Serie A Preview “Survival Mode” Part 2 #307

17. SPAL


Spal was a team last year that had recently come up from Serie B. They were viewed as one of the favorites to go down last season as they seemed to lack the team necessary for a survival campaign. They battled against the odds in what was a very tense relegation battle but eventually in the end they were able to survive as SPAL maintained their status in Italian football with a 17th place finish. I do believe they will find it difficult again this season however with that being said they have gone about their business the right away which will give them a great chance to stay alive and Survive yet again. Although SPAL finished 17th last season their were moments in which they showed something special playing above the usual ability. This team is very capable of stealing points the way they can defend when they are in dire need of results. They aren’t the most talented squad in fact they lack talent in the team but its about the way they play in pressure situations they went through runs last year in which they were able to get crucial points in a few matches in a row if they can maintain good enough form survival seems likely . The important thing for SPAL to win games against mid-table and relegation sides their not going to beat the top 6 but if they can get enough points from the rest of the league I think it will give them to much to go down. Don’t get me wrong they will be in a battle for safety and it will be tough and they could go down but I see them just escaping. SPAL don’t have a lot of money to spend and despite that they have brought in several really good loan deals and a free transfer singing world cup player Johan Djourou as well as Bartosz Salamon who are Quality players. The business they had done getting the player they have they surely are got enough to stay in the Serie A and given the experience of going though last year it gives them an advantage will be a tough road but they will escape by their teeth.


16. Parma


After the tumble down in Italian football the once great PARMA are back after facing tremendous adversity with their bankruscy in 2009. Its not just good for them but good for Serie A and all of Italian football. They went from Champions league football to playing in the Serie D. Eventually Parma started getting things together as they slowly went through the Italian football pyramid gaining promotion several times in the last few years to return to Serie A something that never seemed possible just a few years ago. They were promoted to Serie B last year and in one year in Italy’s second division they gained promotion back to the big time after finishing second 13 points behind Serie B champions Empoli despite that they overcome so much to return to complete against Italy’s bests. This is the feel good story of the year but maintain their place in this league will be difficult this all means nothing if they go back down they have a massive job on their hands. Despite the fact this team have gained promotion on a consistent basics its going to be a lot harder now that they have returned to Serie A. This a decent team but Serie A will hit them that this is a different league a pretty good team but they will be pushed by teams who have been in a relegation battles before the reason though I think they will survive their return to Serie A ia because of the signing of Bruno Fernandez and Luca Rigoni who has played in Serie a for many years. The threat of relegation will always be present for a team just coming up but a mid table finish isn’t outside of the realm of possibilities. It will get chippy for them down the stretch of the season with the tradition of Parma will rediscover itself not in terms of success they will avoid the drop with Bruno and Luca Rigoni I find it hard to see them going down they will do enough and may surprise a few in the process.



15. Bologna

Bologna - Napoli


If it wasn’t for lack of experience from Parma and Spal I may of had this team lower I’m very concerned that they may struggle to stay up. Much like Cheivo this Bologna had a team that was completely revolved  around one player a player that no longer is with the team. Simone Verdi was Bologna most explosive weapon not to mention their second best player Federico Di Francesco also left. They finished 15th last season and once again I expect them to finish in this spot. If they don’t land here it will be below this spot. With Milan legend Filippo Inzaghi in charge we don’t know what we are going to get out of him and this team that lost some key players. Although he did well while with Venezia his manger CV isn’t great. He needs to get the very best out of his players especially now that there has been a decrease in talent since last year. The question now is who is going to scorer the goals now. Scoring will be a massive issue this season because their defense isn’t great they will he scored on goals will be the most defining objective of the season given their poor diffence. Given all that there is some hope for Bologna to improve this season. Łukasz Skorupski joined from Roma which is a good deal he is a quality keeper and may inflict some his presence on the defense to preform at a high-level. They also signed Diego Falcinelli from Sassuolo in the Federico Di Francesco deal but Other then that no real notable signings have been made which is worrisome but they should have enough to maintain their place from last year will be threatened by the drop but should get out alive.  


14. Sassuolo


Sassuolo last summer lost their manager Eusebio Di Francesco and star Lorenzo Pellegrini to Roma but still managed to get a surprising 11th place finish. It was a wonderful story last year but I don’t see them being able to secure such a high finish this season. I honestly don’t think Relegation a realistic possibly for this team they are too good to be there but there could be moments where they struggle next season but they wont be needed to use all their energy avoiding the drop. Despite that they are in the next section about the relegation zone so they still have earn their place. They have mad some good moves to try to strengthen but lost a key players in Francesco Acerbi  and Matteo Politano. Both are huge losses given the impact they had on the team last year. However Sassuolo added Federico Di Francesco son of the former Sassuolo manger as well as adding Kevin Prince Boateng, Flip Đuričić and youngster Jens Odgaard . Not to mention Domino Berardi and Alfred Duncan still remain with the club who are hugely important players as long as they better players play well they should stay out of danger but you just never know however I don’t think relegation will be a huge problem. 


13. Cagliari


Whether or not Cagliari will end up surviving season will depend on Nicolò Barella stays put. If he leaves before the window shuts this teams chance of survival will minimize. However I think at this point of the summer its rather unlikely that he leaves its getting kind of  late for a transfer out of town he has been linked with a move away for months but its yet to come in fruition. This team last season got dangerously close to relegation escaping with the skin of their teeth. It had looked pretty done with two games left but in came Nicolò Barella who’s brilliance in their final two games saved their place in Serie A. Last season they ended up finishing in 16th I see them progressing passed that moving up a few spots in the table. The business they have done this season hasn’t gone unnoticed they not only have kept Barella but added some really good quality. Believe it or not Cagliari added one of the most polished players in Europe as they got Shakhtar Donetsk captain Darijo Srna who has won an incredible 31 trophies in his career as he remains one of the most accomplished players in football. He will bring leadership and ability into a team that needed this type of player. They also got Luis Castro from Chievo and Juventus youngster Alberto Cerri these signings alone should insure safety infact I don’t think this team will be a threat to go down they should finish right above the bubble.   







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