Ranking Roma’s Summer Signings #312

Justin Kluivert

Cost: 20 Million

Team: Ajax

Grade: A-


Justin kluivert the son of one of football’s greatest Strikers Patrick kluivert was one of the best signings this summer. He joined Roma despite the interest a Manchester United and Barcelona a deal that will cost about 20 million which in this market will turn out to be a bargain for the very talented winger. This is arguably one of Roma’s best signings only 19 years old but hes extremely talented. He scored 10 goals and dished out 8 asssits  for Ajax last season and has performed at the highest level in some of the biggest games. He is likely to start in Romans attack on the left wing with Edin Dzeko and Cengiz Under which could prove to be one of the most dangerous strike Partnerships in the league with all three being capable goal scorers. He has been extremely impressive during preseason he has all the potential to reach his highest level at Roma this will turn out to be a massive bargain. He is very young at the moment it is just potential but he has all the intangibles to be a superstar in Italian football


Bryan Cristante 

Cost: 30 Million

Team: Atalanta

Grade: A+


The best signing of Roma’s transfer window was Bryan Cristante. He joins Roma on an initial 5 million loan with a mandatory buy at 30 million which is the highest sale Atlanta has ever made. A lot of the players on this list are potential Stars with a lot of young Talent being brought in the summer Bryan Cristante is not potential he is quality. I believe Cristante is already a superstar last season he was one of the best midfielders in the entire league scoring 12 goals and dishing out seven assists. He is an upgrade to the departing Radja Nainggolan to Inter Milan. Cristante will come in and fill that void he is a player with defensive capabilities with better and even more skilled offensive abilities. He will fit into that Midfield with the likely trio of Javier Pastore and Danielle De Rossi they will run riot on teams all season. He is a player that teams will have to plan for every week he will fit perfectly into at Midfield and he fits Di Francesco system very well. He’s already one of the best players in that position Despite defensively capabilities he is excellent in those attacking positions as he can push forward and be very effective. He is one of the best midfielders  in Serie A and the fact that Roma only have to pay 5 million this season for him it will be a massive bargain as I see him being one of the leaders as a hugely impactful player in the league and in Europe.


Antón Coric

Cost: 6 Million

Team: Dinamo Zagreb 

Grade: B+


Roma have brought in a lot of young Talent this summer Coric may not be the best player but is certainly the most talented player Roma have signed is Anton coric for the future. This guy has been compared to Croatian super star Luka Modric as he is viewed as the future of Croatian football. He has been scouted by top European clubs for a very long time the talent that this lad has is undeniable. This might be one of the best deals of the summer as it only cost Roma 6 million to sign him from dinamo Zagreb. At just 21 years old he’s still incredibly Young and still has many years before he completely Taps into how good he can be. He is as talented as they come incredible passing skills with great attacking ability with the mental and physical intelligence of someone who is much older. Coric is incredibly smart he doesn’t make poor decisions very often he may not blow up a stat sheet but in terms a football IQ he is absolutely off the charts. He may not be a starter right away but it’s possible he will eventually break into the starting 11 just like under did last season. Potentially Roma looking at a Midfield of Bryan Cristante Javier Pastore and Anton Coric assuming di Francesco sticks with the 4-3-3 formation. If Roma line up with four midfielders rather than 3 Coric will likely be one of the starters this season but whether they will line up like that is unlikely at the current time. However regardless if he’s a starter or he comes off the bench he will be incredibly useful this season we have seen flashes of his greatness this summer and in the preseason. If Coric can adapt to life in Italy quickly this could be an absolute steal at 6 million to get someone as talented as coric at such a young age is incredible business at the moment he is just potential but if  he can fulfill it he could be one of the best midfielders in the league. He will be a large part of this coming season players with his intelligence don’t come around all that often.


