It’s Mbappe’s world 19-Year old Leads France World Cup Glory #294

France 4 Croatia 2FT


We have finally reached the World Cup final after 32 nations with hope and ambition to thrive at this year’s World Cup in Russia we came to a conclusion with only two Nations still standing what has been arguably the greatest World Cup of all time Underdog stories revealing themselves to the world unlikely stories non-stop excitement it has been magical and Majestic tournament in Russia. After 60 plus games we reach the tournament Final Destination kicked off in the World Cup final yesterday in Moscow. It would be the team that I knew all along would be on the stage an Incredibly deep French team lead by 19 year old Superstar Killian Mbappe against the feel-good story of the tournament as underdogs Croatia found themselves on the brink of Glory a team lead by Luka Modric the player of the tournament he led different cast and characters to the World Cup final a lot who had gone through a lot to get to this point with Luca included. Croatia was an incredibly strong team with several world-class players throughout the squad who against all odds made it to this final match but unfortunately it would not be a happy ending for the croatians. However they gave it absolutely everything things kicked off when Mario Mandzukic tried to clear a Free kick hit by Antoine Griezmann accidentally putting the ball back his own net  to give France the early lead. Croatia however would equalize with an absolute Thunderbolt from Ivan Perisic. Croatia had a lot of chances and controlled possession but despite that France were just too efficient. Ivan perisic had a handball in the Box giving France a penalty. Antoine Griezmann found the back of the net to give France a 2-1 lead right before the half. A very closely contested game between the World Cup finalists. Sadly for Croatia in the second half mbappe arrived as Mbappe and Pogba both found the back of the net before Mario Mandzukic softened the blow and what was a 4-2 victory for France as they win their second World Cup final overcoming the defeats in the World Cup final in 06 and 2016 European championship loss to Portugal to finally recapture the glory they felt in 1998. Despite the results Croatia should be really proud of what they have accomplished This World Cup France become World champions as I suspected from the start this team could be great in years to come.


Both France and Croatia both won their group to start the World Cup but to get to this point they had very different pathways to reach the World Cup final. Croatia beat out Leo Messi and Argentina to win their group in doing so avoiding France in the round of 16 which was what this Croatia team wanted to do coming out of the group is to avoid France at all possibilities they didn’t want face them so early in the World Cup. Croatia ended up on the weaker side of the bracket but despite that it was no easy road to Moscow. Croatia In the Round of 16 met Christian Eriksen and Denmark in what was wild game Croatia had to come from behind in an opening minute goal from Denmark Croatia would quickly respond. However it would require extra time and in extra-time Croatia were denied with a Chance to win the game from the spot as Luka Modric saw his penalty saved by Kasper Schmeichel this would force a penalty shootout. Croatia’s goalkeeper Danijel Subašić  saves a World Cup record three penalties in a shootout win over Denmark to advance to the  quarterfinals. In the quarterfinals they avoided Spain as Russia beat them on penalties. Croatia took on the hosts and it was a lot more difficult than most people imagined. Once again they fell behind with Denis Cheryshev’s wonder goal but Croatia found a way back into the game to equalize and yet again it would require extra time. Vita would give Croatia the 2-1 lead an extra time before Russia equalized 10 minutes from the end to force another penalty shootout. Croatia’s goalkeeper was the hero once again despite injuring himself in the second half he saved a crucial penalty that pushed Croatia in tube the semi-final. Croatia faced off against England in the semi-final and once again they found themselves behind early as Kieran Trippier gave England the lead on a superb free-kick. However late in the second half Ivan Perisic saved Croatia with an equalizer. The extra time would be required again and the second half of extra time despite having picked up a injury just moments before Mario Mandzukic scored the goal to knock off the Three Lions earning themselves a place in the World Cup final for the very first time. Croatia battled through while France steamrolled their way into the final. France finished top of their group with little Resistance despite not all that well. As it seemed like they consumed energy for the knockout rounds where they came to life in this tournament. In the round of 16 against Argentina and Leo Messi France put on a show in a wild 4-3 victory for France which was truly the coming out party for Kilian Mbappe who scored 2 goals only to become the second teenager ever to score multiple goals in a World Cup game. In the quarterfinals they came up against the best defense in the world as they faced off against Uruguay Raphael Varane and Antoine Griezmann scored to hold off Uruguay 2-0. France would face the golden generation of Belgium football in the semi-finals but France had too much for The talented Belgium stars to deal with as they punched their ticket into the first World Cup final since 2006.


