Serie A Preview Part 5 “Title Contenders” #310

3. Napoli


Napoli last season was one of the most attacking teams in the world. They put together an incredible title challenge infact they probably should have won the title last season. Poor form at the end of the season cost them the league title non the less earned 91 points which is most leagues would have won the title to add to the 77 goals they scored. It was significantly less then the year before but still had an unreal season. They were clearly the best team in Italy for a good 90% of the season. Napoli still is an extremely strong team but I think they fall off just slightly. Roma and Napoli seem to switch places every other years I think this year will be no different. Napoli got a much better manager as Sarri left for Chelsea making room for the return of Carlo Ancelotti. Napoli did sadly lose a key part of their midfield as  Jorginho joined Sarri at Chelsea. Napoli added a few pieces but none that I think its going blow you away. Simone Verdi joined from Bologna good player but not a huge fan of him. They also added young Goalkeeper Alex Meret who is tremendously talented but is likely to be thrown to the sharks early due to the departure of last year’s #1 Pepe Reina leaving for Milan. However I really liked the signing of Fabian Ruiz from Real Betis quality player that will help Napoli this season. This Napoli team still is incredibly strong with Lorenzo Insigne, Dries Mertens, José Callejón a strong defense and well coached. This team is certainly good enough to win the league just like everyone on this list. To be honest the lack of big signings they have made this concerning which is why I think they will finish third I could be wrong because this is an incredibly strong team. Personally I think it will be hard for Carlo to bring it home in year one they will be in the title race all season but wont pull it off this season but in the future they very well could.


2. A.S Roma: Runner’s Up


Last Summer Roma to a certain extent blew up as the club went through so many changes. Spalletti left for Inter Salah demanded to leave for Liverpool and Rudiger went to Chelsea. As well as having to deal with the retirement of Roma legend Francesco Totti. In came Monchi who took over as Roma’s new sporting director and fomer Roma player Eusebio Di Francesco took over for Spalletti. Di Francesco had a historic first season with Roma leading Roma ro the Champions League Semi Finals for the first time since 1983 knocking off Barcelona in a historic fashion in the process. In the league Roma did  really well but just not well enough to challenge for the Scudetto. Roma fell out a lot sooner then they should of but their were postives to take with their incredible away form and tactically was one of the best in Italy. He got the best out of youngsters Cengiz Under and Lorenzo Pellagrini as Dzeko had aother strong season was well scoring 24 goals. This summer Monchi has been a wizaed in the transfer market brining in 11 players to give Roma one of the most in deep teams in the league. Roma did lose Alisson and Radja Nianggolan this summer but were great deals with Alisson been sold for a World Record fee and Roma stealing Inter’s best prospect in the deal with Radja. The amont of talent they brought in is amazing to only add to an allready strong team. Roma have replaced everyone they lost as they hit a home run with the signings of  Bryan Crisitane who I believe is a superstar to replace Radja. He is a better younger version of Radja with more attacking ability Also Added Youngsters Ante Coric and Justin Kluivert and added a expierenced Javior Pastore. The business they have done is insane and this is a team that allready has Edin Dzeko and Cengiz Under as well as several other really good players throught out this squd.I think top to bottom they are a little bit better then Napoli espically how talented the Roma youngsters are this team is one of the future capable of winning many tiles. Great defence expentional midfield and an dangerous attack there is no reason why this team cant win the league but in the end they will fall just short to Crsitnao Ronaldo and Juvnetus. However if Dzeko catches fire early and the link up play with the Roma youngsters is strong you never know they could steal the Scudetto I think they will pressurize Juve all year but in the end will fall jusr short. 


1.Juvnetus: League Champions  


The defending champions were pushed to the brink last year as Napoli nearly stole the title from beneth them. Juvnetus came through in important moments to win yet another scudetto although you coud see some of the cracks throughout the league campaign as Napoli were in control for most of the season a choke job from Napoli and the experience from Juventus helped them prevail to the top of Italy once again. At the end of the season their legendary goalkeeper Buffon left Juventus after over 20 years to eventually join PSG. All summer Roma’s transfer business began closing the gap between them as Juvnetus went on to pull off a big money move for Crisitnao Ronaldo as Juvnetus paid 112 Million for the 33-Year old footballing icon pulling me away from Real madrid. Juve also added Emre Can on the FREE and Joae Cancelo as they continued to upgrade their team. However they lost Gonzol Higuain and Mattia Caldrda in a deal for Boncchi to retrun to Juve. Which was one of the dumbest moves of the window. Top to bottom they are the best team in Italy a strong defence great midfild and dangerous attack adding CR7 to that just adds fuel to the fire. However Ronaldo wont find things as easy in the Serie A. In Spain their was 3 really good  teams and that’s it. In Italy thye are 6-7 teams that are hard to beat game in game put the quality of the teams in Italy is much stronger not to mention Italian teams defend and an extremely high level scoring wont be as easy these defences will make Ronaldo work. Ronaldo is the best player in the world but tactically these teams are set up to defend stars defensive football is their identiy. He will score his goals but the teams in this league will make it hard on him. An extramly strong team easily one of the best teams in the world but make no mistake Roma and Napoli are capable sides they are no joke. Neither team is going to conseed the title to Juve they will be ready to fight Juve for the title. With the addition of Ronaldo with a team that allready has Pjanic,Dybala,Costa and Mandzukic they will always have an advantage they are without a doubt the favorites but they aren’t overwhelmingly better then Roma and Napoli. This season will be a three horse race with Roma and Napoli wachting Juve’s every step Max Algeri and Juvnetus will win the league but it will be my the skin of their teeth its not a done deal this wont be a cakewalk for Juve and anyone who actually believes that hasn’t watched enough Serie A to understand how small the gap actually is. Roma,Napoli and Juvnetus will all fight for the scudetto in the end Juventus will win the title but will be stopped in the year to follow. I’m going to say they win the champions league too they are to good not too a very strong incredible team but the gab is still minimizing however as it stands JUVENTUS WILL BE YOUR 2018-2019 SERIE A CAHMPIONS.         








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