Ranking Roma’s Young Prospects Part 2 #304


5. Patrik Schick 

Schick 1

Age: 22

Position: Striker

Previous Club: Sampdoria 

Roma’s biggest transfer in history Patrik Schick. After an exceptional first season in Italian football with Sampdoria Patrik Schick was brought to Roma after Juventus decided to withdraw their offer after some health concerns. Patrik Schick didn’t have the season he wanted only scoring three goals last season but showed promise late in the season  especially in the Champions League he showed why Roma spent the big bucks on him. He really started to develop over the last five six weeks of the season which he scored in back-to-back games. Despite his poor season he is still extremely talented and has all the capabilities of being the star he was with Sampdoria. He could possibly start in Romans attack this season it’s really depends on whether or not Di Francesco will be comfortable with starting Justin kluivert out of the gate at such a young age. I think Patrick Schick could do it a tremendous job in that role he’s more of a central striker but we’ll have to play on the wing next to Edin Dzeko and the team. I think he could be rotated as a start or provide Dzeko a great back up. During Roma’s preseason so far there has not been a better player he has scored 5 goals in 3 games proven that he could be in for a monster season at least potentially. The year Dzeko won the Golden Boot in the preseason he lit it up in the same way I’m not saying that Patrick’s Schick is going to score 30 goals but if he could get a good 10 to 12 goals this season it would be massive Improvement and it would justify his price tag. He turns 23 in January I see this is a big year for him with a new-look Roma I believe this could benefit the striker now that he is fully fit with no health issues whatsoever we will finally get to see the real Patrik Schick as he continues to develop hoping to improve what he did at the end of last season I still believe he can be an unbelievable player  given these circumstances I see as a smashing hit for Patrick Schick in year 2 in Rome.


4. Lorenzo Pellagrini


Age: 22

Position: Midfield 

Previous Club: Sassuolo

Lorenzo Pellegrini was really impressive last season in his return to the internal City. Pellegrini spent time in Rome as a youth system before being shipped off to Sassuolo where he spent two seasons under current Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco. He had a Buy-Back Clause included in the deal for 10 million that was activated last season bringing back Pellegrini to Rome for half of his value. In his first season back it took him a little while to establish himself in the team but once he got comfortable he started putting in some excellent performances. He only scored 3 goals last season but was a crucial part in Roma’s Champions League fight and was an impact performer in Serie A. Once he got some starts he really started impressing me especially late in the season he really showed his value in the team. Obviously he is in competition with a stacked Midfield but has the abilty to break into that. He had interest from Arsenal Chelsea and Manchester City but chose to stay at his childhood club to fight for his place in the team. As good as this Midfield is I hope Pellegrini is a huge part of it because late in the season against Juventus he played unbelievable this kid is going to be so good. Roma have to hold on to him at all costs I don’t think that will be that difficult to do given what this club means to him. We just can’t let this one slip away he is everything you want in a midfielder at only 22 years old he has a lot of football and development ahead of him. If he continues to improve he could become one of the best midfielders in the entire league. The mixture of his offense and defensive ability incredible especially for his age in my opinion he is a younger version of Radja Nainggolan he can replicate and maybe improve the role he is extremely talented and extremely skilled player that will be a crucial parts of Roma’s future.


