Antonio Conte vs Maurizio Sarri Why Chelsea Made a Mistake #295


After Chelsea’s Failure to put together a strong defense to their premier league title having finished 5th Outside of the champions league. The London club made a descion to make some changes. There has been a managerial change at Stamford Bridge as Chelsea decided to move on from Antonio Conte despite the fact that he won the Premier League title and FA Cup in his first two seasons in charge of the Blues. An extremely harsh decision made by Abramovich who needs to lower his expectations because he is giving Chelsea the wrong perception of what his goals and Ambitions should be hes not living in reality he needs to come back down to earth. Antonio Conte won the two most important trophies in English football in his first two seasons there was a bit of a drop off this year but if he had been given more time I believe Antonio Conte could have corrected the issues and made this team to a force again. Chelsea replaced him with a worse manager with Maurizio Sarri but Chelsea despite his dodgy track record Chelsea seem to be really exited with the appointment of Sarri a manager but someone I am very familiar with  I have seen and analyzed in Serie A for many many years. It’s a sexy name to bring in to the Premier League but the background of the Italian manager isn’t convincing in fact if you look at his resume it’s quite skeptical. He did incredibly well in Napoli but the fact of the matter is he never should have been given that job because he was not qualified for it. He was given an Incredibly talented Squad when he was at Napoli this is a large part of his success in Naples. I think he’s has good qualities and is a pretty good manager but he will never be considered a great manager and to this day I don’t think you can make that argument. Chelsea made a mistake picking Sarri over Antonio Conte. I have studied Italian football for the last 20 years I have seen both these guys and Italy’s top-flight. Chelsea made a mistake Antonio Conte has his issues but he was replaced by someone who cannot do a better job and I think it’s quite possible within a few seasons Sarri will lose his job or leave on his own. Sarri doesn’t have a great winning percentage and leaves teams rather quickly he’s had 9 coaching jobs he has never stayed in a job for more than three seasons there’s a reason he doesn’t have more stability and why he’s not getting long-term jobs. While Napoli play beautiful football and he is a part of that he has failed on two Golden opportunities to win the league Napoli to finally end Juventus rein at the top of Italian football. They were in the pole position in 2015 and 2018 to win the league title but failed on both occasions failing two incredibly talented teams it almost impossible for them not to win the league during those two seasons but he managed to let it slip through his hands. With this decision by the Chelsea board this may have sabotaged Chelsea’s chances of becoming a big player in the Premier League again. Antonio Conte was harshly let go soon Chelsea will see how much.



Antonio Conte has been regarded as one of the best coaches in Italy and Europe over the last several years it is absolutely mind-boggling that Chelsea willingly made the decision to let him go. We’re talking about a manager who has won almost 60% of his games including having been in charge of some pretty big teams with Juventus and the Italian national team. He has worked extremely hard to get to this level being a manager on the biggest stage reaching maximum Heights. I think it was quite obvious that he was going to be a sensational manager when he was a player he was one of the most influential and important players in Juventus history. I remember watching him as a young child he never was the best player but he had leadership qualities that made the Juventus side of the 90s push forward he was an incredible player but he never viewed himself as a great player but as an extremely hard worker who would do anything to his team he captained the Juventus during his time in Turin. He had all the qualities in the world to be a fantastic manager that he has become certainly one of the best in the world in my estimation. In 12 years as a manager he has won 47% or higher and 10 of his 12 Seasons. The height of his career was coaching Juventus and the Italian national team but he had to work hard to be in consideration for the massive jobs that those are. He just is a different kind of manager when he got Bari promoted to Serie A because the board refused to give him the funds needed for the upcoming campaign Antonio Conte walked on a team that was going back to Serie A. After an unsuccessful job at Atlanta he took over Sienna at Siena people started to notice his incredible abilities to do as well as he did for a team with no prestigious history that during that time was considered somewhat of an afterthought is remarkable. Siena was a team that barely fought off relegation from Serie B before Conte arrived he got a relatively weak team promoted to Serie A. He went through the hard road to the top who took over for Juventus as he started a trend and a period of domination that still has been instilled. When he first took over at Juventus they were going through a trouble sometime he didn’t really have the incredibly strong team it was a bit of a difficult time Juventus were just coming off the Italian football scandal from several years before it ultimately slowed progress we see the Relentless dominance that took place before the Scandal. Conte got them winning again created a formula that worked in Italy despite not having incredibly talented teams he continued to improve the Squad through each season. It seemed like every year they found a way to reach their expectations Antonio Conte did not achieve anything in Europe with Juventus but won the scudetto in three consecutive seasons which was an incredible achievement given what Antonio Conte had to work with. He left his post at Juventus to take over the as he was put in charge of the Italian national team he got Italy to the quarterfinals of the European championships which was once again a team that was going through a rough time. They failed to replace him with anybody good as they failed to make the World Cup and Russia. He has spent the last two years at Chelsea as the English Premier League was exposed to his emotional and incredible charisma as he ran the table in England leading Chelsea to the league title in his first year. Last season he struggled in the league but that was not completely his fault he did not get the backing by the board and was restricted in who he could bring in he had it was a team that not necessarily was his. Despite finishing outside of the Champions League spots he won the FA Cup he conquered England’s two most prestigious trophies but evidently was sacked anyways. Antonio Conte was a tremendous manager in Italy and has had success almost everywhere he has gone he has won 244 games as a manager and has under 100 losses winning nearly 60% of his games. This is an absolute joke that he was let go from his position if you’re going to get rid of Antonio Conte you got to bring in a better manager the guy they brought in is not only isn’t  better manager but isn’t in the same class as Antonio Conte. This was a massive mistake by Chelsea Antonio Conte is proven and has overachieved with teams that needed a lot of work. He will be back Antonio Conte has won seven trophies in 12 years including numerous amounts of individual accolades the guy that has been brought in to replace them hasn’t won a single trophy in 13 years Chelsea are sabotaging themselves by making this move Chelsea used to be one of the big giants in English football it just is not the case anymore they are just fading away into existence they have very little relevance especially now getting rid of a manager who could have brought them back.

