Top 5 Performers at the 2018 World Cup #297

1.  Luka Modric, Croatia 771641865b4cd0947dbbf1ee8bc7a38a1d1472a78df2658d0bf4232a7da0d5e9
Luka Modric had won three consecutive Champions League finals with Real Madrid going into this world cup he’s already universally referred to as one of the best midfielders in the world. This may have been his finest hour Croatia had never been to a World Cup final and no one expected them to get near it. He was Sensational throughout the entire world cup Croatia blitzed through the group beating up Leo Messi in Argentina on their way. In the Knockout stage they went through a lot of adversity to make the final. No player played more minutes then Luka Modric all there knockout stage games went to extra-time with two shootouts and extra time game against England in the semi-final. Luka Modric ran nearly 50 Miles at the World Cup far more than anyone. Luka Modric won the Golden Ball given to the world cups best player it was very clear from the first game that he was the best player to step on a pitch in Russia. His passing ability his leadership and his ability to score goals. For him to lead a Croatia to an unlikely final seemed almost impossible his dirty work and extraordinary play led them to the brink of Glory. Just an unprecedented performance from a team that shocked nearly everyone getting to the final. Despite losing to France in the final he was the Energizer bunny for Croatia what he did in Midfield in his creation for his teammates was second to none no one in this world cup had a bigger impact on their team than Luka Modric. He had and historically great World Cup the performances he had in this tournament will be remembered for years. He brought an unlikely Croatia to the brink of Glory giving all the Croatian people around the world the opportunity to live a dream as they became the second smallest Nation to make the World Cup final. An unreal World Cup for Luka Modric in an era of dominance from Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi the Ballon D;or has been an award that has been nearly impossible to win because of the two goal scoring machines. Essentially preventing a lot of great players from winning it. However Luka Modric is the best midfielders in the world and a top-10 player in the world the way he has performed at the World Cup and in the Champions league and the fact that he drove an unlikely team to the final he without a doubt should win the Ballon d’Or to end the dominance of this award at least temporarily I don’t think there’s a player in the world who deserves it more he doesn’t score a lot of goals but his contribution to his club and his country is unlike anyone in the world and this world cup Justified that.

2. Killian Mbappe, France 


Of course without a doubt coming at a number #2 the 19 year old phenom French Superstar Killian Mbappe who one day perhaps may join Real Madrid. He has been one of the best players at this world cup easily with his performances against the big teams. This 19 year old kid will eventually become the best player in the world at the current moment it’s disrespectful to not have him in your top five. He won the young player of the World Cup with his dominating performances. He had three goals at this world cup a brace in the World Cup final and a two-goal dominating performance against a Leo Messi and Argentina in the round of 16. The PSG teen is a big game player he terrorized the Argentina team during that match up. This tournaments all in all has been be coming out party for Mbappe by the next World Cup he will be the best player in the world and I think in about a year we can start to have that argument with him against Messi and Ronaldo. He’s only been playing senior football two seasons and he already has 52 goals. He is won  2 League titles and is the second most expensive player of all time. He became the first teenager since Pele to score in the World Cup final and the first teenager since Pele to score 2 goals in a World Cup match. This kid is going to be the new Global Superstar people in America will be familiar with who he is. He has been unbelievable at the world cup you could have even maybe argument that he should have won the Golden Ball as well going to the best player of the tournament he narrowly lost out but you could have made that argument that’s how good this kid has been. At 19 years old he’s already a World Cup winner he is one of the most valuable athletes in the world at 19 years old he makes more money than LeBron James and Kevin Durant made at the same age and it’s not even close. He is at PSG for now but the big boys at Real Madrid will be monitoring the situation this time next summer and I’m predicting next summer Real Madrid will break the world record again to sign him. This kid has the opportunity to be a better player than on Henry who is a global icon in French football at this age he wasn’t doing anywhere near what this kid is done. I believe if he maintains this he will be one of the greatest players of all time I know that is crazy to say but we have never seen a teenager in any sports Dominate and play to this level. Had a fantastic World Cup and as long as France has Mbappe they will have an opportunity to win the Euros in 2020 and the World Cup again in 2022. this is in Mbappe World and we are just living in it this sport could survive without Messi and Ronaldo because of what this kid is capable of.

