Top three Performers and the Donkey of the Week Match Day 5 #343

Napoli Winger: Lorenzo Insigne (2)


Lorenzo Insigne (R) of SSC Napoli celebrates after scoring

Lorenzo insigne is the crowning Jewel in Naples. For a long time he has been my favorite player to watch in the entire league. He makes his second appearance on this list. Last season he only scored eight goals in all competitions under Maurizio Sarri. Under Carlo Ancelotti he has step it up a notch with just five games in he has four goals to his name. He’s really playing at a different level this season the team has more relied on him then Dries Mertens this season and he’s taken up the responsibility. This weekend followed another unbelievable performance from Napoli’s Boyhood star. Against a very tough and physical Torino team Lorenzo insigne was influential. He gave Napoli the lead in the opening five minutes with an incredible strike to show his impact on the match. Torino eventually got back into the game getting a goal back with a possibility of an equalizer. With the Napoli in front 2-1 Lorenzo insigne killed the game off with adding another goal to his collection in the second half that ultimately resulted and three points for Napoli. Many believe that Napoli has tracked back slightly this season as they’re not as a lethal as a season before. Under new management Lorenzo Insigne importance to the teams has only grown as he seems to be their number one attacking option this season. He is in for a monster year with his speed and the ability he will get lots of opportunities as we saw this weekend. Napoli has made it a Lorenzo Insigne friendly offence . He will get an even more chances to show off his incredible ability. An unreal start for The Talented Winger this will definitely not be the last time he appears on this list he’s been one of the best players in the league this season the vastly underrated Lorenzo insignia is quietly ripping teams to shreds under the radar.

Lazio Striker: Ciro Immobile (2)



Ciro Immobile won the Golden Boot last season with 29 goals. This season’s Immobile as continued to display his genius having shown some of the world class abilities we saw from him last season. Not only as he continuously found the back of the net but he’s been a crucial part of this team’s ability to bounce back from an opening to losses to the season. They have proven it to be the best team in Rome this season which is always a difficult task somehow someway they look to be better then Roma this season. This Lazio team is firing on all cylinders despite the opening two losses Immobile has been in a league of his own he is one of the best strikers in the world even though he never gets the appreciation he deserves. At home against Genoa he showed exactly why he deserves more credit. Against a Genoa team that at times can prove to be a tough matchup for some of the big teams he scored twice and was influential on the Lazio hanging 4 on a strong defense. His heroic performance has given Lazio a lot of confidence going forward as they seem to look like they’re going to hit the ground running. He has three goals this season that number will continue to increase as the games go on. On Sunday he was incredibly efficient the striker took 3 shots on goal and scored on 2 of them Immobile will make another appearance on this list again he’s just that kind of player but this weekend we unveiled his greatness once again.

Parma Striker: Gervinho 



Gervinho played  three seasons with Roma before ultimately heading to China a few years ago. His return underwent a fair amount of scrutiny. He had not been in Europe for two  years and there’s not a lot of respect for the Chinese Super League despite having good players there is it is viewed by most as a retirement League. Gervinho joining Parma was also huge for a team who had not been an Italian football in many years after their bankruptcy. Gervinho has been a revelation for this Parma team this team has a chance and opportunity to finish in the middle of the table which would be a tremendous success for the club. Parma’s attack was on full display on Saturday with both Gervinho and Inglese scoring in Parma’s 2-0 win. However Gervinho really stepped out as he was terrorizing Cagliari all game long even their manager admitted that there was nothing he could have done to stop the way Gervinho was playing. He has shown and proven to everyone that he still has a fair amount left in the tank he has been such a joy to have a back in Italian football. Parma have to be in a confidant mood after a win against Inter Milan last week. The second week in a row a Parma player has been featured on my list Lugi Sepe was good last week but on this occasion it was all about their Gervinho show that was on full display on Saturday night

Donkey of the week: Romadonkey-DnyPSWkXkAE-d8Y


It hurts me to do is again and I was hoping for a more convincing option but the donkey of the week yet again goes to Roma. Let’s forget that Roma are playing so bad this season but against a team that had yet to score a goal or to win a game they should have picked up the three points. Losing to Bologna is an utter embarrassment. There is no reason Roma should have lost that game. They dominated possession had more chances and practically all of them are on target their goal scoring issues continue and continue to be a problem. After what happened to chievo Verona and now it’s to this bologna team. This should have been six points there is no excuse for losing bologna they had not scored a goal this season yet from top to bottom they have no quality players this team is terrible. Roma needed to win this game they have five points of a possible 15 they are already out of the scudetto race. This is a team that spent almost a hundred million for them to be sitting in 14th with five points is a flat-out joke Point Blank Roma stink right now Lazio are the best team in Rome. in all likelihood they will lose the Derby this weekend. There is no excuse for any of this and I lot of people must take responsibility for the manner in which they have performed this season. I have no choice but to give my club the donkey of the week again.

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