Serie A Predictions “Relegation Teams” Part 1 of 5 #306

20. Frosinone


Frosinone makes a return to Serie A after a three year absence from Italy’s top flight. Frosinone finished 3rd in Serie B with 19-15-8 record but failed to get automatic promotion. As they were forced to fight through the Playoff rounds as they beat off  Cittadella and Palermo to gain promotion beating Palermo 3-2 in the play off final to find there way back to Serie A. However I don’t believe it will be a long stay their return will be short lived. Frosinone don’t have the squad or depth to compete with the best Italy as to offer. I cant see anything but relegation for this side maybe they could surprise a few because their all ways is a chance but I really don’t see a way they escape this season it will be a survival battle from the jump they need to play at there absolute best to give themselves a chance I think they need at least 35 points to avoid relegation. They have two of the top 10 scorers in Serie B last season coming back but they don’t usually translate in the same way this team will struggle to score goals this season. They haven’t been able to bring in real enforcements to help their battle. They have only brought in two players off loans with the arrivals of  Marco Sportiello goalkeeper from Atalanta and Udinese striker Stipe Perica neither will greatly change their impact next team. Frosinone will be relegated going straight back down to Serie B. 

19. Empoli


Empoli is back in Serie A after just one season down in Serie B. Empoli walked Italy’s second flight as becoming champions of Serie B quite easily. Empoli secured their 2nd Serie B title winning the league 13 points they were always going to be one winner. However I don’t see them being able to maintain their status in Serie A long term they will struggle at the top of Italian football. Empoli did have the two top scorers in Serie B last year with Francesco Caputo leading the league with 26 goals while Alfredo Donnarumma ended up in second with 23 goals. Its pretty impressive totals but I have concerns with Caputo being able to be a top notch goal scorer in Serie A having had no prior experience in Serie A and he might struggle to carry his good form over not to mention he is allready in his 30’s. Meanwhile Donnarumma left for Brescia and Empoli has failed to bring in any players to help the cause as they have really failed strengthen the squad. I don’t believe the squad is good enough on their own accord to survive the season. Team’s like Cagliari bologna and SPAL having experience in fighting off relegation the past few seasons they have their teams in place that will struggle but allready have more quality then both Empoli and Frosinone as I expect them to go straight back down. With no new signings its hard for me to believe their is a way in which Empoli maintain their place in Serie A epsically given the other teams that they will be battling with and the players some of those teams have.


18. Cheivo Verona


Cheivo Verona known as The flying donkeys have been a consistent mid table team in Serie A over the last 10 years. They followed their usual expectation last season with a 12th place finish however I fully expect them to drop massively this upcoming season. I have referred to them for years as the most boring team in Italian football. I think they play a stale brand of football that at times can be very efficient in terms of stealing points. But at the same time they are just dreadful to watch they truly are bus drivers it seem to be their identity the way they park the bus almost every week in seams like that’s their entire game plan from the kickoff is to do exactly that regardless of who they are playing. I will admit They have done a great job over the years in being just good enough to avoid a relegation battle as they typically finish a few points out of danger just being a little to good to go down but not good enough to do anything special . In the past they have relied on a very good attacking player to get them out of trouble throughout the season. It has been proven without a goal scorer teams struggled to stay in the league a good defense just isn’t enough anymore. The flying donkeys lack that player for this upcoming season with Roberto Inglese returning to NAPOLI this season this will be a big problem. In the last two seasons he has scored 10+ goals in each of them if you take away the goals he scored last season this team could have gotten relegated. The next highest scorer had 5 and everyone else had 3 or less. Without Roberto Inglese they will struggled to score goals they just aren’t good enough to put up a fight anymore and eventually will fall short of survival ending almost a 10 year stay in Serie A.









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