5 Candidates for the United States vacant Manager position #331

Perfect Fit


David Wagner, Huddersfield town


The best option the Federation can hope for the only American citizen on my list. David Wagner operated under one of the best managers in football as he was Jurgen Klopp’s understudy. Wagner worked under Klopp at Dortmund in charge of Dortmund’s Reserve team. During this time Christian Pulisic was at in on the youth team. This is very important because he would already have a relationship with the teams best player and the future of the sport in this country. After having spent years working under Jurgen Klopp he got an opportunity to be full in control of his own team. He was hired by Championship side Huddersfield town his goal was simple despite the odds against it Wagner’s mentality was to get Huddersfield to the Premier League. He managed to do that in one season as Huddersfield town finished third in the championship and won play off at Wembley Stadium in a penalty shootout. Last season despite some of the signings they had made they were one of the favorites to be relegated. They managed to escape relegation very convincing performances Huddersfield even beat Manchester United along the way. He did what was asked of him to escape relegation which going into the season seems like it would be a very difficult thing to accomplish. This season however it doesn’t seem he have enough with his team to maintain their place in the Premier League they haven’t started very well they are yet to win a game. This will open the opportunity for the United States Federation to intervene and potentially hire him as the new manager. Huddersfield adore him so it would be a rather difficult thing to pull off but in a situation where Huddersfield get relegated or he gets sacked Midway through the season it would open the opportunity to hire him. He is a German American but played for the national team as a player if anyone knows the pain of missing out on the World Cup it’s David Wagner he can relate to how the players must of felt when they failed to qualify. David Wagner is an excellent coach who has all the abilities to make real progress with this team. He took a Huddersfield team a place where they have never gone. This was a team that never had been in the Premier League and he took them there in one season imagine what he can do with this national team. He didn’t have a player like Christian Pulisic imagine what you can do with a superstar like that. Being American he knows how to improve this team and understands what it means to make the World Cup for the fans in this country. This appointment would make the most sense the likelihood of it all depends on how Huddersfield perform if they exceed expectations again I find it very unlikely that he would leave however given his relationship with Christian Pulisic and the fact that he is an American citizen he could really take this team and this country to another level with his tactics and desire To get this team to compete again.

Obvious Choice


Laurent Blanc: Bordeaux, France & PSG


The French Legend seems like the ideal but realistic choice for this vacant position. Blanc currently is unemployed and is very available. I imagine he is keen to return to management this us job could be the ideal position to ease his way back into it. This job will not entail as much as a club job would give him time and resources to assess the situation and improve on the unstableization of US soccer. Blanc has had an incredibly successful playing career and almost equally successful management career. During his first manager job at Bordeaux he was named manager of the season during his first year in charge. He took Bordeaux to 2nd and the league narrowly missing out on a title. This was during a Time in which PSG didn’t completely dominate the French league. During his second season Bordeaux won their last 11 matches currently League record. The late stretch that year allowed Bordeaux to put separation between them and Lyon. He took Bordeaux to the league title which seemed unprecedent at the time despite the fact that PSG’s domination had not begun yet Lyons domination was ending for Bordeaux to win the title wasn’t necessarily a surprise because they did so well the year before but they finally ended Lyon’s Dynasty after they have won 7 league titles in a row. After a 6th place finish the next year he resigned as he was given a momentous opportunity he took over the French national team. It wasn’t his finest hour but he wasn’t all that bad either. The one tournament France played in during his two years in charge France got to the quarter-finals of Euro 2012 but ultimately fell to eventual European Champions Spain. After the euros he stepped away from the national team to take the PSG job. It was the beginning of PSG’s Dynasty in French football. He won three consecutive League titles and 11 trophies during his time there. His dominating PSG teams led by Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Edinson Cavani ruined French football at least in a competitive fashion. He has not had a job since however he gives me perfect candidate for this position his time with the French national team didn’t go as planned but he is all the tools necessary to led this national team going forward. He will have a plan getting to the World Cup and beyond with the pieces they have led by Christian Pulisic. He can lead this country to its peak if you give him time to develop his young players he can reach amazing heights with America. As a player and as a manager he is a winner that’s all he’s ever done that’s an advantage he has over the other candidates in the fact that he is available makes this decision really easy. He is the obvious choice for the US Men’s National Team he can take these guys the distance with the ability to fulfill their potential and deliver the expectations.


The Wildcard


Heimir Hallgrímsson: Iceland 


This one is a wild card probably unlikely to happen What would be an interesting appointment. Heimir Hallgrímsson it wouldn’t be my preference but he’s very capable of the job that lies ahead with this national team. He hasn’t had the most success but he is the genius behind the Icelandic team that made back-to-back tournaments after having not qualify for a major tournament in history before he arrived. In some senses he would be perfect for the situation the United States find themselves in. He got Iceland to the Euro’s and the World Cup he pulled the strings through qualifying  this Icelandic Team Battled to make a European championships and then again qualify for the World Cup this summer. Getting Iceland to the World Cup is an accomplishment in itself. However he took them further and they have her were supposed to go. After euros they made it all the way to the quarterfinals beating England in the process of  a magical Icelandic story captivating all of Europe. Then at the World Cup despite not getting out of the group they held Argentina to a draw. For country that never been to a tournament they reached unbelievable heights during his tenure with Iceland. He has the ability to turn this thing around it would be an interesting choice that would be quite successful this team would have more talent then the Iceland team he was in charge of. He currently is available without out any offers as of yet this would be a great challenge for him. If he can do what he did with Iceland he can certainly do it for America.


