Streak Over Patrik Cutrone Scores at the Death to End Roma’s Streak at the San Siro #325

Score: Roma 1 A.C Milan 2FT


San Siro, Milan

Following a dramatic 3-1 comeback and Roma’s home opener on Monday. Roma came back from the dead to earn a hard-fought point against Atlanta. Roma travels to Milan as they are welcomed to the San Siro for their home opener. Milan last week threw away a two-goal lead against Napoli to eventually lose 3-2 the Milan club looks for some momentum to improve on their performance. Roma are winners the last four consecutive games at the San Siro and are regarded as one of the best road teams in Italian football having won 28 of 29 away from home. With their last a away loss coming against Juventus last December. It would be a big clash that featured drama between two of Italy’s biggest clubs. An unorthodox the lineup from Di Francesco proved to be a costly mistake one that the best coaches make at some point but it couldn’t have come at a worse time as the international break awaits. Milan completely dominated the first half from start to finish and if it wasn’t for the goalkeeping of Robin Olsen it could have been over before it even started. Eventually Milan broke through a few minutes before the end of the first half as Franck Kessie gave Milan the 1-0 lead. In the second half Roma came through in the exact right moment despite being dominated by Milan Federico Fazio managed to find the back of the net to equalize. Late in the second half Steven Nzonzi gave Roma a undeserved lead before it was wiped off despite the fact there was no issue with it as VAR canceled it out. It was a moment that AC Milan took advantage of at the very death of the match Cutrone scored the winner in the 95th minute as the San Siro explode with excitement putting an end to Roma’s unbeaten run at the San Siro.



After an abysmal first-half performance last week from Eusebio di Francesco side he made a major shake-up for this important match against Milan. A change of formation would be in order as Di Francesco went with the 3-4-3 formation. In goal would be Roma’s number one Swedish goalkeeper Robin Olsen. There wouldn’t be many changes to the defense however Roma go with a three-man backline. At left-back making his debut for the club after arriving from FC Porto would be Ivan Marcano. Beside him as the teams lone Center back would be Federico Fazio. At right back filling in for Alexandr Florenzi would be Kostas Manolas who moves to the outside. In front of the Roma defensive line would be a four-man Midfield. Lining up as the left-wing back would be Alex Kolarov beside him would be the Center Midfield pair of Steven Nzonzi and roma Captain Daniele de Rossi. Then at the right-wing back spot would be Rick Karsdorp as he makes his first appearance since his injury last season. In the Rama attack we would also see a shake up. On the left wing coming off a superb performance last week would be Javier Pastore. On the left wing coming in for Cengiz Under would be Patrik Schick who finally gets the start he thoroughly deserves. Then in front as the main Striker the 11th highest scorer in Roma’s history would be the big man Edin Dzeko. This team also has a strong bench with the likes of under Pellegrini and kluivert.


After preparations and predictions the match was set to kick off at the San Siro for the game of the week between Roma and AC Milan on Monday Night Football at Milan’s football Cathedral. A place in which they seemed a lot has struggled against the team from Rome. However it was a new season and a new time for Milan. AC Milan were in total and utter control of the match from the very start. Which forced Roma to defend almost constantly. things we’re going Milan’s way very early in. About 10 minutes into the game Milan had their first chance nearly executed it. Hakan calhanoglu hit a vicious deep strike at the Roman goal but Robin Olsen heroically denied him. Milan continue to attack the goal while Roma remained incredibly quiet. About 10 minutes later Gonzalo Higuain saw a good chance saved by Robin Olsen. Milan were in complete control of possession and by all means were breaking down the Roman defense as much as possible. The chances continue to come as Milan saw a few chances wasted. However they weren’t discouraged as they continue their Relentless attack on the Roma goal. Suso cracked a shot at the Roman goal Robin Olsen continued incredible poise in hostile territory. A few minutes later Gonzalo Higuain misfired leaving Robin Olsen unchallenged. Finally after over 30 minutes Roman had a chance when Alex Kolarov connected with Patrik Schick. Schick connected with his header redirecting it in a near-perfect fashion but unfortunately his saw his shot saved. Milan would have an immediate response as they would finally break through leaving Robin Olsen was nothing that could be done about it. In the 40th minute Ricardo Rodriguez hit a near-perfect cross in to Franck kessie who then smashed it in the back of the net leaving Robin Olsen with no chance to save it to make it 1-0 Milan. That ended the half with Milan’s 1-0 Advantage thanks to Frank Kessie a lead they absolutely deserved.


