Roma vs Torino 5 Talking Points #317


Roma opened up their season away at Torino last night as they tried to get their league campaign on the right foot. It was a battle as Torino provided more then expected as they pushed the Romans to the brink almost stealing points from Roma. However with the game on the line Justin Kluivert found Edin Dzeko and the Bosnian won it for Roma at the death to insure three points for Roma on Serie A opening weekend. As Edin Dzeko rescued Roma a valiant Torino showed their quality never backed down from anything but Dzeko and Roma prevailed 1-0 as Roma extend their incredible away form now are unbeaten in 27 0f 28 away from home.  


The Value of Edin Dzeko


The value of Edin Dzeko could not be any more clear after last night’s late win against Torino. He has been one of the most productive players in Roma’s history. He has 74 goals in 136 he currently sits as the 11th highest score in Roman history. This is only Edin Dzeko fourth season in Rome and he was very poor during his first year with all that being said last night proves how important he really is to this team. So many times in so many situations Edin Dzeko has rescued Roma. Yesterday Roma needed to goal and as time was winding down Edin Dzeko delivered as he has done this on a consistent basis since he’s been here. Yesterday was a just a reminder of how efficient he really is. He is one of the most complete Strikers in the world a high-volume goal scorer with excellent passing ability and very underrated ball control. He continues and continues to deliver for Roma despite being 32 years old he is the most important player Roma have had over the last three seasons. Mohamed Salah Radja Nainggolan and Alison Becker are no longer here but Edin Dzeko Still Remains. His value was underlined last night with his unbelievable strike to win It but that’s not why it was highlighted. His leadership for the young players on this team really has made this team more Unified over the last 2 years. Edin Dzeko will continue and continue to score goals this season and by the end of this season I believe he will crack into the top eight of Roma’s all-time leading goal scorers. Edin Dzeko has been Roma’s best player for the last two seasons and after last night’s performance he is the clearly the most valuable player on this team this team goes as he goes.


Torino could be the surprise Package this season 


This Torino team could be one of the dark horses this season. Going into the game I knew that they were a very good team because they’ve gotten back to back top 10 finishes. However I didn’t consider them a team that can push Europe. It is one game so it’s a rather small sample size but given what I saw from Torino yesterday they have all the makeup of a team that can surprise a few this season. Despite not having a great deal of possession when they had the ball and then when they went forward they were incredibly dangerous. They may not have that many big name players but collectively they’re smart and strategic and how to break teams down. Roma’s defense is one of the best in Italy Torino pressurize them and force them into mistakes at several points yesterday. They got into dangerous areas often and even though they’re finishing was less than stellar they had a few chances that looked very promising. In the majority of this game and looked like they were going to get away with a point that’s how good they were. They play Inter Milan next week Inter are coming off a miserable performance against Sassuolo if they play with the same intensity and execute a similar game plan they might be able to beat them. If they can perform at this level against the big teams I’m sure they can sustain it against the rest of the league if they’re able to do that they have a chance at Europe.


Roma’s decision Making


Roma played a very good game yesterday and there were more positives then negatives. We saw a lot of production and improvements from the majority of the Roma players. However something they can work on is there decision-making especially in attacking positions. They were a few occasions yesterday where when Roma got into the box or near it they opted for a shots even if it was not the right decision. This isn’t a massive issue but it’s something that could be worked on going forward this season. Making the smart decisions rather than just going for a shot because you see it’s available. Being able to make the decision to control the ball before firing it at goal. They just need to tweak it just a little bit just make a few better decisions with the ball especially dangerous areas and I think this team will be very dangerous on the attack. Playing smart is going to be very important this season slight improvements here and we should see a much more disciplined and mature team then we saw last season. 

Andrea Belotti Again a Disappointment



Andrea Belotti two seasons ago was one of the League’s best players. He scored 26 goals and was one of the top 3 scorers in the league. This opted Torino to put in a 100 million release clause in his contract bumping up the asking price incredible numbers. Since this happened he has vastly underperformed. He is an extremely talented Striker but has not been able to display that Talent in over a year. He went from 28 goals in 2017 to just 13 goals last year. There is a reason no team came in for him over the summer he seems to be a catastrophic risk and last night he didn’t prove to be helping his case. Andrea Belotti I think can develop into an incredible player there are things about his game that I really like a lot. It’s not all negative his tireless effort is one of the things I most admire about him he never gives up on anything but he has a lot of work to do before he is considered one of the best strikers in Italy. Yesterday his performance was disappointing and we didn’t see that player that we loved so much two years ago I’m hoping we see that player again because he was special. He needs to work on his game and try to improve each week. But his performance was very disappointing.




19-Year Old Justin Kluivert changed the game

Justin Kluivert of As Roma  during the Serie A football

19 year old Justin kluivert made his debut an Italian football last night. He came on late in the second half but even in his 20 minutes he proved he is worth the price tag Roma paid for him. When he came on the entire game from Roma’s perspective changed instantly. He’s young he’s quick he’s agile and can do tremendous things with the ball. From the second he was putting the game you we saw an instant impact passing the ball attacking the goal and his incredible ball skills were on full display. He came in in a crucial part of the game Roma wanted to pick up the three points on their opener but we’re running out of time. A draw last night would have been incredibly disappointing by Roma standards. When he came on the game changed the link-up play between Dzeko and Kluivert was excellent he fed off well from his teammates and seem to know what he was doing. He obeyed instructions from Florenzi and others and showed some real maturity for someone much older. In the late moments of the game he made his official arrival in Italian football. The young kluivert drove the ball onto the wing before ultimately Crossing it into the box where he found dzeko who put a superb strike on a near-perfect volley from kluivert. Dzeko scored the game-winning goal late in the in the game and obviously rightfully so dzeko will steal the headlines. But the impact this kid had Off the Bench he could not have started his Roma career batter. Now Di Francesco knows the spark plug he has Off the Bench. This kid will eventually crack his way into the starting 11 but until that happens Roma have an incredibly gifted player that can give the team important minutes off the bench this is a star in the making.





















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