A disaster at the Stadio Olimpico #333

Score: Roma 2 Chevio 2FT


Following a week International break Italian football returns as Roma welcome chievo to the Stadio Olimpico. Roma and chievo faced off twice last season with Roma winning one and drawing the other. These teams have met consistently for the last several years with Roma having got the better of chievo Verona. The flying donkeys have not beaten Roma since 2012 it should have been a rather easy at the Romans were looking to avenge their loss right before the international break. Roma has not had the best of starts this season but chievo Verona find themselves on the bottom of the table this is a match that Roma should have found little to no problem with. For much of the game that were finding it quite easy in the opening half an hour Roma found the back of the net twice with El Shaarawy and Bryan Cristante scoring to open up a 2-0 lead. A nearly perfect first half but the disaster started to unveil itself in the second half. Birsa got one back for chievo Verona as his a curler brought them back to life. Then a Stepanski equalized with not much time remaining as they Drew even at 2-2. Roma completely control the game but could not finish it off as they collapse and a second half to earn just a point against a team at the bottom of the table. A soul crushing draw now confidence seemingly is at an all-time low. This is the absolute worst way to go into a Champions League match against Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu as an absolute disaster unraveled in Rome this afternoon.


After a formational disaster 2 weeks ago at AC Milan Eusebio di Francesco returns to Roma’s usual 4-3-3 formation which was necessary. Coming off the international break Roma was forced to make some adjustments due to the injuries of Daniele de Rossi Patrik Schick and Javier Pastore. In goal would be Roma’s player the month of August Robin Olsen the Swedish goalkeeper who has really stood out so far this season. Defensively Roma would return to the back 4 with just a slight adjustment after playing three at the back against Milan. At left-back would be Alex Kolarov beside him would be the centre-back partnership of Juan Jesus and Kostas Manolas. Then returning to the lineup as having recovered from injury would be right back Alexandro Florenzi. Despite the injury to De Rossi Roma put out an incredibly strong three man Midfield. In Center Midfield would be Steven Nzonzi lining up to his left would be Lorenzo Pellegrini and then to his right would be a Bryan Cristante. A trio that is an exceptionally talented a great tactical move by Di Francesco. Then up front would be a somewhat similar Roma attack. On the left wing would be Stephan El Shaarawy who returns to the starting lineup. On the opposite side controlling the right-wing would be Roma Turkish rising Star Cengiz Under. Then finally upfront as Roma’s main Striker would be the big Bosnian Edin Dzeko. An incredibly strong team that also features a strong bench with the likes of Justin kluivert Anton Coric and the return Diego Perotti to this Roma team.



After much anticipation for this match they were finally ready to kick off in Rome on Sunday afternoon. In a what was a must-win for both teams for very different reasons. As Cheivo arrived to do battle with the Romans at the Stadio Olimpico. Roma would try to reverse their home League form from last season. The match kicked off and from the very beginning of the first half Roma look strong and found themselves in clear control early. They dominated possession and chances came early and often for the Romans. Roma hit on the counter early as Dzeko put his head through a Cengiz Under cross but misfired. However that open when chance certainly put Cheivo on their toes. A few minutes later Stephan El Shaarawy try to hit from deep as Roma continued to get forward. Roma often were getting into Chevio’s danger area. The pressure was continuing and continuing to mount it was only going to be a matter of time before they broke through. In the 10th minute that moment arrived El Shaarawy picked up a pitch perfect cross from Alexandro Florenzi and placed it into the back of the net to give Roma the 1-0 lead.


El Shaarawy continued his unreal form against Chievo scoring the opening goal.

Sensational movement without the ball getting into the right place at the right time to finish off an excellent cross as El Shaarawy scores his first goal of the season. Ivan Radovanic tried to pull a fast one on the Roma in response as he hit a ball from 35 yards out only to be denied by Robin Olsen. Roma continue to have possession and control the match as they got forward as much as I possibly could. A dominating performance up to that point. Roma kept pushing and pushing and once again they broke through. In the 30th minute Roma put together pure football brilliance with high level of team chemistry. After moving the ball back and forth trying to get into an attacking position from Chevio’s danger area. Cengiz Under sent in a perfect cross into the box. Edin Dzeko caught it on his foot to display a cheeky pass as he laid it off to Bryan Cristante who slotted it’s into the bottom corner to give Roma 2-0 lead. An excellent team play from all counterparts to put together a display of brilliant football. It would be Brian Cristante’s first goal in the Roma colors. Chievo Verona stepped up their attack as late in the second half Stepanski, Birsa specifically. Had many chances but Robin Olsen did good job and keeping them in check. Near the end of the first half Stephan El Shaarawy almost added a second as his header from close range coming off a cross from Florenzi nearly found the back of the net but was saved. Then a few moments later Under’s strike from was ambitious but misfired signaling the end of the half.


Bryan Cristante doubles the Roma lead to score his first goal in his new colors. 