3. Eden Hazard, Belgium 

Eden-Hazard-England-vs-Belgium-980438World Cup - Third Place Play Off - Belgium v England

Eden Hazard led this Belgium team to an unlikely World Cup semi-final. The one thing with him I think he has really struggled with his consistency there are games where he is just next level. Games where he is just unplayable and then there are  games and  moments where he disappears. We saw consistency by the Belgium throughout their entire run in Russia. Kevin De bruyne was excellent but the man for Belgium was Eden Hazard he set up many goals for romelu Lukaku his touches his passing his overall intelligence was next level. He also scored a few goals we talk about in football these players who no matter what you can spot them we watched Belgium during this world cup you knew where he was at all times because of the infliction of energy is pace is passing he was magical during this tournament. The Belgian generation over shot itself making the semi-final and he was a massive part of that. In the end I believe this generation is unlikely to win the World Cup but this will still be a dangerous team in the years to come because of Eden Hazard if he can play at this level consistently for the next 3 years he will be considered in that conversation with Neymar and Killian Mbappe as the new era of Global Superstars after Ronaldo and Messi no longer can play at their level. He had an unbelievable World Cup this has convinced Real Madrid to open their checkbook for the Chelsea Superstar as they are paying over a 100 Million for his Services as a potential replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo I fully expect him to make the long-awaited move to the galacticos of Real Madrid he has earned this move it’s an inflated Market but paying a hundred million for a player of hazard’s ability isn’t outrageous his performance in Russia has warranted his greatness especially if he maintains his consistency.

4. Paul Pogba, France

I have been on record over this last year that Paul Pogba is being ruined at Manchester United under Jose Mourinho. During this tournament we really saw how much Paul Pogba was a revelation in the French Midfield that was so important to their success. He is one of the reasons I picked France to win the World Cup months before the tournament even started the Midfield of Paul Pogba and N’golo Kante was going to be extremely hard to deal with going into this tournament this was the one thing I felt teams would struggle with against France. When Pogba was at Juventus he was one of the most exciting players and one of the best midfielders in the world when he arrived. In Manchester Jose Mourinho didn’t allow him to play to his best. He scored two goals one against Australia and a nail in the coffin in the World Cup final. It wasn’t just what he did with the ball it was his leadership he led this team to Victory and Russia. He had a very moving speech prior to the World Cup final against Croatia he may not be the captain but he led this team all the way through. His passing ability is intelligence and his overall ball control and excellent display showed on the biggest stage. Paul Pogba is on the verge they moved to Barcelona according to what many reports are saying. if we were able to see this version of Paul Pogba throughout the season he would once again be considered one of the best players in the world like he was when he was in Italy. This was a very important tournament for Paul Pogba and after winning young Player of the Year at the World Cup in 2014 not only did he leave this tournament as a World Cup champion but also one of the best players in the entire tournament an unbelievable World Cup for Paul Pogba I hope we get to see this level of performance continue next season whether it’s for Barcelona Juventus and Manchester United.

5. Mario Mandzukic, Croatia 

mario-mandzukic-croatia-england-11072018_gsx18f68cild1wjh67qcqmemu2117682_w2Luka Modric and Ivan Rakitic get all the credit but Mario Mandzukic is a massive reason why Croatia got themselves into the World Cup final even though they lost it was a massive achievement for the country. The Juventus Striker was one of the best center forwards at the World Cup. Despite a very limited amount of touches in games when he was given a chance or opportunity Mandzukic took full advantage of it all three goals Mandzukic scored in the World Cup came during The Knockout stage scoring in the round of 16 semi final and Final. Every goal he scored in this tournament had a great deal of importance but the most impressive goal was when he scored was the game-winning goal against England in the World Cup semi-finals to take Croatia to the first World Cup finals. His extra-time winner in the semi-finals came just moments after picking up an apparent injury he was able to brush it off and Lead his country to Glory getting them into a historic first World Cup final. Despite failure to take his country to Glory in the final he was outstanding throughout the tournament especially in the late stages a great leader and a fantastic centre-forward with an imposing presence that this Croatia team needed him to go on their Deep Run. Mario Mandzukic could be on the move this summer with Cristiano Ronaldo coming to Juventus Mandzukic could be on his way out all I can say is this whoever gets their hands on him is getting some player even if he doesn’t leave I believe this Juventus team can use a player like him with size and strength and the ability to find the back of the net had an outstanding World Cup.

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