Unprofessionalism and lies Malcom transfer collapse #298


There has been transfer chaos in Rome over the last 48 hours. Controversy and possibly legally binding issues surrounding what would have been Monchi’s 11th signing of the summer. Rome were all but done with their transfer business after yesterday at least that’s what they thought when they were going through the motions of pulling off two more deals to set up their team for next year. Liverpool bound goalkeeper alisson Becker was sold earlier in the week for a world-record 75 million. Roma had a fluctuation of cash to their disposal. Immediately after the sale Roma had one primary target Bordeaux Winger Malcom. Roma was prepared to pay around 40 million for his services things went back and forth for a few days and last night Bordeaux and Roma had agreed on a 36 million transfer for the 21 year old. Bordeaux anounced the sale on their the Twitter feed of Bordeaux official account. Malcom was going to board a plane and fly to Rome to complete a medical before heading off to the United States to join what would have been his new teammates. He was going to join New Roma goalkeeper Robin Olsen who was purchased less than 24 hours before the Malcolm deal was allegedly concluded after Roma agreed on a 12 million transfer for the Swedish goalkeeper. The plan was for the two of them to fly to Rome finish the transfers before heading to the United States. However there was chaos that struck late last night as Bordeaux allegedly cancelled the transfer refusing to allow Malcom to fly to Italy. They received a late bid from Barcelona that was higher then the Roma offer that Bordeaux accepted. This was followed but controversial statements and lies from Bordeaux and the player’s agent. Despite the fact that the transfer had already been agreed which I believe they crossed some legal lines in doing so as Barcelona hijacked the deal As Malcom is now headed for the Camp nou rather than the stadio olimpico. Thousands of Roma fans awaited Malcolm’s arrival at the airport only for him not to show up. This situation is unacceptable Bordeaux showed their true colors last night this is a club without class this is irresponsible and disgusting Behavior once a transfer is agreed they do not have the right to all of a sudden change their mind and if they do this should be against the rules I’m not complaining because Malcolm isn’t signing for Roma I have a problem with this because a childlike organization like Bordeaux decided not to act professional and cancel a transfer that was already agreed. Roma is extremely angered by this entire situation they will look elsewhere to add another midfielder Bayern Leverkusen Winger Leon Bailey has been discussed as an alternative regardless Barcelona and Bordeaux conducted themselves like children Roma pulled off business and got denied because Bordeaux is run by greedy people they had no right to cancel this transfer.


This situation is completely outrageous last time I checked when a transfer is agreed on there’s no changing it. Last Summer when Cengiz Ünder agreed on the Roma transfer and both clubs concluded their business Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur tried to hijack but unfortunately once an agreement is made there is nothing that can be done as the Turkish club that he played for informed Spurs that it was too late and they had already made an agreement with Roma. There’s not a world where this is legal and if it is it should be changed immediately if you are a business owner and you agree to do something with another company and all the paperwork is sorted out are you can’t change your mind at the last minute and decided against it this is not how it works. Forget about legally binding issues controversy and the unprofessionalism of Bordeaux there were also lies. Barcelona’s attempt to hijack the deal was made aware in Rome Monchi didn’t give up yet Roma attempted to restart negotiations again as he matched we Barcelona offer. According to Malcolm the agent he insisted that the intention rather than Barcelona he was going to work on the solution to resurface the move to Roma after the comments made by his agent it appeared that Roma were back and poll position not only had they matched the offer but according to his agent they were likely to land him after it looked like Barcelona had stolen them from Roma. Malcom agent lied to the media the comments he made turned out to be completely false. Malcom ended up agreeing with a deal Barcelona minutes after the comments were made by his agent. The Bordeaux Winger agreed on personal terms on a five-year deal for a fee of 41 million. Roma match this offer not only did Bordeaux display unprofessionalism and betrayed Roma in negotiations but Malcom did the same. He by all accounts agreed to join Roma before this went down I understand choosing Barcelona over Roma historically they are more of an ambitious club and they just won the league title but he had allready said he wanted Roma. Bordeaux displayed why they are such a small minded club with no Ambitions of success.


This deal has revealed things not only about Bordeaux but by Barcelona as well. Throughout out this whole thing one thing its been incredibly clear Barcelona are still bitter about their champions league elimination from Roma. They’re using the fact that Barcelona choked away a 4-1 lead in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League to Roma who eventually knock them out it was arguably one of the most embarrassing moments and Barcelona’s Champions League history. They are not doing that because they love Malcolm and really want him. He is a quality player who wouldn’t want him? but that is not why they are doing this they are doing this because they are incredibly bitter about losing to Roma in the Champions League. Let’s forget about all the lions Bordeaux crossed by even listening to Barcelona’s offer. We’re talking about the bitterness of Barcelona a club who is one of the most successful in football history. They did not have the mental capacity to let It go think about Barcelona’s  they don’t need him they did this purely so Roma wouldn’t sign a quality player. Barcelona used to be such a prestigious and loved Club they were a club that did things the right way however in The Last 5 Years I think they have damaged the reputation. Barcelona players fall to the ground as if they’re dead when they are slightly touched the theatrics that they display season in and season out embarrassing. The refusal of their referees to give a penalty for an opposing team at the Camp nou is even if its a clear win is beyond ridiculous and now this they’ve gone so low that they’re actually willing to spend 40 million on a player just so Roma can’t sign him. This has been this has been a situation highlighted by controversy lies and exposing Bordeaux and Barcelona for who they are. all Roma we’re doing is trying to strengthen their team to make them better Roma is a classy organization they always have been every Club has low moments but over time Roma has been a respectable Club. Barcelona may be European Giants but not everybody respects them lies controversy and potentially rule-breaking Bordeaux & Barcelona should be ashamed of themselves.


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