3. Justin Kluivert 


Age: 19

Position: Winger

Previous Club: Ajax

Breaking into the top three we start with a Justin kluivert a last name that is very familiar to the football world his dad Patrick kluivert was one of the greatest Strikers of all time. Justin is starting to embark on his own Journey to the top of football and after 2 years at Ajax Justin made the 20 million move to Roma this summer. Justin kluivert has exceptional Talent an immense ability playing in Holland last season he was responsible for over 20 goals regarding his goals and assists last season he is absolutely one of the best young talents in football. Roma fought off Manchester United and Barcelona for his signature. His move to Roma is perfect not only for the team but for him personally this is a great club for him to develop into the Superstar we know he’s all capable of. He conveniently fits into Roma’s attack as the possible starting left Winger to start this season’s campaign. Last season Dzeko and Under played a big role in Roma’s attack especially in the second half of the season the left wing was a bit to open with El Shaarawy and Diego Perotti they did well  last season they lacked consistency in that area. Justin kluivert is only 19 years old and has the potential to reach superstardom and I think he fits in well on that side. With a strike force of Kluivert Dzeko and Under that has the potential to be one of the most terrorizing attacks and Italy if all goes well. Under and Dzeko will score 15 + goals between the two of them  with Dzeko likely to see a 20+ season. Kluivert can come in on that last side and give them 10 to 12 goals it could mold perfectly for this Roma attack in the probable 4-3-3 formation. Ever since Justin arrived in Rome I have been impressed in every game I’ve seen him in he has been unbelievable every time I see him play I am so impressed of what he can do with the ball. Not only as a goal scorer or a passer but as a complete player his movement with the ball is incredible and all that comes with Wicked pace. He’s fast has great ball control great vision and is capable of scoring goals this is the perfect player to play and defend Di Francesco’s system because Under and Kluivert have a similar style of play and I think the link-up play between them and the roles they will play on the wings will be a big game changer if they get going early it will be a big problem for the opposition. While kluivert isn’t the player that Under is he can certainly  can take a few things from him and Dzeko to make the Strike force as dangerous as possible. He has been so impressive over the first few preseason game if he can maintain that going into the season at 20 million this will be one of the bargains of the season. The 19 year old is already  an extremely talented player with Incredible ability he can turn into a superstar in this league and of Roma can get the best out of him like they did with Under last season this is going to be a problem for the rest of the week. Justin kluivert had an interview lately where he said he would like to embody what Francesco Totti did with Roma this tells us two things that this is a place he can see himself playing for in Rome for the long haul and that Roma have a star in the making that can be devolved overtime he a part of the future Roma will build around Kluivert and Under going forward he has the chance of doing something truly great for this team.


2. Bryan Cristante 


Age: 23

Position: Central Midfield 

Previous team: Atalanta 

Coming in at number two arguably the best Italian midfielder in the entire league. Not the best player in the league but out of all the Italian players in Serie A Bryan Cristante I believe is the best. You could also argue that he’s the one of the top five midfielders with everybody included in the league. This was Roma’s number one transfer Target going into the summer given his incredible ability and intelligence there always going to be a lot of different teams interested in The talented midfielder Roma stole him  for 30 million. In this Market given how good Cristante really is it was nothing short of a daylight robbery. Last season at Atalanta he had 12 goals and seven assists and was a big part of why they did so well in the league and in the Europa League. With the absence of Radja Nainggolan Roma got better bringing in Bryan Cristante as his replacement. As good as Radja is he did not fit Di Francesco system as he quite noticeably struggled last season it wasn’t a bad season but nowhere near his best. Bryan Cristante will come in and take over that role he fits Di Francesco tactics a lot better as Roma can have more of it an attacking team this season. He’s more of a player who can push the Midfield forward. An excellent finisher skillful passer and an all-around complete midfielder. There is no reason for Brian Cristante to be used as a sub he will likely start every single game that he is fit he takes this Roma team to the next level. With him as a catalyst in the central Midfield he will not only create chances to score goals I think he is in for a massive season the role he will play in the Roma Midfield will be instrumental to their success. Cristante and Pastore will mesh so well together next season they can dominate the midfield together. He is already a superstar in my opinion he has all the makeup of an exceptional midfielder who can take over games. He put up really good numbers for a decent Atalanta team with excellent players all around him in Rome he will be able to dominate in the Midfield I think we have yet to see the best of him at only 23 years old I think is the opinion of most people in Italy that he is one of the top five midfielders in the league. If you put into consideration what’s around him it will only make him a much better player he will go up a level this season playing for a big club like Roma. The best years are ahead of him now with a stronger team and a much better manager the possibilities are endless with this guy he will be one of the best midfielders next season. All due respect to Radja Nainggolan but Roma’s Midfield got a lot better with an all-around player. You put an attacking midfielder in that position  this team is extremely dangerous defensive midfielders are really important but the attacking skillset Bryan Cristante will make this team extremely dangerous. he’s one of the best players in the league and he will continue to prove that this season he is not potentially a superstar even though he still young he is a superstar narrowly missing out at number one on this list because I strongly considered it giving everything he does and the presence he can inflict in a game.


