Roma’s Player Of the Month August Robin Olsen #328

Robin Olsen of As Roma during the Serie A football match

We have reached the end of August as Serie A heads into International break. Only 3 games into the season too early to judge the title contenders this season the league table won’t really come to life for a few more weeks however there are concerning factors and positive factors for many of the teams. After the opening three games Roma find themselves in 6th Place in the league. A win against Torino a come-from-behind draw against Atalanta and a loss to AC Milan. 4 out of 9 points doesn’t sound all that bad but it is for Roma standards. It is Rome’s worst start to a season since 2013. There are very few positives to take over the first three games. Roma got a very tough opening three games. So 4 Points in 3 games isn’t that bad. However it took a 90th minute winner from Edin Dzeko to beat Torino a comeback from 3-1 down to draw even with Atlanta and were ripped apart by AC Milan last week a extremely poor start to the season. Fortunately for Roma in league action Four of their next five games are very winnable. This Roma team needs to get it together and fast. Luckily for them Inter Milan and Lazio both have had equally bad start to the season. Roma already are five points behind the top of the table and it seems it’s going to be incredibly difficult for them to realistically challenge unless they get it together rapidly. This start to the season has somewhat put Eusebio Di Francesco in the hot seat as according to reports Roma have already reached out to the representatives of Antonio Conte as a potential replacement if the Di Francesco loses his job. Roma are just being cautious they know that Antonio Conte will be a very difficult manager to persuade and it will cost Roma money as he is still contracted by Chelsea however given how difficult it will be to hire him they’re being precautious just in case things get bad under Di Francesco. Di Francesco is very capable of turning this thing around but he has to win his next game to salvage his job in fact he needs to win his next 3 I believe he will do so but this start of the season has been extremely poor. Torino Atlanta and AC Milan are a tough 3 games to start  but Roma have not been good enough and they need to pick up the pace and quickly they don’t want to fall out the title race this early.


The lack of quality Roma have shown has made it very difficult to decide on a player of the month. In fact I had to do some digging to come to a conclusion. Roma player of the month in August goes to goalkeeper Robin Olsen. Robin Olsen arrived from Copenhagen after a incredible showing at the World Cup helping Sweden and get to the quarter-finals. Roma identified him as the replacement to Allison who signed for Liverpool during the summer for 75 million. Robin Olsen had the daunting task of replacing Allison who had and historically great season with Roma last year. There were quite a few question marks on whether he was capable enough to replace Allison. He came at a very low cost at 8.5 million given the money that Roma received from the Allison deal many thoughts Roma will pay big bucks for a goalkeeper but they got incredible value for a low price and spent a chunk of the Allison cash on World Cup winner midfielder Steven nzonzi. Last season Roma defense played to an incredible level which made Allison’s job a lot easier. Through three games this season Roma’s defense has been terrible. They have an incredibly strong defense but they have not been playing to their standards they must pick it up and soon because of it Robin Olsen has had a lot to deal with in his opening three matches. He showed incredible qualities that he possesses in his debut against Torino. Dzeko rightfully  stole the headlines of that match but Robin Olsen in that game throughout earning Roma a clean sheet. Against Atlanta the defense that was in front of him was abysmal he did concede three goals in that game luckily Roma did turn that around to get a points but his abilities could not be at fault for the defensive of disaster. He could have done better on Atlanta’s third goal but other than that he did make some key saves in that match but wasn’t overly impressive but he couldn’t be due to how ferociously Atlanta a Roma defense that look to be on vacation he just had so much to deal with. Last week’s loss to Milan on Friday was quite easily his best performance this year. He was even more impressive than he was during the World Cup in Russia he was unbelievable. Despite Roma’s First loss in Milan in 4 years as well as seeing their beating away streak slashed Robin Olsen was almost unbeatable. He was in a hostile environment at the San Siro going up against a Milan team was energized and ferociously attacked Roma. Milan had over 20 shots in that game Robin Olsen and his hands on almost every one of them. Every time it looked like they were going to score Robin Olsen denied it. He was leaving the Milan attackers visibly frustrated given how much quality they showed only to be only to be denied. Milan was forced to orchestrate unsavable scoring chances in which they scored. But prior to that they could could not find a way at least easily he was there to stop every single chance. with his six foot six frame and his cat like reflexes in a hostile environment he was unbelievable. He could not have played much better in that match his team let him down especially defensively but individually he was in a league of his own. Over the opening three games in the month of August Robin Olsen has shown but he is a capable replacement of Allison with all the tools and abilities to become one of the best goalkeepers in Italy. Robin Olsen is my Roma player of the month hopefully Roma have a much-improved September but one thing is for certain Roma are in safe hands.

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