Another poor showing from Roma in the first half. Milan thoroughly deserving to I had if it wasn’t for the tremendous play of Robin Olsen it could have been more than just one. Di Francesco’s formation could have been a mistake in this game he immediately attempted to correct it by bringing Stephan El Shaarawy for Ivan Marcano. Milan continued to appear to be on cruise control. Roma’s new chances arrived they would have to take advantage of the opportunity because of the way the game is going. Early in the second-half Roma showed they had some fight in them. Edin Dzeko came really close after seeing his deep strike nearly find the back of the net. Milan that gave an immediate response when Bonaventura connected on a header that just missed the top of the Roma goal coming off a set piece. A little later in the 59th minute an opportunity came  Roma and Federico Fazio would seize it. After a scramble Inside the Box following a corner Fazio struck the ball from inside the Box finding the back of the net as Roma equalized to make it 1-1. Despite being dominated Fazio took advantage of the chance improving his rather poor day. Moments later Milan scored a goal but it was waved off for offsides. El Shaarawy try to take advantage of the moment  but his strike blasted over the bar. Just a few minutes later hakan calhanoglu another of his shots saved t by Robin Olsen who’s putting in an incredible performance despite his teammates not doing their part. Milan continue to dominate and they’re attacking style of football but Roman knew they had a chance that they took advantage of opportunities and with the way Robin Olson was performing it was Roma’s job  not allowing Milan to have a situation where Olson would face in unsavable shot. Roma try to change things as they brought on Bryan Cristante in for Javier Pastore. Ricardo Rodriguez and Suso had shots in succession denied by Robin Olsen as the Swedish goalkeeper continue to perform exceptionally well. Gonzalo Higuain missed a few minutes later to try to give Milan the lead. Then in the 80th minute Steven Nzonzi gave Roma the lead coming off a corner kick. At least that’s what we thought VAR intervened and the goal was canceled out. Steven Nzonzi was not outside and did not commit a foul there is no reason for VAR to have cancel out his goal. Despite the fact it was not a goal that Roma deserved it should have stood. After Roma’s goal being taking off Milan’s attack thrusted forward. Seeing a multitude of chances at the Roma goal. But Milan remained unsuccessful. At the very end of the match Patrick Cutrone had another shot denied by Robin Olsen who showed in this game that he belongs in this league and is capable of being one of the best goalkeepers in Italy. After that save it had looked like that was a nail in the coffin but any 95th minutes Milan left Roma in heartbreak as the San Siro would soon erupt when Gonzalo Higuain sent in a superb through Pass to pass  Cutrone almost by himself as he found the back of the net as time expired. The San Siro exploded with excitement as AC Milan win it at the death. Very harsh on Robin Olsen who was unbelievable throughout the game. The drama of the VAR decisions the alleged come back by Roma was crushed by Patrick Cutrone goal  a victory that AC Milan thoroughly deserved picking up their first win of the Season. For Roma there were errors made but in the second half they showed promise the way they fought back unfortunately Robin Olsen could not do it all alone has all of his hard work was abandoned Roma has a lot of easy games over the next month but a bone crushing loss for the Romans as they lose to Milan at the San Siro for the first time in 4 years.


Federico Fazio’s Equalizer Not enough as Roma lose at the death

Another match that was filled with drama excitement with an extraordinary late finish. This game between AC Milan and Roma also featured VAR controversy with two goals being wiped off and what would have been crucial moments. Milan welcome Roma to the San Siro for an addition of Friday Night Football under the lights in the lights. Was a place that Roma have had tremendous success since 2015 having not lost a game at the San Siro in 4 years. Milan was coming off a game in which they choked away a two-goal lead against Napoli in Naples last weekend. This AC Milan team was determined to write that wrong and put together a strong performance against a Roma team that came back from 3-1 down on Monday night against Atlanta. Milan came out strong with their Relentless attack they set up a firing range at the Roma goal as their first half performance was nearly perfect. They broke Roma down and if it wasn’t for me goalkeeping abilities of Robin Olsen they would have carved them up even more. Di Francesco is one of the best young managers in Europe but he made a mistake here change of formation with poor judgement and leaving Under on the bench I think it was a mistake. Managers make mistakes all the time it was not in one of his shining moments but I still believe in his mission with Roma. However the mistake cost them today as Frank Kessie opened up the scoring after receiving great service from Rodriguez. Milan’s clinical finishing in the first half was less been spectacular but we were able to correct it throughout the game. Milan controlled The Possession and would be much better team throughout the match. Opportunistic moments was going to be the only way for Roma to get back in the game. Federico Fazio found the back of the net and the second half to equalize. momentum shifted several times as Roma found some life in the game. Even with that Milan’s Relentless attack continue to come. Milan were drastically out playing Roma. Just look at the stats it shows the majority of the story. However with less than 10 minutes to go it had looked like Roma were going to get a shock win. As a Steven Nzonzi found the back of the neck to give Rome and apparently. However VAR canceled out the goal which I believe was a mistake he was not offsides he committed no foul and it was a massive Mistake by the referee. Milan were given a breath of fresh air as they continue to push and push and push then at the death of the game Gonzalo Higuain connected with Cutrone Milan as Milan grabbed a late finally getting a win against Rome. The man of the match goes to Robin Olsen the Roma goalkeeper had to deal with so much pressure from the AC Milan attack and he did extremely well. Despite the loss this was a top-class performance from Olson he kept this game as close as he possibly could. The responsibility lies on his teammates having failed to deliver Olson performance was superb and he was let down by the 10 other guys. Despite the loss Roma do not need to panic it is only 3 games in and have 4 very winnable games in consecutive weeks but this was not the way they wanted to go into the international break. Credit must go to AC Milan they put in an excellent performance. Di Francesco must take some responsibility in the way he set up his team but again we all make mistakes if he’s able to correct it Roma should find set momentum over the next few weeks this team will get going but they just need time to mesh. Roma’s incredible away form was slashed by a very deserving AC Milan team.


Man Of The Match: Robin Olson (1)


Next Match: vs Cheivo, Sunday September 16th,2018
A.S Roma
Shots: 6
On Target: 2
Possession: 49%
Passes: 547
Pass Accuracy: 80%
Shots: 26
On Target: 10
Possession: 51%
Passes: 579
Pass Accuracy: 90%

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