High Profile


Paulo Fonseca: Shakhtar Donetsk 


The first three candidates on this list I believe were all plausible. The Federation absolutely has an opportunity to appoint them as the head of USA soccer. This one will be a stretch as he is very high profile and is wanted by several European clubs it would take incredibly specific circumstances if the US soccer Federation were able to pull this off. Despite that I have put him on this list because it is someone that they should still take a look at and try to convince to take over the helm. Pablo Fonseca has had several high-profile jobs during his career. Specifically in Portugal with FC Porto and a Braga. He is currently in charge of Shakhtar Donetsk the kings of Ukrainian football. Since taking over Shakhtar Donetsk in 2016 he has won the league title twice as well as a three domestic cups. While in charge of Shakhtar he has success and European competitions. Last season they came out of a Champions League group that featured Manchester City and Napoli. They even beat Manchester City which was their first loss of the season. They got knocked out in the round of 16 against Roma but they had the advantage going into the second leg. He is a very high-profile coach and many clubs are interested in getting their hands on him most notably was Everton who opted for Marco Silva instead. Other Premier League teams have also expressed interest but nothing concrete has come up. This gives the United States Federation a momentous opportunity should they take it. The fact that there isn’t any clear favorites to sign him gives the United States a small chance. I think he could be swayed away from Shakhtar because Ukraine isn’t an ideal situation for any coach Shakhtar doesn’t even play in their own stadium as there is complications inside the Ukraine with some other issues. It seems very unlikely but if the United States could hire him he would change the mentality of many players. He is considered fun-loving but can be very tough. A tough manager is exactly what is needed for this vacant position. Arrogance got themselves in his position a lack of effort it’s something this team has struggled with. Hiring Pablo Fonseca could potentially eliminate that. I think he would instill the values of European football to this team. I think MLS players would have a hard time getting into the team he picks. He is very high profile which is exactly why they need to at least consider trying to hire him. It will be very difficult because he’s incredibly intelligent and smart manager and his teams play excellent attacking football. He would get the best out of some of America’s young Stars. He would have a game plan to turn it around he may not be the perfect fit in fact there could be some issues with language but if he was given the resources I think he could have tremendous success with this team but then again this is unlikely to happen.


Dream Appointment 


Marco Rose: RB Salzburg 

SOCCER - EL, Dortmund vs RBS

Finally we come to the appointment that on no stretch of the imagination I believe the US have the resources to appoint as the manager of this national team going forward. However we are still going to take a look at him as sort of a dream come true. Hiring Marco Rose will be incredibly difficult but would be an absolute Grand Slam. Marco Rose would be absolutely perfect for this job. The current manager of RB Salzburg could not have had a better debut season in Austria. He won the league title led his team to the Austrian Cup final and made it to the Europa League semi-final which they would have won if it weren’t for some referee decisions. In 71 games in charge of RB Salzburg he’s won 66% of his games. I believe he’s one of the best young managers in the world. He has young and Youthful ideas that could greatly benefit the young players that this team possesses. He is just 41 years old but despite that his brilliance is at a world-class level. His versatility in the way he can make adjustments to games is in a league of his own. It wasn’t that long ago that he was a player himself which means he could very well relate to the young Talent that America has. However I find it rather unlikely that he would take a national team job at such a young age but that doesn’t take away from the fact that there would be no manager in football currently that would be better positioned not only to qualify the United States but to make them a dark horse in the next World Cup. His attacking Style with the youthful players could make the US incredibly dangerous in the future. He’s very humble but always likes to improve this team would make drastic improvements years ahead of schedule if they could actually pull this off. If he became the manager of the United States it would put everyone in the region on alert. Currently Mexico is a far better team if you let Marco Rose take over this team despite the fact that Mexico has better players it would be begin to sway in America’s favor in that rivalry. Quite simply he has potential to be one of the best managers in the world which is why it’s rather unlikely that he would make this jump so quickly. It would be unlikely that he’s hired for this job not because he’s not qualified because he’s extremely qualified but because he would have to be thoroughly convinced in order to be swayed away from RB Salzburg. Despite this the United States Federation should keep him on the books looking to the Future. He more intuitive ideas that anyone on this list he would have a plan and strategy to execute the future of US soccer. Appointing him would be a dream come true the United States soccer Federation could not find a better candidate more prepared for a job like this this is a massive job and there’s no doubt in my mind that Marco Rose could turn this around in a rapid fashion as unlikely as it may seem this would be like winning the lottery.

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