Top 3 Performers and The Donkey of the Week Match Day 2 #321


Fiorentina Midfielder: Gerson Da Silva

ACF Fiorentina v Chievo Verona - Serie A

High-flying Florentina hung six goals on Cheivo in their first match of the season. Sensational dominating performance to start the year. They were brilliant from top to bottom throughout the entire match. Even though Marco Benassi was superb with his two goals I thought Gerson played an unbelievably big part in their victory. The Roma midfielder who is on loan at Florentina this season scored on his debut to ultimately put the game out of reach he also assisted on another as the viola continued to pound the opposition. Gerson displayed all the qualities necessary to be a top-class player in the future he wasn’t going to get in this year’s Roma team but based on his performance his development is ahead of schedule. His vision ball control and efficiency was off the charts I was surprised how comfortable he was on the ball making Intelligent decisions throughout the game. As of Roma fan I am so glad that Florentina did not include a buy option in the loan. This youngster has a potential to be an impactful player at Roma in the future his debut performance for Florentina has given Roma encouragement from the distance. I see him as being an important player for a Florentina team this season that I believe can push for Europe he is young athletic and if he can be more consistent Florentina have gotten a gem even though it’s only for a season


Napoli Midfielder: Piotr Zielinski


Napoli hosted AC Milan as Carlo Ancelotti took on his old team. Napoli lost Jorginho to Chelsea this summer. They seem to have someone that can replace him in Naples. 2-0 down to Milan Napoli fought back and started it to create Mayhem as they came back to win 3-2. A massive comeback for Napoli but more impressively was Petro zielinski performance that’s brought them back from the dead. He scored two goals in succession to bring things on level terms. Once Napoli was back in the game they had the confidence to push forward and win the match. Zielinski was so impactful in this game made intelligent plays passed the ball well and in front of goal was very efficient. He put together a super performance when his team needed him the most he single-handedly got Napoli back into the game if he can maintain this type of play for the rest of the season this Napoli team could be incredibly dangerous the season. Zielinski is incredibly underrated and if he can perform to this level going forward they’ll be able to replace Joiorgino with someone who is already on their roster it wasn’t that he performed well it was that he performed well in crucial moments when the game looked to have been over. Big game players don’t come around everyday Napoli surely have one to their disposal as it showed this week



Genoa Defender: Domencio Criscito


Domenico Crisito was incredible for Genoa in a important Victory not only for the team and their season but for the city after their bridge collapse last week the entire city has had a standstill as they try to mourn the loss of everyone who lost their lives. Domenico Crisito was influential in Genoa win over Empoli which turned out to be an important win for everyone. He was brilliant defensively he really put pressure on the attack because of how uncomfortable he was making the strikers. Not only in a defensive sense but in the attack he assisted on both goals he really won them the game with his service to his teammates. This is a player that could have played for a lot of European teams but chose to play at Genoa and in his first game he fully displayed his worth to this team and how important he will be going forward you cannot start better than he started in this year’s campaign




Inter and AC Milan 


The donkey of the week is a shared award this week it goes to both teams from Milan. Both teams blew incredible opportunities to pick up in an important three points. AC Milan had Napoli on the ropes as they jumped up to a 2-0 lead. This win would have been absolutely massive for Milan especially against a team as good as Napoli. However they put together a huge choke job not only allowing Napoli back in the game but losing the grip on it as Napoli won 3-2 completing the comeback. Absolutely unacceptable to lose after being in complete control. Inter Milan had the same story and their game. Inter Milan are coming off a disappointing loss to Sassuolo in the opening week of the season this was going to be an incredibly important match for them. Inter took a 2-0 lead only for them to choke it away in the second half as to Torino fought back to earn a draw. It was horrendous tactics and lineup choices from Luciano Spalletti. Torino broke down Milan so easily in the second half. Both of these performances were inexcusable this only reiterates the point that neither team in Milan is going to be challenging for the scudetto there are very few positives to take if they would have held their leads it would be a different story but the fact that they choked them away as a major cause for concern.

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