USA Soccer’s 5 Changes Necessary to fix the disaster #330


The United States national team it’s coming off arguably one of the biggest disappointments in American Soccer history. Despite soccer not being one of the most popular sports in America what happened last summer was the most embarrassing thing we have seen. The United States failed to make the World Cup for the first time since 1986. As we now face a Time where the United States Football Federation will be put through a massive rebuild after their failure to make the World Cup this summer. The United States national team is forced to blow the whole thing up after failing to get out of a qualification group that falls in the easiest most winnable region in qualifying. In concacaf the United States has very little competition in terms of ability and talent at the highest level. The United States Federation made a huge mistake by getting rid of Jurgen Klinsmann halfway through qualification to bring back a relatively unproven Bruce Arena. He led this team the World Cup quarter-final in 2002 what was handed the golden generation of American soccer which now looking back at it sort of looks pathetic. After losing a Costa Rica a team that the u.s. never seem to do well against Klinsmann left. Under Bruce Arena the US national team got off to a disastrous start failing it had looked like it was very possible the United States could miss the World Cup. It came down to the bitter end. All the United States needed to do to qualify for the World Cup was to beat Trinidad and Tobago the team that currently was at the bottom of the qualification group. The arrogance that the United States displayed going into that game was completely unacceptable and the unlikely happened. Trinidad and Tobago somehow someway found a way the beat the United States . As the United States national team left the World Cup in disgrace a embarrassment of the highest order that was orchestrated by a manager was unqualified for the job. This is a u.s. generation that has been given everything to be successful on the national level. The arrogance of this team and the lack of effort and desire that was displayed throughout qualifying created the mess this was one of the most talented teams the US has had in recent memory. They let themselves down they let their country down. There are players who played that night who don’t deserve to ever play for the country again. A new age is coming if they want to make the next World Cup they have a lot of work to do. The president of the US soccer Federation stepped down as his right-hand a man was elected. Unfortunately the job has only begun here are five things that needs to happen to avoid another disaster that isn’t as unlikely as it may seem.


Hire a manager with some level of European experience

The United States Men’s National Team has never been team that has gone on deep runs In World Cups they are never viewed as Dark Horse candidates even the one time they were no one expected it. We have seen the likes of Columbia Costa Rica Japan and South Korea shock the World Cup. Obviously in America soccer is not a popular sport but even so this is a national team no country really fears. It’s not because they don’t have a superstar because as we have seen Iceland made it to the quarterfinals of the Euros without one. The one thing they have always lacked that denies them of  that cutting-edge. They have always lacked is a proper coach. It has been proven that MLS coaches are not good enough to succeed at this level. The one time the national team got their hands on a European coach they made enormous strides in more ways than one. Jurgen Klinsmann led the United States outside the group of death that featured Germany Portugal and Ghana. He led them on the brink as it took Belgium 120 Minutes to knock out the United States. While he was in charge the development of Youth Soccer was at its highest level. He stood on the table and said he wanted his players playing in Europe. Going forward in these changes that have gone through US soccer. American MLS coaches are not going to cut it. The Federation must seek European coaches or American coaches for the European experience. We cannot look at the situation and solve the problems with an another Bruce Arena type. They won’t have the game plan or the tactics and execution to improve and enhance the reputation of US soccer. In this total rebuild this may be the most important point of them all who they hire will vary directly impact their future. The Federation must look at European coaches they’re not going to get the top guys but the Federation certainly can get guys who had experience in Europe’s biggest leagues. There are several intriguing options that could be quite possible the Federation must do the smart thing here. A European coach or a coach with the experience in Europe will be better positioned to fix the ongoing problems in American soccer if they fail to do this US soccer will take three steps back. This has so much importance on the future of American soccer.


The majority of the players must play in Europe

This is something I have stressed for a very long time and I believe is a big problem the lack of success with the United States national team. Major League Soccer is at its highest levels ever been I can honestly say that we have seen incredible improvements with the league. However the league is not the kind of standard for US Men’s National Team players need to be challenged on a weekly basis. The MLS is not strong enough in these International competitions the u.s. is going up against players but even the best players in the MLS could not handle or manage. A lot of the u.s. players playing the MLS because of comfort and playing time. The fact of the matter is these players need to be challenged on a consistent basis and they’re not going to be in MLS. Countries like Germany France Italy Holland & More these American Kids will have a chance to play. Not all will get regular playing but every week they will be competing against the very best and as tough as that will be they will improve playing in their academies. We even have players currently on the squad that could play and some mid-table teams in Germany. I hate to do this to him because he’s a good kid but Jordan Morris had the opportunity to play for a Werner Brennan in the Bundesliga and rejected the move because he wanted to stay home in Seattle had he made that move to Germany he would be a much better player then he is now. The challenge that these guys will face in Europe will be hard and challenging but it will get the best out of them.  Without a doubt most of them can make a contribution to a mid-table team or even a team that could potentially get into Europe. Even playing in Mexico would be a step up They need to go out there and challenge themselves and until that happens I see very little progress as a team collectively. The United States isn’t the biggest pool of football talent but for The Talented players that the US does have to waste it playing in the MLS they need to be utilized in Europe because that is a place they will truly be challenged and if they are not challenged the national team will not thrive in the future. It’s not just about having success as national team it’s about having development success the more players we have in Europe the better off US soccer will be



