup dreams. On an incredible play by Romelu Lukaku he controlled possession on a counter attack handing it off to Kevin De bruyne. The Manchester City midfielder took a crack on goal scoring an absolute screamer Allison had no chance just like that Belgium are up 2-0 thanks to a strike from KDB. Brazil attacked as frequently as they could but were just too wasteful especially late in the game. Belgium continue to attack things were coming easily for this team the golden generation was finally showing the world they can do. Although Eden Hazard was incredible in the Belgian Midfield and he deserves a lot of praise. The guy who stuck out for me was Courtois the Chelsea goalkeeper was unbelievable over the 90 minutes proving that he still is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. He made save after save after save however his clean sheet would eventually be ruined late in the second half as Coutinho set up an unbelievable pass for Agosto who found the back of the net with his header to give Brazil some kind of hope. Brazil never gave up and they continue to fight through every single minutes unlike the Brazil team from 2014 they battled but it was a battle they were unable to win. As once again Brazil failed to deliver their country to Glory as Belgium and their golden generation showed that they are legitimate Contender for the World Cup. Belgium will face off against France in the semi-finals. a match that could go either way two of the most talented young teams and all of Europe. Honestly could of  gone either way I think France are still slight favorites and given their defensive advantage I think they will win and ultimately take the World Cup.. However this Belgium team is absolutely legit they have the talent and the ability to get past France and win the final. Anything short of World Cup Glory for either team would be a massive failure this golden generation of Belgium simply cannot fail again they do not want to be known for the most talented team that never won the World Cup. France are in the same boat whoever goes home after the semi-final will have let down their Nation it is World Cup or bust for both teams. Can Belgium’s golden generation deliver what they are capable of or will they ultimately fail on the biggest stage.



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