The Golden Boy of Minnesota Football #301

Before Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi became the most dominate athletes of the past decade, before Michael Jordon had 6 rings before Peyton Manning and Tom Brady lit up the NFL scene before Lebron James became the global star they were just kids with dreams. Every kid as a dream of becoming that player regardless of the sport some are just natural like the likes 0f Leo Messi or Cam Newton. Or the hard working mentality like Ronaldo and Tom Brady the dream still exists and lives inside young athletes around the world. This dream is the longest of long shots but as history May sudjest that the chances of this reality are small but it’s not unattainable. Could be we be looking At the next big sports Icon we just never know but the talent is there to pull of the impossible to put Minnesota on the map the as the potential of Minnesota’s sports super star could be on the verge of arrival. At just 7 Years old Josiah Lee Ampey better known as “Show time” has been putting in work on in the local Minnesota American football leagues it’s been well documented the risen star of show time begins now.



On October 7th 2011 a star was born Josiah grew up in St. Paul Minnesota the home of the Minnesota Vikings. Started playing football at just three years old he always had the love for the game football was his life the dream started way before he became this childhood sensation. Josiah was born into the social media Era something he would take full advantage as he got older. One thing was certain his ultimate dream was to play in the NFL not just in NFL but a Running back as the youngster looked up to his favorite player LeVeon Ball all pro running back of the Pittsburg Steelers. Who has had an underdog story in his own right the Michigan state alum went from a second round pick to arguably the best running back in football. Bell despite being a second round pick has accumulated over 5K yards rushing yards. His rise to the top of pro football inspired a young kid from Minnesota to chase his dreams not taking no for answer. When Joaish got his chance to finally play on a team he wasn’t going allow his opportunity pass him by. In his first season in the flag football he was dominate as he showed the youth football league what he could do and he impressed. In eight games he scored 18 touchdowns he transitioned from Joiah to ShowTime. The Next season he got even better in the 8 game season once again he was influential in his team’s success with a 20 touchdowns by no surprise he was named the MVP of the flag football league with nearly 2 touchdown a game he’s become a superstar at just 7 years old he has proven he as the skills and ability to achieve greatness at this level. The real test will be in the year to come as he takes on tackle football for the first time this will be a test as he will have the chance to show if he’s just a talented kid or a transcending talent. My coworker and personal friend Perdo is his uncle and runs the business side of his rise to prominence. He operates his Instagram account that currently has 200+ followers on social media. In this industry in this era believe it or not the business side is just as important. The more the production he will put in his value and brand will grow one day at a time. I may not know him personally but as a writer myself expanding the brand is extremely important especially in this generation which is having someone like Pedro in his life to run his social media getting exposure will be crucial to his success in this sport for years to come. Some would describe him as a less intense version of Lavar Ball the outspoken father of LA Lakers Point Guard Lonzo Ball who has claimed he could he MJ one on one and that Lonzo Ball is better than 2-Time MVP Steph Curry. This is somewhat comparable for the role he plays in Josiah life that maybe he would have liked as his age. As that outspoken supporter who truly believes his nephew will be the GOAT. Don’t take it from me though “You see the lion in his eyes when he steps on the field he’s a young LeVeon Bell when he runs his weakness? We don’t have one we will be the Barry Sanders but better” Pedro believes there is no chance of not pulling off this long shot. This youngster has some advantages in his life that other players may not which could be a huge especially when he starts competing against tougher and stronger competitors. This will be great for him because you can be a big fish in a small pond or challenge yourself against great competitors. Despite the fact that he’s just 7 years old the young boss has a trainer who helps him stay constantly great he is. He is the Golden Boy of west booster youth football Once day he hopes to Make the NFL will it happen only time will tell. YOU MAY NOT KNOW ME KNOW BUT YOU SOON WILL………



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