Roma vs Frosinone 5 Talking Points #346


Roma finally win as the Stadio Olimpico is treated to a very convincing performance from the Romans. In their horrid start to the season Roma try to turn that around with an emphatic victory. Coming into this game there was a lot of pressure and critics of Roma manager Eusebio di Francesco a big 4-0 win against Frosinone takes off the pressure a little bit. However he still expected to perform on Saturday in their biggest match of the season the Roman Derby. Roma’s Rising talent Cengiz Under scored in the opening 2 minutes Wednesday night with a superb strike from distance to give a Roma the 1-0 lead. Roma went on to doubled it with another insane backheel goal from Javier Pastore who had returned to starting lineup. Some more Brilliance from Under set up a third goal as El Shaarawy tapped in a third to give Roma a 3-0 lead. Things slow down in the second half for Roma stood firm as they slowed down the pace of the game to ensure a clean sheet. Late in the game with just a few minutes left Alex Kolarov scored another in what was a comfortable and convincing 4-0 win at the Stadio Olimpico.


Roma’s formation change

Roma typically operates out of the 4-3-3 formation a formation that has not worked over the last few weeks. They have come out without creativity and energy in there accustom formation. Di Francesco knows his job is on the line and had to make the proper adjustments to compensate for poor play. Edin Dzeko Alexandro Florenzi both were rested for the Derby on Saturday. Despite this Roma performed very well in the 4-2-3-1 formation. They were much more efficient and were incredibly dangerous when they were coming forward. Their clinical finishing was excellent as Roma were basically allowed to do they want. Playing with those two defensive midfielders helped them control the rest of the pitch it gave them and aggressiveness about the attacking Midfield and a lot of service came from the wings. Roma played a complete game and under this formation it worked to perfection. I certainly hope they keep this formation as long as it’s effective I think it could be dangerous to switch it back after this performance especially with the derby on Saturday. Changing the formation changed the outcome of the game they were a much more discipline and intelligent in the 4-2-3-1 they must keep this as long as it’s working. Before 4-3-3 has worked in the past but it has not worked this season which is why I respect the Francesco’s decision to go away from that especially given how often he likes to use that formation.


Frosinone could be in big trouble this season

The newly-promoted side could be in a dangerous position. After six games played they have 1 points out of a possible 18. Not only that but they still have not scored a single goal and currently have a disastrous-17 goal difference after the thumping from Roma. It is quite clear that this team is going to have enormous trouble surviving relegation this season. I think Frosinone knew going into this year after being promoted that there were going to struggle and were going to be in a relegation battle but this season has gone so much worse than anyone had expected. It seems they have no creativity and no players who really can make a difference. Unfortunately they don’t have time to waste luckily there are other teams equally bad but when you can’t score a goal you’re going to have a huge problem they can’t just hope for 0-0 draws something needs to change with this team as it stands they have no player that can really make a difference in their survival chances. They need an injection of energy or something because it’s not going to get any easier and have already made themselves a relegation  favorite.

Daniele de Rossi historic moment and the future


Wednesday night Roma icon and Captain Daniele De Rossi made his 600th appearance for the club. Much like Totti he symbolizes what it means to play for this great Club. The tradition and the love he has for this club could not be any more clearer. Francesco Totti is someone us Romans look at as a God because the loyalty he showed to the city and the club. Sacrificing trophies elsewhere is truly humbling to stay loyal to his Boyhood Club all the way to the end. Daniele de Rossi is one of Italy’s best ever midfielders and despite his old age at 35 years old he’s still shows this club and this city and enormous amount of loyalty. When he retires he we will look at him in a similar way we look at Francesco Totti because of his willingness to sacrifice trophies to live out his dream for his boys club. A new era of young Roman players have seen to have begun. Daniele de Rossi came off in the second half and his replacement was Roman born Luca Pellegrini who made his Serie A debut late in the second half. The promise showed almost immediately as he put in an excellent run and picked out a perfect pass for Kolarov as Roma scored a fourth goal. Excellent in his professional debut but equally we saw once again Nicolo Zaniolo again making his Serie A table after his professional debut against Real Madrid. Both of these players are considered one of the best young talents in Italian football. Daniele de Rossi the legend has paved the way Roma’s young prospects in the future.


Frosinone away support

There is not much positivity to be taken from Frosinone performance. They were really bad and they will continue to be however I have to give credit where credit is due there a way support was unbelievable. Despite the fact that they were absolutely out classed and crushed on basically a regular basis throughout the 90 minutes. Their fans still made their voices heard shared chanted that’s what football is all about. I’m pretty sure the majority of their fan base knows that they will not be back next season as they’re very likely to get relegated which is why they took this opportunity to show their love and appreciation for their club even if they’re stay is short in Serie A. I came away from the game thinking how great these fans were just an unreal support for a team that’s probably not going to be around so that much longer.

The Cengiz Under show

Roma performed phenomenally well in their win on Wednesday night. There are a lot of players who showed incredible qualities throughout the 90 minutes at the Stadio Olimpico. However the most impressive performer was 20 year old Turkish Winger Cengiz Under. Last season when he scored his first goal he just caught fire from January to the end of the season he had eight goals and five assists. He had yet to register a goal going into this game but had showed some promise over the last few weeks. However on Wednesday night was his arrival to the season with a unreal strike from outside the box in the opening minutes. To give Roma the early lead and also assisted El Shaarawy on the third goal with an unreal run. Using his pace and intelligence he was all over the place they just could not stop him. When he is on his game he’s one of the best players in the league. At only 20 years old his potential is so high he’s only going to get better as a season’s progresses if he can start putting in performance like this on a consistent basis Roma season could be saved. An absolute superstar in the making in Rome and proved his value once again a show and display of absolute brilliance.

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