Roma completely dominated the first half they couldn’t have played much better than they did. You saw the fluidity the confidence some defensive breakdown but overall a complete 45 minutes. The second half turned out to be a different story although it started really well. Early in Cengiz Under sent a through ball up field into Lorenzo Pellegrini the midfielder took a shot on goal but unfortunately was denied by The Keeper to spite the wonderful effort. Roma weren’t as aggressive in the second half and eventually paid for it. In the 52nd minute Birsa hit a curler into the top corner out of the reach of Robin Olsen to minimize the deficit to 2-1. At this point aggressiveness should of kicked in Roma Could have kill off a game with one more goal. However this goal gave Cheivo Verona and opportunity. Lorenzo Pellegrini try to respond with another shot but he missed fired. A few minutes later Roma was very close to scoring again when Bryan Cristante set up Cengiz Under with a through Ball but in Turkish youngster had to hit it from a complicated angle as it was dealt with. Roma’s domination in this match wasn’t as prominent as the match continued. With a little over 20 minutes left Kolarov missed from the side of the box after receiving a ball from Alexandro Florenzi. Roma then it made two changes as Daniele de Rossi came in for Lorenzo Pellegrini and Alexandra Florenzi made room for Rick Karsdorp. It is my personal belief that these were the wrong changes to make at this point in the game Roma needed to attack. It became possession football for about 10 minutes with both teams trying to figure out a way through. Edin Dzeko tried to put the match out of reach with a deep strike dealt with it. Just a few moments later El Shaarawy whipped in a powerful shot but again was denied. Roma’s clinical finishing was excellent throughout the game but their failure to put it in the back of the net in the second half cost them dearly. In the 81st minute Stepanski found the back of the net after a defensive breakdown to equalize making it 2-2. A complete and utter Collapse by Roma who should not have let it get to the stage they had so many chances to kill it off. Roma did try to find a way back on top with El Shaarawy seeing his shot saved as well as Edin Dzeko who had a few chances but was unable to put them back on top. As Roma get booed off the field by their own fans in what was a complete and total disaster. Roma never should have let it get to the point where they could come back they should have put this game away but they were unable to do that is a flat out embarrassment that they unable to get three points against a team at the bottom of the table. This is not the way you want to go into the Champions League against Real Madrid they’re not a confident bunch right now until they start getting some victories it’s going to stay the same Di Francesco’s job is in real danger of losing his job. An incredible first half was wiped out because of lack of discipline as a Roma’s struggles continue.


A game that was truly a tale of two halves. Roma showed and did some really nice things excellent first half but a second-half breakdown of borderline embarrassment in what was otherwise a solid performance from Roma. Roma found themselves 2-0 after 30 minutes with El Shaarawy and Bryan Cristante showing absolute Brilliance and great team play to open up what look like was going to be a very comfortable Roma victory. However there was a Twist in the tale. Roma did a lot of good things in this match their clinical finishing in front of goal was superb offensively the way they attacked they were nearly flawless all Roma needed to do is finish it off. Instead they let them back into the game to cancel out an excellent performance. Despite the fact that Chievo  has hardly any threatening players they managed to crawl back into the match. Birsa scored a curler before they equalize the late and the contest. There are no excuses for blowing a 2-0 lead with just 45 minutes to go Roma should have killed the game off and they had the chance one more goal would have sealed it. Defensively they struggled again once again Robin Olsen was let down by his defense after another impressive showing. Roma let them into it evidently dropping two points. It has gone from bad to worse over the last 3 weeks there’s actually no performance this season but has been convincing. The one game they did win they did it in the 90th minute. There are teams big teams have done worse like Inter Milan however they had this game in the bag. How could they not win this match Chievo Verona going into this game was at the bottom of the table Roma allowed a team in the relegation Zone to steal a point off of them.. Not only that but doing it in an embarrassing fashion and a game that now feels like a loss. Accountability needs to be reconciled with the Di Francesco James pallotta and Monchi. I understand what Roma are building they have essentially taken one step back to go two steps forward. However this is been a heretic start for a Roma team that made the Champions League semi-final. Roma’s confidence is at an all-time low they did so many great things in this match but the fact of the matter is a crumbled and the second half when they should have put the game away. A terrible way to go into the Champions League this week where they have to play Real Madrid at the Bernabeu. Out of a possible 12 points Roma picked up five this is down to the management and the performance of the players. Di Francesco is on extremely thin ice it’s not all on him but if his side doesn’t start picking up wins in consecutive weeks Roma may look elsewhere . The man of the match goes to Stephan El Shaarawy who always seems to perform to a high-level against Chievo Verona. he was absolutely superb scored his first goal of the season use the space really well to find the back of the net. He was extremely efficient four of the five shots he took we’re on target and passed a at a very high level completing 87% of his passes incredible accuracy. The way Roma imploded the second half overshadows his performance Edin Dzeko and Bryan Cristante all played tremendously well but in the end still two points dropped. This team has the players they’re not lacking that they are simply too good to be playing this poorly they must get this together and fast. 



MAN OF THE MATCH: Stephen EL Shaarawy (1)


Next Match: @ Real Madrid , Wednesday September 19th,2018
A.S Roma
Shots: 16
On Target: 9
Possession: 56%
Passes: 613
Pass Accuracy: 90%
Shots: 13
On Target: 5
Possession: 51%
Passes: 493
Pass Accuracy: 86%

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