It all came down to this 90 minutes away from crowning a world champion player of the World Cup Luka Modric and an unlikely Croatia team faced off against the most deep team in the entire world cup lead by 19 year old sensation Killian mbappe. Despite being massive underdogs Croatia looked extremely strong in the opening minutes of the game they controlled the possession and they had excellent fluidity in their ball movement. Early in the first half Croatia looked as strong as they have been during this tournament unfortunately they were far too wasteful giving France and opportunity to punch them in the mouth. Antoine Griezmann while dribbling just outside the box baited the Croatian defense to foul him just outside the penalty area with an opportunity to strike from a set piece. This was very dangerous because France are excellent with set pieces they scored a set-piece against Belgium and Uruguay. Antoine Griezmann hit a perfect cross into the box Croatia’s Mario Mandzukic with his six-foot-three frame tried to clear out the ball using his head but eventually ended up in the back of the net as France took a 1-0 lead it was not the fault of Mandzukic but none-the-less France took advantage of their only opportunity up to that point. France remained in control but only for short amount of time as Croatia got back into the game. On a Counterattack in the Box that the French defense tried to clear out fell to Ivan Perisic who took a fantastic first touch before striking the ball away from his body at a very difficult angle finding the back of the net as the Inter Milan midfielder buried a superb strike to make it 1-1 to put the World Cup final Back in Balance. Croatia continued to control possession but a Croatian mistake gave France and opportunity to take the lead late in the first half. Coming off a corner Croatia was given a goal kick but after Consulting VAR it was given a penalty the replay showed that’s while defending the corner Ivan Perisic moved his hands in motion has he made contact with the ball ultimately the right decision a big mistake but  harsh on Croatia. Antoine Griezmann stepped up in the World Cup final with a chance to give France the lead from the spot. You would bet your life on Antoine Griezmann from 12 yards out he is as efficient as anyone five penalties for France five goals  from Griezmann in addition to that France have never lost when Antoine Griezmann has scored. The Atletico-Madrid Superstar beat the keeper to the left to give France the 2-1 lead going into the second half. Despite traveling Croatia looks like the better team in the first half unfortunately in the second half it would not be the same story. France ran through Croatia in the second half. The moment that we expected would  arrived as Killian Mbappe announced himself in the World Cup final. The 19 year old PSG star took a touch from outside the box before blasting a long ranger into the bottom corner to give France the 3-1 lead. It would be more records for Mbappe as he became the second youngest player to ever score in a World Cup final since Pele did it in 1958. It went from bad to worse for Croatia as the very efficient France struck again. Coming off a superb pass from Antoine Griezmann Paul Pogba took a strike from just inside the Box it was deflected before it came back to the Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba smashed the second attempt in the top corner to make it 4-1 in favor of France as this efficient France team was making things ugly. Croatia eventually got one back with an horrendous mistake from Hugo Loris as Mario Mandzukic found the back of the net to make it 4-2. The Croatians never gave up which made them such an amazing Underdog Story but in the end they didn’t have enough to deal with this French superpower. As France became world champions winning the World Cup for only the second time 10 years after capturing their first World Cup behind the brilliance of Zinidne Zidane in 1998 they become world champions again. I’ve known for quite some time that France was going to win the World Cup I predicted that they would win it back in January before the squad was even put together it was clear to me with their depth and their talent the no one would stand in their way. However we must congratulate and give respect to Croatia who put together one of the most magical runs in World Cup history Croatia never backed down and behind the Brilliance of Luka Modric Ivan rakitic Ivan perisic and Mario Mandzukic they did something really special becoming the second smallest country to ever make the world cup with only four million people they made their country and the world proud of them.



In all likelihood they will not get back to Another World Cup final but I think the entire world will remember what this Croatia team did and what they accomplished this golden generation of Croatia will be remembered fondly in World Cup history certainly one of the most underrated teams to play in the final. Croatia’s Luka Modric received the Golden Ball who is given to the player of the tournament. Absolutely no arguments against it since the first game Luka Modric has been by far the best player at this year’s World Cup despite the loss I think Luka Modric should be extremely proud of how he performed as we saw the best of the Real Madrid midfielder on this stage. Young player of the tournament went to killing Mbappe without question the most exciting player we had seen at a World Cup especially at his young age I believe that the nineteen-year-old phenom is already the 5th best player in the world at the very least and he will climb up in the years to come by the next World Cup he will be the best player in the world. Belgium goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois was given the Golden Glove given to the best goalkeeper in the World Cup. And finally the golden boots with six goals went to Harry Kane from England although I stand by what I said it was not impressive his six goals were three penalties two deflections and a header he played well during this world cup but it wasn’t a dominating performance from Harry Kane. This has been one of the best World Cups we have ever seen with Underdog stories going far favorites going out an incredible performances from some top players in my estimation it’s on par with the 2002 World Cup which is what I consider the best World Cup ever. Russia has been a magnificent host to the world’s biggest sporting tournament as we saw its beauty and it’s football the World Cup is finally over with France being recognized as world champions as France proved this is Killian Mbappe’s World and we are just living in it. A majestic Magical World Cup that I wish didn’t have to end but it has been one hell of a ride.



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