William Bianda

Cost: 5 Million

Team: Lens

Grade: B-


William Bianda by all accounts is a prospect and a prospect alone but a talented one none of the less. The 18-year old’s is the first player Roma have signed who has been born after the year 2000. He is an incredibly young and talented player and is the likely heir to Kolarov throne in the future. The left-back will probably not play all that many games this season and if he does it will be mainly as a substitute or in Cup games. This season he is here to learn he will be under the guidance a Federico Fazio Kostas Menelaus and Alex Kolarov as he looks to learn as much as he can as he continues to develop as a player. Willian is capable of breaking into this team this season and could proved to be a key part of this team in the years to come. This year’s about learning and developing his skills so when he is ready and his name is called on he can perform to the highest level of his capabilities. The 18-year old is incredibly gifted and I believe could be Roma the next left back of the future he is an incredibly raw potential but one that is certainly worth the amount paid for him at 5 million he could make this a bargain if he fulfills what he’s capable of.

Javier Pastore

Cost: 24 Million

Team: PSG

Grade: B+


Javier Pastore made his return to Serie A in a 24 million deal from PSG. One of Roma’s best signings for multiple reasons. Leadership experience intelligence and vision Javier Pastore has everything necessary to be one of the leaders on this team this season. In his football in career he has scored 70 goals and dished out 75 assists clearly an impact player. He has been in Italian football before as he spent two seasons with Palermo in the early part of his career before attracting European Giants PSG. While in France he was an incredibly important player up until the point that Neymar arrived he was one of the best players in the league. He adds so much quality to this Roma side to be another leader in what will be a very strong Roma Midfield. His passing ability is second to none him being in that Midfield driving forward and getting the ball to the attack will prove to be vital for Roma’s title challenge this season. Despite being 29 years of age 24 million for what he brings to this team looks like a great deal. He is not the direct replacement for Radja Nainggolan but he can do some of the same things and in some cases can do even better. As a veteran and an experienced player in this team he will be looked at as one of the leaders and a mentor for some of these young midfielders that Roma are bringing through this season. Pastore will contribute in both the attacking and defensive sense as the all-around player he is. I believe he will flourish under Di Francesco system his  fluidity of passing will allow the game to open up how to make Romans attack incredibly strong. Players like Pastore with experience and ability will be really important for this young Roma team.


Davide Santon

Cost: Player Swap

Team: Inter Milan

Grade: C-


Davie Stanton arrives in Rome from Inter Milan as he was packaged in the Radja Nainggolan deal. Not a great signing for Roma not someone who’s going to make a massive difference in this team this season but he adds some component. His arrival adds depth which is important to any team being ready and willing to come in and perform when he’s called on. I’m not sure how much he really will play with the other options at this Roma team has but to a certain extent he gives the Di Francesco an option defensively. He’s not the most gifted Defender but he will work hard for the team but I still say it’s unlikely that he will make a massive impact this season. He may get a few starts once in awhile but most of his play will probably be coming off the bench to relieved someone who is tired or worn out. He’ll come in and contribute but how much I’m not sure.

Nicolò Zaniolo

Cost: Player Swap

Team: Inter Milan

Grade: B


Nicolò Zaniolo also arrived in Rome through the Radja Nainggolan deal to Inter Milan. He was the prized possession of that transfer as Inter Milan sacrificed their best youth prospect that they had. Roma have stolen that from them Nicolò was without question the best player that was involved in the inter youth team. This guy was an absolute machine for them scoring 36 goals in 39 games it is just potential but he has the potential of being a star. He’s only 19 years old he has the opportunity to break into the first team this season. I think it’s unlikely that he will be starting many games but I could see him making a few appearances as a substitute I at least hope he gets a fair few games. It is possible that he will spend the first few months of the season with Roma’s youth team as he continues to try to strengthen his skills. Much like Willian Bianda he is a prospect a very talented Prospect but it will take time I don’t think rushing him into the team is the best idea. He will continue to learn and develop and when the time does come he will be ready to come in and make an impact. He’s as talented as any youth product in Italy at the moment he was instrumental in the under-19 European championships for Italy as he was looked at as one of the best players in the tournament. Incredible passing ability and has the strength and discipline to attack. The 19 year old still has things to work on but the fact that they almost got him free of charge is amazing they stole an absolutely wonderful player and could make Inter Milan look like donkeys for letting him go.

