My story: Football and Roma #299


Football has always been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I’m not sure there was a symbolic moment where I knew how much I loved this game ever since I was a kid its the one thing in the world that I most cared about. At 7 years old in 1999 is when I truly got into the beautiful game. I was a fan of football around that time I really enjoyed it but I hadn’t really fully get into it yet. One Summer my dad took a trip Italy specifically Rome this is where my journey in this sport truly began. When he got back he brought me back a cup with the AS Roma logo on it. Roma became my team and my club from 4 years old to this day and Beyond. I loved football I finally had a club that I fell in love with everything changed it became the most important thing in my life Roma came before everything and to a certain point it dictated my mood and emotions based off of how Roma was performing. I was in ah of Roma Captain Francesco Totti my favorite player he taught me so many things about football not to mention he was one of the best midfielders of all time a player that could have left for bigger and better things but stayed with Roma his childhood Club because of the love he had for the city and the club. My love for the game only grew I saw zidane and the 98 World Cup before I saw the original Ronaldo in 2002 someone I could not get enough of after that tournament I begged my parents to buy me Brazil number 9 Jersey I just thought he was the most amazing player. Around 10 years old I realized and discovered the Premier League La Liga and the Bundesliga up to that point as far as I was concerned Italian football was all there was because it was the only League I was exposed to as a kid. Once I realized there was more football out there than I could ever imagine I fell in love with this game I never could get enough. Then when Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi came onto the scene my love for the game grew even more because of how talented they were at such a young age. Living in America all my classmates and Friends idolized Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant Peyton Manning Tom Brady Etc. That’s who they wanted to be. I wanted to be Totti Cristiano Maldini Zidane Ronaldinho Samuel Eto’o Messi and more. Ever since I was a 4 year old kid I have love this game my love I have for football is unlike anything that can be described or imagined genuinely Roma and football mean more to me than practically anything in fact there’s only a few family members that mean as much to me as football does. I could not and would not live without it if football didn’t exist my significance in the world would be meaningless football is everything my breath my oxygen my love without it things would become pointless.



Have supported Roma for 18 years I grew up in America I know what you’re thinking how does an American kid fall so much in love with a team from Italy. It’s very simple it was destiny when I was about 4 years old my dad went to Rome for a business conference when he returned he brought me back a cup with the Roma logo on it. Ever since then it is been my true love in life I fell in love with the club largely behind one of my heroes Roma’s iconic number 10 Francesco Totti. Not only one of the best midfielders to ever play this game but a lad from Rome born and raised and grew up a fan of the very Club. A player who stayed at Roma for 28 years joining the Youth Academy in 1989 retiring in 2017. The fact that he could have left at any time and stayed because of the love of the city and its people made me fall in love with the club in the same way. In the last 22 years Roma have won 3 trophies the scudetto back in 2001 and two Italian cups. It’s not a lot but I hold those moments in my Heart I remember the date May 17th 2001 like it was yesterday the day Roma won the league title was one of the greatest days of my entire life it was the ceiling of my happiness I’ve not felt that way since not saying I’m not happy but not in the same way that was an explosion of happiness I cried I wept I screamed. Roma is a club I supported my entire life it’s not been glamorous but I fell in love with them I could never abandon it I couldn’t even imagine supporting someone else I am a Roman however you want to put it this is my club and some what I feel like it was destiny if my dad had not brought me back the Cup who knows who I would have supported. Everyday I’m grateful for that moment. I have been to the Stadio Olimpico a few times it was an amazing experience as far as coverage in the United States it isn’t the same accessibility as the Premier League is over here the Premier League is shown on TV on Saturday and Sunday I don’t exactly have that luxury but I found a way see the games. I watch all the games on a streaming site that I pay for that gives me access to Serie A games they don’t show Roma every week what did they do or not I always find a way to watch and follow the club that has made me who I am.



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