AC Chievo Verona v SSC Napoli - Serie A

The man who has been brought in to bring Chelsea back is Maurizio Sarri much like Antonio Conte he has spent his entire career up to this point in Italian football but unlike Conte he has had much less success in fact he has not won anything in his managerial career. In fact one of his main issues is stability he is not a been able to hold on to or keep a job for that long which is why I think this is could to be a disaster. From 2005 to 2010 Maurizio Sarri had six different jobs. Pescara Arezzo Avellino Hellas Verona Perugia Alexandria. The large majority of those teams had very little time spent in Serie A he has spent a lot of time in Italian second flight rather than battling it among Italy’s Best. In a lot of these jobs he failed to even hold on to them for a season. In his first five years Pescara and Alexandria are the only job where he was able to hold on to it for an entire season. He won 33% of his games at Pescara and 41% of his games at Alexandria. Eventually had some success with Empoli where he spent three seasons it wasn’t all bad there was some promise there but overall it was pretty average he won 39% of his games winning 52 of 132 matches. He was with the club from 2012 to 2015 he was never considered at this time as one of the best managers in Italy but he had some promise with that club. Then in 2015 he was given a gift a gift that he should not have gotten for some strange reason one of Italy’s most attacking talented teams Napoli appointed him as manager. Before coming to Naples he was an afterthought he wasn’t even in the conversation of being a great manager even a good one. He was given a squad of a lifetime with Gonzalo Higuain Lorenzo insigne Joiorgino dries Mertens not to mention Hamšík who has been one of the best players in Italy over the last 10 years. He was given an incredible Squad so people started to believe that he was a great manager and even with one of these most talented Squad in Italy he blew two golden opportunities to win the scudetto. In his first season Juventus started incredibly slow and Napoli will high flying and soaring with Gonzalo Higuain scoring goals for fun. The Argentina International scored 33 goals in the league which was the most in decades. Despite the fact they seem to have a choke hold on the lead at the top of Italy they seemingly found a way to blow it allowing Juventus back in the title race not only winning the league but doing it comfortably in the second half of the season Juventus won the league by 9 points and Napoli nearly lost second with Roma finding themselves only two points behind despite being in 5th place at Christmas. The next season Gonzalo Higuain left to Juventus and were not in the title race at any point in time it was Roma that pushed Juventus most of the way Napoli narrowly got third behind Juventus and Roma. This last season they had an incredible opportunity to win the league again they had the most attacking team and they were ruthless with their attack they played excellent and beautiful football. Napoli looked like they were going to win the league for most of the season although Juventus was close behind for most of the year Napoli looked like it was Destiny for them to win the league Unfortunately they blew it late in the year after a loss to Roma they couldn’t recover. Napoli then beat Juventus putting up a late fight but once again when they needed points they failed to deliver blowing and yet another chance to win the league. Maurizio Sarri is a product of environment he was not even considered a top quality coach from anyone before he arrived in Naples he had an incredible team at Napoli and failed on two occasions to win the league. He is not going to have team like this at Chelsea he will ultimately come up short when it matters I have been watching him for many years and this is brutally and honestly the truth. I don’t believe he’s a bad manager he’s a good manager for a mid-table team but he does not have the qualities or the conviction necessary to leave a massive club like Chelsea trophies it just won’t happen. Jorginho will be joining him at Chelsea which will be a massive signing for them and that might help him to a certain extent because he’s an excellent player but in the long haul he is just not good enough for a job like this. I am not saying that he can’t challenge the league because he certainly can what I’m saying is this he will fail to deliver on trophies he won’t be able to do what Antonio Conte has done over the last two seasons. Maurizio Sarri has won 47% of his games which isn’t bad but most of that is because of the team he was given at Napoli you take that job away he’s not even 40%. In Antonio’s Conte peak an Italian football 47% was his lowest winning percentage when he was at his best that tells you everything you need to know. Maurizio Sarri struggles to hold onto jobs and it will be incredibly difficult for him to hold on to this one if things don’t start well he could be in big trouble early. Mauricio Sarri is a product of his environment and if he is not given a world-class team he won’t live up to expectations. A year from now when Inter fail to improve Antione Conte will take over at Inter Milan to make them great again while I believe Sarri could be on thin Ice Chelsea don’t really realize the consequences of this decision.



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