Roma get back in Business as Cengiz Under stars in rout of Frosinone #345

Score: Roma 4 Frosinone 0FT 


Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Following another disappointing results and Roma’s 20 lost 219th Place bologna Roma once again attempt to try to turn their season around. They returned home this week as they welcome newly-promoted Frozen to the Stadio Olimpico in a Wednesday night clash between two teams that can’t seem to find their seats this season. Frozen I have a -12 of goal difference and are yet to score a goal this season. Meanwhile Italian Giants Roma has five points of a possible 15 to start the season seemingly already out of the title race. These two teams haven’t met since the 2015 season in which Roma swept the season series winning on both occasions. A must-win especially for Roma as both teams need points for very different reasons. Roma manager Eusebio di Francesco is another fast results the way I’m getting the sack as rumors Antonio Conte coming to Rome heat up. Roma are looking to get their second win of the Season since their 1-0 win at Torino in The Opening match of the campaign Roma are winless in the last five games at home they desperately hope to turn it around. After a retreat Roma responded to all their critics and rebound in a fanatic way Roma had a red hot stuff to the match. As Turkish youngster Cengiz Under it’s a beast right in the back of the neck to give a Roma the lead in the opening 2 minutes. Roma continued to dominate before not too long Roma is doubled their lead. As Javier Pastore scored another unbelievable back heel Roma opened up 2-0 lead. Walmart continue to push and showing their aggressiveness Wonder on a fast-break found Elsa Raleigh Blaster the shot in the back of the net to give Roma the 3-0 lead at the half. With such a huge lead Roma slowed down the pace of the match. As they strategically took advantage not the opportunities they were given they controlled and made the presence known as a times that they were playing keep-away to hold on it to the big lead period Then late the young Luca Pellegrini sound Alex Kolarov gave Roma the 3-0 lead with his powerful strike. A win at last seroma as they take the first step of getting their season back on track with a relatively easy and convincing performance. They will so the derby on Saturday in a confident mood. A great performance by that gives them their first win at home this season as well as taking the pressure off Under Fire DeFrancesco. A win that last for Roma at the fans can go home Happy. Roma will be ready for the big Derby on Sunday against Lazio a match that could determine the rest of the season.


With all the pressure Di Francesco is under in regards to his job security he made a slight adjustment to the formation. Roma usually operates out of the 4-3-3 formation. In this match DiFrancesco changed to a to a 4-2-3-1. DiFrancesco also made a lineup adjustment as Edin Dzeko and Alexandro Florenzi were rested for the Derby on Saturday. Roma’s number one would be as usual Robin Olsen. Roma’s four man defense would be at left back Alex Kolarov beside him would be the center back partnership Federico Fazio and Kostas Manolas then at right back would be David Santon. In Roma’s defensive Midfield it would the pair of Steven nzonzi and Daniele De Rossi. In the attacking Midfield it would be Javier Pastore controlling the middle with El Shaarawy on the last wing and Cengiz Under on the right wing. Then up front as Roma’s lone Striker filling in for Edin Dzeko would be Patrik Schick.



After preparations for this match we were about to get underway in Rome. As Roma looked to end they’re poor on a form it seemed like a must-win facing off against a Frosinone team who has had enormous struggles in their own right. The Stadio Olimpico was loud and booming and we kicked off on a Wednesday night in Rome. From the very start the match Roma got after it often. In fact the Romans did not have to wait very long for them to inflect impact on the game. In the 2nd minute Roma’s Turkish star Cengiz Under showed some of the brilliance he displayed last season in a much important game. He nutmegged a Defender that released an into open space right outside the box. He fired a deep strike into the top right corner as the goalie try to get a hand to it but his shot was far too powerful as he found the back of the net to give a Roma a 1-0 lead. A play that displayed excellent awareness intelligence that had an incredible amount of power behind his shot. There was very little celebration as it was all business tonight. The Stadio Olimpico finally something to be excited about.



Cengiz Under scores a brace mere minutes into the match connecting on the deep strike


Roma continued to pressurize Frosinone they were finding different ways to carve them open. The change of formation made a huge difference as Roma was comfortable on the ball and dangerous going forward. Frosinone had a few chances but nothing came of it. Just passed the 20 minute mark Roma had a great opportunity. El Shaarawy did excellent job to unleash Patrik Schick he struck the ball in the middle of the box unfortunately was saved. A few minutes later Patrik Schick went from Deep but just narrowly missed. Roma’s Onslaught continued as Kolarov sent in a near-perfect pass to Pastore. He was in good range but Pastore’s attempt turned out to be too powerful has he didn’t rotate his body enough to get a good shot off. Moments later El Shaarawy set up Patrik Schick for another chance Schick was so close as his shot hit the bar. It seemed like Roma was going to carve them open again in a matter of time. In the 28th minute while Roma were coming forward near the Box Davie Santon sent a perfect pass to Javier Pastore’s foot the midfielder displayed another edition of absolute brilliance. When he received the past he went for another world class back-heel back heel giving the keeper no chance a absolute world-class play as Roma took a 2-0 lead. 


Javier Pastore Scored Another back heels goal but this one was even better


Just a few minutes later after all we tried to extend the lead even more when he hit a shot shot from outside the box but was saved. However Roma kept on going in the 35th minute Roma took advantage again has the route only continued. Once again Under starred developing nothing into a goal-scoring opportunity.  Under used his speed to beat the defender to the touchline before picking out a near-perfect pass for Stephan El Shaarawy as he tapped it into the back of the net to make it 3-0. El Shaarawy’s second goal of the season. Under’s ability as the play developed certainly has to be highlighted. He did a great job using his speed before Displaying on real Vision find the open pass. That maturity and intelligence shows his promise. That would conclude the first half thanks to goals from under El Shaarawy and Pastore.