Iván Marcano

Cost: FREE

Team: FC Porto

Grade: B-


 Ivan Marcano arrived this summer from FC Porto free of charge as he joined Rome after his contract at the Portuguese club expired. The Portuguese Defender will add solid depth to this strong roma defense unlike some of the other players that have been brought in at this position Marcano will get solid playing time at Center back. He is likely to be primarily used as a backup for Manolas or Fazio. I also think it is possible that he will occasionally start for Roma as he brings experience and is the true definition of a journeyman in football. He’s gone through a lot of experiences through his football Journey and it will be one of the leaders of this team. He is also known for his acrobatic kicks having scored a few bicycle kicks in his career. This is a good deal because of what he can bring to the team he’s also rather big and could mold well being paired with Fazio who has a big frame in his own right. Regardless of how this turns out it is a win-win situation for Roma because they got him for free so if it doesn’t work out they haven’t lost anything. However I do believe he will be a solid player for this Roma team not a starter but someone who can come in and do a job for a team challenging for the league.


Antonio Mirante

Cost: 4 Million

Team: Bologna

Grade: C+


Antonio Mirante has been brought in for a very small sum as the backup goalkeeper for Roma this season. On the pitch he may not contribute that much because his playing time will be limited but in the locker room as a leader he is crucially important. He has made over 300 appearances for Parma Bologna Crotone Sienna Sampdoria and Juventus. He has been around a long time at 35 years old he has experienced things in this league over a long period of time. He will be important for his leadership and experience. He will be a very solid backup and occasionally may start games perhaps in the Coppa Italia and should something happen to Robin Olsen Roma have someone who’s capable of coming in and performing.


Daniel Fuzato

Cost: 750,00 Thousand 

Team: Palmeiras

Grade D+


This signing honestly does not make a lot of sense to me. There’s never anything wrong with brining in a young goalkeeper for the future but it’s not like with a squad player where he can come on and contribute a few games this season. Roma bring him in as a third choice keeper is unlikely to play at all this season unless something tragic happens to the other options. Although he has talent he is already 21 years old Roma’s First Choice goalkeeper Robin Olson is 28 and still will be Roma’s number one goalkeeper over the next five years. Which would make him at 26 years old I honestly do not see the point of bringing in a goalkeeper of his age if he was a teenager it would make a lot more sense to be honest this one’s a little bit of a head-scratcher.


Robin Olsen

Cost: 8.5 Million

Team: Copenhagen 

Grade: B+


Roma Sold Allison for what was at the time a world record transfer fee for a goalkeeper. Roma got an adequate replacement for a fraction of the cost signing World Cup star Swedish goalkeeper Robin Olson from Copenhagen for 8.5 million. He is a tremendous goalkeeper with the quality and ability to recreate with Allison did last season. The thing about Roma goalkeepers is they were in front of one of the best defenses in Italy. Over the last three seasons Roma had been able to replace goalkeepers quite easily so to a certain extent Olson will have the luxury of playing in front of an excellent defense. However Olson during this world cup has proved to be a top-notch goalkeeper who has tremendous ability to make saves especially in one-on-one situations. Robin Olson is an excellent goalkeeper to sign him at the cost of Alisson. They found a replacement who is capable a performing at the level alisson performed last season for a very small amount as they have been able to build around the rest of the team. Robin Olsen has been very underrated over the last several seasons playing in some of Europe’s smaller countries but he’s always had the quality and has earned a big move this was incredible business for Roma Robin Olsen has a chance to be one of the best goalkeepers in the league.



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