Roma vs Bologna 5 Talking Points #342



Roma travel to Bologna this weekend to face previously winless and goaless bologna in a match Roma truly needed to win. Bologna stood in 19th going into this game while Roma tried to slowly move up the table to where they belong. Both of these teams needed points for very different reasons but it was equally crucial for both Roma and bologna. Roma manager Di Francesco job was under Supreme fire going to this game seemingly only to continues. In a game Roma should have won easily as they dominated throughout and the majority of their shots on goal they failed to do so. Bologna had  not scored a goal all Season and were completely dominated throughout the match but took advantage when the opportunity came. Mattiello gave bologna the 1-0 lead in the first half they doubled it on their first shot of the second half to make it 2-0 it what was a bone crushing defeat to a team who have not won a game all season. Di Francesco time in Rome could be looming as Roma fall to Bologna on the road having only gotten 5 of 15 points.



Inzaghi’s efficient game plan


Unlike his brother inzaghi has never really had success as a manager. He was a far better player then his brother but as a manager he has not quite found his feet. His manager career has included a numerous of unsuccessful spells. Inzaghi took over bologna in the summer without a lot of expectation. Most believed he would struggle from the very beginning. That certainly has been through this season’s going into last night’s match his team has not scored a goal or won a game this season. However and his game plan was very effective against Roma. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to have success with bologna this season. Nonetheless over the 90 minutes he got it right. He was aware that Roma would have the majority of the chances and dominate possession in which they did. He set up his team to take advantage of opportunities when they came to them. They certainly did that the majority of the game Bologna took advantage in moments when it mattered to get a win against a big club like Roma is massive. I don’t know how much faith pace I have him going forward but last night he proved he has the necessary tactics to pick up points against some of the tougher opposition in Italy.

The End of Eusebio di Francesco in Rome



I am a big fan of Eusebio di Francesco and I think he did a sensational job last season. Getting a top-three finish and making it to the Champions League semi-final for the first time in over 30 years was a massive achievement for a manager who used to wear the colors. He completely and utterly identifies with the people of the city and the players that play for this club. I have been a big supporter and defender of him during his time here which is why it hurts me to say this. So let’s face the facts we need a new change at manager. Di Francesco is a great manager but the results speak for themselves we cannot continue to play like this without a change and I’m guessing it will happen and soon. Di Francesco needs to be sacked I wish there was a way around it but it looks like there isn’t really a way he can retain his job. Roma have five points out of a possible 15 that is unacceptable Roma is a club that should not be finishing anywhere below 5th and this has been one of the worst starts to season in years. I appreciate what he has done for this club as a player and manager but I believe it is time to move on. Roma should not be looking at any candidate except one. Roma has to go after Antonio Conte bring him back to Italy I fully believe he could turn this thing around and make us title contenders within a year’s time. Antonio Conte is a winner it is all he’s ever done this club hasn’t won anything in almost 10 years he would drastically change that. He is still contracted by Chelsea so Roma would have to pay out his release clause the money might sting but it would be worth it in the long run. Appoint Antonio Conte at all costs.

Bologna’s first win of the season



Over the first for games bologna have looked exactly how we thought they would. This by all accounts has been make-up of a relegation teams. In my preseason preview I had them narrowly missing out on relegation which could be a possibility but in all likelihood that they were going to be in a relegation battle. Getting their first win it’s usually important and not only that they also scored their first goal of the season this will give them confidence a win against Rome is a huge deal for a bottom-feeder club like bologna. They must try to take this confidence and try to pick up as many points as possible over the next month they want to try their best to stay clear for the inevitable relegation Zone I think they’re going to have a hard time doing so but this gives them some sort of resolution that they are capable of picking up crucial points in crucial parts of the season this is only the beginning but this was a huge win.


Questioning Monchi’s project


Monchi was it brought in about a year-and-a-half ago to try to recaptivation a winning formula in this club that has a title drought. In Spain working for Sevilla he brought them at 10 and trophies including five European trophies. His reputation it’s quite famous he has notably brought in players develop them and sell them the likes of Kevin gameiro Ivan Rakitic and others. He has attempted the winning formula in Rome and it has not gone that well as of yet. I’m not saying it won’t eventually turn around because I think it will but mistakes have been made throughout this and we have the right to question it. Roma have sold Mohamed Salah Allison Kevin strootman and Radja Nainggolan a player who was pushed out a guy who would have spent his entire career in Rome. Those were crucial players on this Roma team I understand selling some of them but that is too many key players to sell within a small window of time. He has brought in a lot of young talent and this young Talent will develop into an incredible team there’s more young talent in this Roma team than any team in Italy. Roma have essentially taking one step back to take two steps forward. This team will develop into one of the best and Italy but The start of the season has proven yet again that Roma should not have sold another key player this season. I believe in him and I believe this project will eventually turn itself around. However questions need to be asked about this situation I like some of the things that he is done but there’s also some of the things that rightly so have been questioned. We cannot under any circumstances get rid of him though that’s too brass of a statement however some of the things he has done has the right to be question.

Edin Dzeko and the lack of goals


Obviously Roma’s defenses issues have been the most concerning this season. However some things that is equally important is a scoring goals which is something they have struggled with all season. In the league Roma have scored 7 while conceding 9. That is atrocious from both the defense and the attacking perspective. Robin Olsen has been a very consistent performer for Roma this season still due to defensive mistakes they are leaking goals. However equally important it’s scoring goals and the one player you would rely on to score goals has not really shown up this season. This is edin dzeko 4th year on Roma. He has scored 74 goals in that space of time he is the one player you can rely on for consistent goal production. This season I don’t know what’s wrong but he is not found the back than that other than the opening weekend of the season. Edin dzeko has been brilliant playing his position as a striker but he is not scoring it’s not just dzeko though it’s the entire attack. Roma have the most shots on target and the second most shots created the entire league and they have 7 goals to show for it that’s just not good enough. Roma are getting so many chances and opportunities to put goals in the back of the net and they’ve been unwilling to do so. there are players who have done well this season in their possessions like under and dzeko but even their players who are in good form they can’t find the back of the net  this is going to be a problem. It’s Roma cannot score goals they will not win games. The coaching staff needs to find a way to get edin dzeko more involved so he can start scoring goals it can also open up goal-scoring opportunities for under who is a capable goal scorer in his own right once these two guys get going I don’t think going is going to be a problem because Roma have a lot of options but until they starts finding the back of the net it’s going to be very difficult for Roma to win games as Roma want to turn this season around they need to start scoring now. I have faith that they will start scoring sooner rather than later but unfortunately time is something they do not have.

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