Samuel Umtiti header Sends Belgium to the World Cup Final #291

France 1 Belgium 0FT


This Majestic and Magical World Cup has ran its course as we find ourselves in the semi-final with only four teams left. Two of the most talented teams and the entire tournament going head-to-head with an opportunity to play in the World Cup final to write their names in World Cup history. On one side we had the golden generation of Belgium football a team and a country who has had the most talented collection of Belgian footballers we have ever seen coming out of Belgium but have been disappointing in putting it all together this would be there chance to become Belgium football legends as Belgium looked to win the World Cup for the first time ever. Then on the other side one of the youngest and most talented teams in the World Cup a French team that has come into a new age trying to prove they can deliver a World Cup like the French teams that came before them as they are in search of their third world cup trophy. You have Belgium who wants to start writing their own history in football however they came up against a monster as France was looking for the first World Cup trophy since 1998 with a desire to add another major trophy to their trophy case. The talent that exists in both these teams showed itself on display in a World Cup semi final with a spot in the final on the line. A French superpower and the Belgium golden generation cross paths on the way to a final in which the winning team will likely be favored. Point Blank the winner of this match would in all likelihood win the World Cup as they are easily Superior to the two teams on the other side of the bracket. France attacking play the attacking football and were taking it to Belgium the first half lack of consistent finishing kept it even going into the second half. In the second half despite how close these two teams were France made the Breakthrough as Barcelona Defender Samuel Umtiti found the back of the net with a go-ahead header to take France on the brink of Glory. Belgium did their best to bring the game back but a superb French defense and goalkeeper performance denied Belgium’s golden generation as France returns to another final with the hope and desire to write the wrong from the Euro 2016 final vs Portugal as the young French side are one game away from becoming champions of the world as they will face England or Croatia and a final they will be in great position to win.


Belgium ended up in one of the easiest groups in the World Cup beating England to finish top of their group. In the round of 16 Belgium golden generation were on the brink of elimination from the tournament against a very underrated and underappreciated Japan side had them on the ropes putting them in a 2-0 hole before Belgium made an historic come back to win at the death scoring a stoppage-time goal to come back from the the Dead to ultimately win and Advance to the quarterfinals. In the quarterfinals Belgium faced off against the World Cup favorites Brazil A Team with the quality and the ability to win the World Cup. Belgium came into that quarter-final as underdogs there were a few people that believe that Belgium could knock off Brazil but most people had felt that Brazil was going to be too much for Belgium to handle. Ultimately it turned out the Belgium were just too much for Brazil to handle despite their Superstars throughout the team Belgium hit Brazil in the mouth in quick succession as Belgium’s golden generation grabbed a 2-0 lead after the first half. They continued on cruise control and despite a pushback from Brazil where they got a goal back it was just too much to overcome despite a valiant comeback in which Brazil had opportunities to level it late Belgium was ultimately too much to overcome as they knocked out the favorites to only continue the Brazilian World Cup drought as Belgium with their golden generation got past Mighty Brazil punching their tickets in it to the semi-final. Much like Belgium France were in a very winnable group as they topped their group no problem. In the round of 16 France faced off against in Argentina team the nearly failed to make it out of the group. However in the round of 16 against Argentina we would be treated to a World Cup Classic as it ended up being one of the most entertaining games in this tournament. It ended up being a seven-goal thriller a match for France even found themselves behind for part of it ultimately it became the coming out party for Killian mbappe who scored twice and an eventual 4-3 France win sending Leo Messi home. In the quarter finals France faced off against Uruguay a team that had just recently knocked off Cristiano Ronaldo. A Team who I believe had everything it takes to win the World Cup I believed that the winner of that matchup would go on to win the tournament. France had the luxury not having to deal with Uruguay’s Edinson Cavani Uruguay most threatening goal scorer. However it still was very much in balance as Uruguay have the best defense in the world who had only been scored on once going into the game against France. Uruguay were disciplined intelligence and experienced. A very tough team but Uruguay could not deal with the youth and skilled  French team. France scored off a set piece by Raphael Varane before doubling it with Antoine Griezmann in the second half to push their way into the semi-finals dispatching a very strong Uruguay team. this would set up a much-anticipated match between France and Belgium.



This is a match that would grab the attention of the world with the winner of this match and all likelihood winning the World Cup. A pair of young and talented teams with an opportunity to do something exceptional for their Nations. A World Cup Final on the line for both teams a chance for Belgium to prove golden generation can win together well France very much wanting to avenge their loss in the Euro 2016 final delivering a World Cup to a French European Powerhouse. The match was exciting and thrilling the attacking options and the style of play that these two Nations play made this game very exciting. two attacking teams with world-class players throughout in a World Cup semi final you could not ask for anything better. In the opening parts of the game France seem to have the slight advantage having a large majority of opportunities in the first half despite not taking advantage yet they seemed like the much superior team were in complete control howver Belgium got into dangerous areas often. In the second half the game opened up a little bit more for France and they finally got the opportunity. When it arrived France took full advantage of it coming off a set piece Barcelona Defender Samuel Umtiti put his head through the cross finding the back of the neck to give France the 1-0 lead. Beating an incredible goalkeeper in Courtois who has been one of the best during this world cup. After conceding Belgium really took it up a notch coming at the French team with everything they had. Everything Belgium did was countered by a superb defensive performance from the French team. Belgium got france into trouble a lot almost constantly in the second half but despite that their defense was able to handle it every single time and the performance of goalkeeper Hugo Loris was sensational on another day Belgium would have scored but the performance defensively was just unbelievable. Belgium kept pushing and pushing trying to break through and they came close on several occasions but unfortunately there World Cup was running out of time. Despite their unwillingness to give up Belgium fell just short as France sent them home as the golden generation of fell short once again. France get back into a World Cup final with the opportunity to avenge their Euro 2016 final loss finally given another chance to bring a third world cup title to the French people. France will play either England or Croatia in the final either way no matter who they end up playing on Sunday I believe France will win the World Cup. I’ve been on the record since January that this team is going to win the World Cup neither Croatia or England has the resources to take it down this French team. From top to bottom they have in depth at every position and world class Talent all over the place. England and Croatia do not have the players or the team necessary to stop France from winning the World Cup say what you want about any of these teams but I believe no team wants it more and this French side they never truly got over their  Euro 16 loss to Portugal France will not fail I’ve said it before and I will say it again France will win the 2018 FIFA World Cup.


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