El Shaarawy and Cengiz Under celebrate as they link up for the Roma score

Roma could not ask for a better first half. This is the Roma team we have been missing all season. They showed desire and they systematically broke them down using  fast and quick players very well  as it and it showed. Ivan Marcano was brought on at half-time as DiFrancesco wanted to give rest to Manolas. The pace of the game massively slowed down in a second half.  Playing possession football spreading the ball out and attacking when it seemed convenient. To a certain extent they were playing keep-away not allowing them to do what they wanted. There was no way they prevented letting them back into the game and the way they approached the game plan in the second half was smart . In the 62nd minute Roma would make their second change of nice evening. As Javier Pastore made room for Roma 19-year old Nicolo Zaniolo to make his Serie A debut after playing against Real Madrid last week. Javier Pastore would get a standing ovation from the Roma fans after its performance he was unbelievable in today’s match and it showed with an unreal goal. Nicolo Zaniolo showed of the same qualities he displayed against Real Madrid and  was comfortable and willing to adapt to the situation. A minute later Under hit the crossbar on a deflected strike. After a few minutes the young star hit a powerful shoot from deep it was dealt with but it was a very good look.  Roma would make their last change of the evening. A Historic moment as Roma Captain Daniele de Rossi came off after his 600th match for the club. He was replaced by Roma born Luca Pellegrini who made his debut for his boyhood club. He would make his impact on his debut after an under strike was saved his moment would arrive as Roma would put more icing on the cake. In the 87 minute the young Luca Pellegrini showed unreal qualities as he drove the ball on the  past the defense into the box using his vison to pick out a pass that he made it look easy. He put it onto the foot of Alex Kolarov who smashed it into the back of the net after hitting the bottom of the post to make it 4-0 as Roma win at home to get some momentum going into the derby on Saturday. Roma had a real quality about them for the first time this season the highly criticized DiFrancesco and his Roma team answer the critics with an emphatic 4-0 win as the fans at the Stadio Olimpico get treated to do first win of the season.



Kolarov’s strike to an end to a dominating performance from Roma

Roma deliver their much-needed response to their loss last weekend. DiFrancesco Who currently is on very thin ice with questions on his job security made a tactical adjustments that paid off. He made a decision to change the formation to a 4-2-3-1. As well as resting Edin Dzeko and Alexandro Florenzi. The change of formation was extremely effective as this looks like a different Roma team than the one we have seen this season. Roma were aggressive and went after it the team recognized they haven’t been playing well and they answered the critics putting in their best performance of the season. Coming into this game Roma only five points which is one of the worst starts to a season in a long time. They started hot and maintained it for the entire match. Roma’s Turkish star Cengiz Under scored on the first shot up again Has His stunning strike found the back of the net from Deep. An unbelievable display speed intelligence and Power and his a stunning strike got Roma out to a early lead scoring in the opening 120 seconds it was one-way traffic all game. Roma continue to be aggressive attacking the goal almost Non-Stop. Roma had excellent ball movement the passing was subline they opened up space for scoring opportunities they were able to do what they wanted. They cut Frosinone open almost on a regular basis there is only so much they could do and they came up against a very motivated and hungry Roma side that was in dire need of points.  Pastore doubled the Roma lead with another world class backheel goal to insert the dominance in the game. Arguably even better than the one he scored earlier in the season an unreal intelligence and accuracy shown by the midfielder as he stars in his return to the starting XI. Roma only continues with their domination as they added in yet another goal largely behind the  Under who set up Stephan El Shaarawy. Roma went into the second half with a three-goal advantage as Roma slowed the game down preventing any sort of attacks from developing. A couple of youngsters make their debut’s in a game that was pretty much already over. One of the most talented youngsters in Italian football Nicolo Zaniolo made his first League appearance after his debut against Real Madrid. We also saw  Luca Pellegrini come in for Roma Captain Daniele de Rossi who made his 600th appearance for the club a legend cto perhaps another. Roma would eventually win 4-0 with a late goal from Kolarov a wonderful assist from The Young Pellegrini. This is exactly what Roma needed they have not been playing well this season and they were low on confidence this will give them confidence going into the biggest match this season. Javier Pastore and Under performed exceptionally well the two of them ran riot as their quality was on full display however on this occasion the man-of-the-match will go to Cengiz Under. He was absolutely sensational made a smart decisions he was excellent going forward and getting forward and his set up for El Shaarawy was also superb. A complete performance from The Turk last season he showed the quality he has and although he’s had a slow start to the season he’s caught up over the last few weeks with some really good performances he’s been one of Roma best players this season. Originally I thought there was no way Roma was going to win the Derby this weekend. They will be underdogs but if they perform like this and under and Pastore can repeat the performance they might have a chance.

Man Of the match: Cengiz Under (1)


Next Match: The Roman Derby Vs Lazio, Saturday September 29th,2018
A.S Roma
Shots: 18
On Target: 10
Possession: 68%
Passes: 824
Pass Accuracy: 93%
Shots: 11
On Target: 1
Possession: 32%
Passes: 389
Pass Accuracy: 78%

Top of the table
1.Juventus 6-0-0 18pts
2.Napoli 5-0-1 15pts
3.Lazio 4-0-2 10pts
4.Sassuolo 3-0-1 10pts
5.Florentina 3-1-2 10pts
10. A.S Roma 2-2-2 8Points
Bottom of the table
16.AC Milan 1-2-1 5pts
17.Empoli 1-1-3 4pts
18.Bologna 1-1-3 4pt
19.Frosinone 0-1-3 1pt
20.Chievo 0-2-2 -1pt

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