1.Cengiz Under


Age: 21

Position: Winger

Previous Club: İstanbul Başakşehir

The most talented Prospect in this loaded Roma youth is Cengiz Under. Under narrowly beats out Bryan Cristante and for good reason. The rise of this unbelievable Turkish Superstar is undeniable. He was the best player in all of Italian football for the majority of the second half of the season. In his first season in Italy he scored 8 goals and five assists in 32 games for Roma last season. All of them coming in the second half of the season he struggled to grasped the League early during his time with Roma but as we sit here today no one can argue against the brilliance of this 21 year old Superstar. The Young Turk isn’t just scoring against weak teams he has scored crucial goals in crucial games. Scoring goals against Napoli and the crucial away goal against Shakhtar Donetsk in the round of 16 in the Champions League. Many people refer to him as the Turkish version of Pablo Dybala. I understand why their game is quite similar but he doesn’t care he worries about himself and being the best player possible. I gave him the young Player of the Year award for Roma last season I had not seen such a rise in a short amount of time as I did last season with this kid. Not only has he done well domestically but has a very good scoring record for his national team of Turkey. The goals he scores aren’t tap ins he scores unbelievable goals every time he touches the ball in turns to gold. Technically speaking he is a nightmare against Juventus he dragged Alex Sandro up and down the field like a little kid there was nothing he could have done to stop him. Extremely fast  rapid Pace with the ball. You have to be exceptionally quick to be able to catch him when he’s running. He also has range a Incredibly dangerous left foot if he finds the space there’s mutually nothing that can be done to stop his powerful strike. He scored eight goals in half of a season if he can maintain this level going into next season he’s going to score at least 15 goals he is the best young player and all of Italian football. I would go even further when he is at his best I think you could arguably say that he is in the top 10 to 15 best players in the entire league. The whole league knows what he can do now he’s a household name and I believe he is a superstar he is capable of much more then originally thought of. Once he grasped the language and got comfortable in Italy he has been a revelation in this Roma team. With a potential strike force of  Under at Dzeko & kluivert that sounds as dangerous as it gets. He is crucial for Roma’s title chances this season with Cristiano Ronaldo in Juventus Believe It or Not Roma have a legitimate shot and Under is it going to be a big part of pulling off the impossible. Not only that but it’s far as him as a person he is a definition of a true Roman he has stated he would like to build something special here. He’s arguably one of the best young players in the entire of Europe. Dzeko has developed himself as an all-time great at Roma and Danielle de Rossi is already cemented himself as a Roma Legend. However this isn’t there team anymore this is Cengiz Under’s team Roma will continue to put pieces around him he is what you would call in America a franchise player. He is the most important player on this team the energy and the Majestic abilities that he provides week in and week out is why he is such a dangerous player to face he has made world-class Defenders look silly on almost a regular basis. As far as a winger go there is not a Winger with a better collection of skills and ability as Under his potential is through the roof this youngster will lead Roma to titles whether it happens this year or in the years to come he will lead this Roma team to Ultimate Glory there is not a better young player this Turkish Superstar will light the league on fire this year and going forward.


Full List

  1. Cengiz Under
  2. Bryan Cristante 
  3. Justin Kluivert 
  4. Lorenzo Pellegrini
  5. Patrik Schick 
  6. Ante Coric
  7. Rick Karsdorp
  8. Luca Pellegrini
  9. Nicolò Zaniolo
  10. William Bianda





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