Top three Performers and the Donkey of the Week Match Day 4 #335

 Juventus Winger: Cristiano Ronaldo 


Last week’s Donkey of the week has responded to my criticism. During last week’s article I gave the donkey of the week to Cristiano Ronaldo his eight shot one on Target performance against Parma was atrocious. In the article I gave him the benefit of the doubt as it takes most players a while to grasp the defensive impact of Italian football. Cristiano Ronaldo was having serious issues adapting and struggled to find the back of the net during his first few games.  I stated once he gets that first goal he will be in a more confident mood and more will come. That’s exactly what happened against Sassuolo yesterday. He not only scored his first goal for Juventus but he added another one. His to go performance proved to be decisive against a very strong yet underrated Sassuolo team. Who found a way back into the game despite not being able to finish the job. His opening goal was basically handed to him just an easy tap in but his second goal was one from the Cristiano Ronaldo collection. As he drilled a ball into the bottom corner to double the Juventus lead. Over the 90 minutes against the Sassuolo he played exceptionally well easily the best game he has played so far this season. We have yet to see a world-class strike from Cristiano Ronaldo but he got himself off the mark with an exceptional performance from CR7. Now that he has broken the slump I think Cristiano Ronaldo will find ways to score goals he still is going to struggle just like any player against these Italian defenses but now that he’s off the mark we will see more performances like this from the world’s best player.



Sampdoria striker: Fabio Quagliarella


Sampdoria is off to a red-hot start and despite losing some of their best players last season they continue to perform extremely well. Last week Gregorio Defrel was one of the top three performers. This week another Sampdoria player features on my list. This time it is Fabio Quagliarella a player that is changing the narrative of age in Italian football as he is playing some of the best football of his career at 35 years old. Sampdoria’s Captain has a career 156 goals in Italian football he continues to perform to an extreme level at his age. This week against Frosinone he scored a goal and added another to their 5-0 demolition of a club that recently was promoted to Serie A. He’s performed tremendously well this season and has only seemed to get better as the season goes on. I would be surprised is this is the last time he ends up on this list. He is so important to Sampdoria and their success behind his brilliance and leadership Sampdoria have put themselves in the top 4 gaining 6 of a possible 9 points start the season an unbelievably underrated team that is only going to get better as the season progresses. Fabio Quagliarella performance this week shows how much quality Sampdoria really have an unbelievable performance from one of Italian football’s 50th greatest scores.


Parma Goalkeeper: Luigi Sepe


Newly-promoted Parma managed a 1-0 victory against a struggling Inter Milan a team they should have easily lost to considering the quality difference. Inter Milan registered 28 shots with 9 on target that included Inter Milan having 73% of The Possession. Inter Milan clinically were very poor but Parma had a lot to deal with constantly. Parma goalkeeper Luigi Sepe was at his absolute best. Not only did he keep the clean sheets but he showed incredible poise and control. He has performed to this high level and several consecutive weeks and this week’s performance only shows the quality he has. Inter Milan have so many players with Incredible quality. He came face-to-face was Marco Icardi Ivan Perisic Radja Nainggolan and many others and won the battle. His reactions and reflexes was quite impressive because he had so much work to do if he’s not at his very best Parma don’t win this game he proved to be crucial in Parma’s performance at the san siro of a game of such magnitude in hostile territory and was able to outperform anyone on the pitch showed incredible willingness and desire to overcome the pressure as Parma shocked Inter Milan. He’s definitely going to be a keeper I’m going to have my eye on the rest of the season.



Donkey Of The Week



Inter Milan and Roma 


The donkey of the week this week goes to the two teams who have drastically underperformed their expectations going into the season. It hurts me to do this but the donkey of the week goes to my Roma and Inter Milan. Let’s dissect this Roma have played incredibly poorly the majority of the season and had an incredibly difficult schedule to start out the year. Roma were waiting for a game like this against chievo Verona a team that going into the game  just had a point deduction in which had negative points. They are at the very bottom of the table this should have been a very easy win for Roma and at a point in the game it look that way. Roma got up to a 2-0 lead before their complete mental and physical breakdown allowed Verona to get a draw after 2-0 down in Roma’s  backyard at the Stadio Olimpico. It is such an embarrassment given the amount of quality Roma have at the moment they are not living up to it they need a serious injection of energy. I think they can rebound from this I really do but at the moment they’ve been absolutely shocking Five Points from a possible 12 isn’t good enough. Inter Milan was the most overhyped team going into this season I expected them to struggle in fact I’m not the least bit surprised They have. However I did not expect to see what has happened with Inter Milan so far this season. Inter Milan have played Parma Sassuolo Torino and  Bologna. No disrespect towards these teams they could have won all the games instead they have 4 out of 12 points. Including blowing a lead of their own earlier in the season to Torino and just lost at the San Siro which is a supposedly difficult place to play to a team that had not played in Italian football  in years. Inter Milan had so many chances in their game against Parma for them to score in front of net as they have been has been an utter mental collapse. Given the amount of money they have spent on all the loans are brought in with all the players they have gained for them to be this bad I did not expect. A lot of this may come down to Luciano’s Spaletti’s tactics of this two teams Roma are in better shape to turn this around given their favorable schedule. Inter Milan play Sampdoria and Florentina in their next two games with very little time in between. It is possible they could lose both games and that with probably force the sacking of Luciano Spalletti. Roma have been awful but they have a favorable schedule going forward which is why they’re more likely to bounce back. one thing is certain both of these teams have been absolutely shocking that’s going to require a quick turnaround or drastic changes will be made.

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