Roma vs AC Milan 5 Talking Points #326

Rome fell at the San Siro to AC Milan for the first time since 2015. A dramatic match that featured two controversial VAR decisions cancelling out goals from Gonzalo Higuain and from Steven nzonzi. In what was a dominating performance from AC Milan an outstanding performance from Robin Olson who kept Roma in the game as long as he possibly could. Franck kessie gave Milan the 1-0 lead late in in the first half in which Roma responded immediately with Federico Fazio’s equalizer in the second half Eventually at the death of the match Cutorne scored a stoppage-time winner as the San Siro exploded with excitement as Milan pick up their first win of the season getting three a well-deserved points ending Roma’s incredible away run in the process as the supporters and spectators were treated to a a thriller in what was a dramatic Friday night in Milan as AC Milan narrowly beat Roma 2-1.

Roma’s Away form slashed

Roma hadn’t lost a game away from home since December 2017 to Juventus. Roma had a historically great run away from home this Milan team added that Friday night. They also lost to AC Milan at the San Siro for the first time since 2015. Roma typically thrives in hostile territory they perform above their own standards and play with more confidence and ability than they do at home. Credit must go to this Roma team to go unbeaten in 28 of 29 games is an incredible accomplishment. They almost felt comfortable away from home in hostile territory during this streak. We must give respect to them and how are they have conducted themselves and taking care of business and places that are not typically considered comfortable. However Milan deservingly a broke this as they were the better team on the day and fully deserve the three points that they eventually got. Since Gattuso arrived Roma have not beaten Milan Roma had tremendous success at the San Siro having a incredibly long unbeaten run in that Stadium this Stadium will become a fortress under Gattuso and has been over the last few months since he has taken over. No more easy wins at the San Siro Milan deservingly broke the streak. Roma still is a team to be feared when the come to your ground but they were silenced Friday night.

Milan’s Attack

Milan performance against Roma was very inspiring and extremely effective. However one dimension in particular that was incredibly impressive was the AC Milan attack. From the strikers up front to the wings they were sensational. Not to say that the defense and goalkeeper didn’t perform but they weren’t at the same level as their attack was. From the kickoff of the game they attackes Roma constantly with mutually no response for much of the 90 minutes. If it hadn’t been for Robin Olsen it could won the game with much less difficulty and byva larger margin. Patrick Cutrone came on to score the winner but Gonzalo Higuain was also incredibly impressive he has yet to score in his new colors but he will be a big-time goal scorer for AC Milan. Their attack broke Roma down in practically every way. They carved up that Roma defense and made them pay for it. Very efficient passing team as a completed 90% of the passes they attempted. All-out attack they pushed and pushed and eventually they broke through Robin Olson was unbelievable but Milan did a great job of putting themselves in a position where he would be faced with unsavable opportunities this AC Milan team has all the potential to put themselves very much into the race for the Champions League. I think they’re probably the favorite in the Europa League as well once Higuain gets scoring they’re going to be incredibly difficult to stop I don’t think they will challenge the league but the push themselves into that conversation.

No need to Panic

This was not the performance Roma were expecting as at times in this game they underperformed and allowed Milan to do what they wanted. You never want to go into an international break with a loss it’s unfortunate that it happened. However there is no need to panic Roma fans need to relax. There is 38 games in the season there is 35 remaining and 105 points up for grabs. Four Points in the opening three games it’s not great but it’s not poor. When Roma return from the international break things will get a lot easier. Having to play Torino away Atlanta at home and the Milan at the San Siro is an incredibly difficult way to start the season. They’re scheduled in a way in that favors them when league action returns. They do have to play Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu on September 19th in the champions league group but other than that Roma have a collection of games they should have win quite easily. Their next few games are Cheivo Bologna Frosinone before a tough match against Lazio. That match will also be followed by more easy matches playing the likes of SPAL & Empoli. They is 15 points through that stretch Roma’s upcoming schedule will allow them to swing themselves into good momentum there is no need to panic Roma will figure this out and once this team is more familiar with each other they will be easier to get on the same page and perform at a higher level. Just relax.

Di Francesco’s line up

DiFrancesco made some massive mistakes with the lineup before the match kicked off. Bad results cannot lie on him alone but he needs to take a responsibility for the mistakes he made. Roao is not a team that should play it with three at the back the change of formation was the wrong decision and a poor lapse of judgement. The previous time Roma had played three at the back was against Liverpool in the Champions League semi-final they lost that game 5-2. It was the wrong approach against a team like Milan. Adjusting his lineup I think was the smart thing to do changing the formation did not make a lot of sense to me. Some of his lineup choices didn’t seem like the best idea either I completely agree that Patrik Schick has earned the right to start however to be without under and to make rash decisions in the defense I thought was ill-advised judgement. Karsdorp and Kolarov can play forward but it seems like they were better options for those positions because of this Milan dominated the entire match as Roma were broke down constantly. It’s not necessarily the defense’s fault despite the fact there were errors Roma are most effective coming out of the 4-3-3 formation it was a risky move and I think you need to take risks but this risk and a game of this importance was the wrong decision. Di Francesco is one of the best managers in Italy by a wide margin only Carlo ancelotti and Max allegri are better. He is the next great Italian manager in this league and he is going to do amazing things with this team but on the day he made some tactical mistakes. Some of his substitution decisions I thought weren’t the best idea with Under and kluivert available they needed those type of players in that situation. It was just a day to forget for Di Francesco. I don’t believe he will make these type of risks again especially when there are points at stake but he will learn from this situation and address this going forward. He is still a tactical genius but he had a bad day at the office.

Robin Olsen is a adequate replacement for Alisson

Alisson Becker had an historically great season for Roma last year. He ended up departing the stadio olimpico this summer in what was a world record 75 million deal to Liverpool. There was a bit of a panic about whether or not Roma could find an adequate replacement that could repeat performances for Roma. Roma brought in Swedish World Cup star Robin Olsen. In the opening two games he wasn’t really in position to display his quality. Against Milan at the San Siro he was finally put in position to show the qualities he possesses. He was able to show it in this game that may not be a positive because of the amount of chances he had to deal with. However one thing is absolutely clear Robin Olsen is a top-class player that is capable of being one of the best goalkeepers in the league. Friday night he seemingly made every say he needed to make Milan ended up being far too much for him to handle alone. However Robin Olson kept them in that game until the very end. After three games he still has yet to make a goalkeeping error he shows the mature quality and poise he has. For him to perform the way he did in a hostile territory in what was a loud and booming San Siro is tremendous. Even Alisson during his first season struggled in that type of environment. He put in one heck of a performance an unbelievable showing from the Swedish goalkeeper sadly his work was abandoned by his teammates but individually he could have not played much better. This makes it abundantly clear that Roma have a goalkeeper that can push them forward the season and going forward they’ve got their guy in goal. Roma only paid 8.5 million if he continues to perform at this level this could be one of the bargains of the season.

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