Christian Pulisic should be USA’s new captain

pulisic.jpg_1151390924In wake of the retirement of the United States greatest ever player Clint Dempsey recently the national team is in need of a new leader. With a Dempsey gone Tim Howard likely to follow suit and Bradley unlikely to appear for the team anytime soon this country needs a new face. Borussia Dortmund 20 year old midfielder Christian Pulisic recognized as the Golden Boy of American soccer viewed as the star to lead this team into the future. Despite being only 20 years old he is already made his name for himself in the Bundesliga playing for Borussia Dortmund. Outside of Bayern Munich Dortmund the next most accomplished team in Germany. His talent is well-documented it is unclear how long Dortmund to will be able to hold on to this incredible Talent. Christian Pulisic is already on the radar of Liverpool Bayern Munich Manchester City Manchester United Real Madrid Barcelona and many more. You can make the argument that he is more technically skilled and far more talented then Clint Dempsey or Landon Donovan. While the 20 year old has not proved what Clint Dempsey has on a talent basis he is off the charts. It has been such a long time since the United States have produced such a talented player at such a young age. Who has been with Dortmund since he was 14 years old. He is without a doubt unquestionably the best player on the United States. As soon as Clint Dempsey retired this has become his team he is playing and one of the best leagues in the world against top-notch opposition. During World Cup qualifying he was the most decisive player for the United States had he not been on the team I don’t think the United States would have been even close to making the World Cup he kept his team on his back all the way through despite missing out showed his true leadership. It would be very unusual for a player of his age to be chosen as Captain of a national team but there is no player on this team that is more worthy of that. He’s time and time again rescued the situation and have shown not only he is the best player on this team that leads by example he completely exemplifies what Captain America should be. Whether he gets the armband or not he is the true leader of America. Christian Pulisic without a doubt should be captain in this new era as the United States tries to get back to the World Cup. This team goes as he goes he has displayed all the necessary traits to not only perform but to lead the United States national team for the next 10 years.




Developing youth academies


In America soccer does not have a lot of sporting importance which is part of the problem. It has gone progressively more popular over the last for 5 years we have more soccer fans in the United States than ever before but unfortunately it only shows little progression. A ongoing problem in the US soccer community is developing young Talent  based on this system American soccer is placed in. You’re not going to discover a Incredibly talented 14 year old that becomes one of the best young players in the world every year Christian Pulisic is a very unique situation.. Christian Pulisic dad and mom both played soccer but his development is a success he signed for Dortmund’s when he was 14 years old this kid is going to become the greatest American player in history. In countries like Germany this is not an uncommon occurrence. The reason they’ve had success in Germany academies is they start them young and they develop them into Ozil Toni Kroos Thomas Muller Julian Draxler and many more. If the United States  want sustainable success they need to mold their academies like they do in Germany. Follow the same steps and execute the process. This is not an easy ask because soccer is not a popular sports at least one of the more popular sports. The Federation and US soccer needs to work together to put academies in place in each MLS team there’s some of that but not nearly enough. The current system is not working players go from high-school to college to the MLS super draft. This isn’t the NFL that just isn’t going to work in a successful manner to develop incredible Talent. They need to start these guys young. Finding a player like Pulisic on home soil it’s not going to happen very often until we take a drastic measures. In terms of athletic ability and physicality America has the most physically imposing athletes if some of these athletes started playing soccer instead of baseball football and basketball the US national team would not be such a low ranked team. Don’t get me wrong the US national team is not and the relevant country they have made the World Cup almost on a consistent basis and have made it out of the group on several occasions but they could be so much more of a superpower at the instituted these theories into youth soccer. Everybody loves Christian Pulisic if we want to get another superstar that operates on this level we have to start from the bottom starting from scratch developing youth soccer in a better manner is the only way this country can develop more Superstars in the future. We have seen the US Women’s Soccer Dynasty the reason they are so good is because they are developed from a young agethat’s why they are super power the United States needs to take notes from the women’s national team and German Football to develop more stars in the future because if there’s no change a player like Christian Pulisic will only come around once every couple of decades.



Have reasonable expectations

Obviously it’s going to be really difficult to improve immediately. If US soccer gets the right coach to take this team forward it’s still not going to be an easy task. They will have an Almighty job on their hands but if you get in the right guy he can start to mold this team into something a lot stronger because the young talent that this country has is undeniable  isn’t nearly enough but it’s enough to work with. The important thing is that’s all goes well and the Federation hires the right coach we must give them time. This is a big job and a very difficult job to turn around that’s why we should only even be looking at European coaches for this position. The important thing is this though we have to set reasonable expectations for this team going forward. No matter what manager they decide to hire the job and the expectations should stay the same. Qualifying for the World Cup should be their primary goal. World Cup is their goal they cannot think or aim higher because the second we start overhyping this team and this new era is the second it will implode. If the u.s. qualify and get the booted out in the group stage that is not failure that is progress. Once they get to the tournament anything that comes after that is a bonus. If they conquered that goal then you can slowly look at making more improvements on top of it. We must start by just getting to the World Cup and then what happens after that can be reassessed. The Federation has made incredible mistakes in the past and how they have handled the firing and hiring of managers. If we want to see this team succeed this must be handled correctly. The US national team must be humble and play with a chip on their shoulder they shouldn’t even be thinking about anything beyond trying to get to the World Cup once they have qualified then we can go on from there. First things first there must be reasonable expectations and stay grounded if this team is going to be successful in the future it’s the job of not only the coaches and the players but of the media to be humble and evaluate the process without looking too much forward reasonable expectations are achievable unrealistic expectations can’t be reached even with a world-class coach stay humble.







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