Roma’s Player of the Month September Alex Kolarov #353


We have reached the end of the month of September as we look forward to October in this Roma’s season. September was a month in which things didn’t go exactly as planned there were times where it was really bad but near the end of the month we saw some good out of this Roma team. A loss to AC Milan started the downspout of the negativity a game that I’ve already spoken about. After the loss Roma went into the international break with matches against struggling Chievo Verona and Bologna upcoming. A pair of games that should have been an easy six points for Roma. Roma blew a 2-0 lead against Verona to draw 2-2 as negativity erupted at the Stadio Olimpico. It was followed up by a loss to Bologna a team that had scored a goal or won a game . DiFrancesco started feel enormous pressure from the Italian media and the Roma supporters. He was very heavily on the hot seat as rumors for his imminent sacking began to be considered. The critics and the fans were fed up. Roma had no choice but to respond. Also during the stretch they lost to Real Madrid in the Champions League at the Santiago Bernabeu 3-0 but it was more about League form than anything else. Roma responded to the critics against Frosinone with an incredible 4-1 win that was led by 19 year old Turkish Winger Cengiz Under he lifted Roma at the right time when his team needed him the most. Roma  finally won a game in the nick of time as they were preparing for their Derby against Lazio following their second win of the season. In the Roman Derby Roma put in their best performance of the season as Roma born Lorenzo Pellegrini came off the bench and delivered a crushing blow to the city rivals. Scoring a goal assisting another as well as drawing a free-kick that was eventually scored. A big 3-1 win against the Lazio a moment in which this Roma team started showing the quality they certainly have as it seems that’s a negative feedback is behind them. While giving DiFrancesco more job security as it seems he’s no longer on the hot seat. A lot of positives and a lot of negatives from this month. Roma find themselves in 8th Place with 11 points just a fair few points from the top four but a great start but they are back where they needed to be in striking distant of Europe. Now it’s time to Awards Roma’s player of the month.Given Roma’s less-than-impressive run a form it made figuring out a player of the month a little more complicated then I would have liked it to be. Three names came to mind when I started thinking about it. Last mouths’ player-of-the-month Robin Olsen Roma Winger Stephan El Shaarawy and Roma left-back Alex Kolarov. Each player had significant performances during this month.

Robin Olsen: 2nd Runner Up 


Robin Olsen did a lot of nice things especially against AC Milan as I mentioned before. Even against chievo Verona he showed some Brilliance making some really tough saves. Against Real Madrid was the best he has performed in a Roma shirt he was absolutely unbelievable. Despite the score line He made Real Madrid work very hard for their three goals at this point I had thought he would win the player of the month again but unfortunately his performances against bologna and considering the two goals against Verona sabotaged his chances. Another solid mouth once again I have no complaints about Roma’s keeper Roma are in save hands but he just didn’t do enough to earn the award again.



Stephen El Shaarawy: Runner up 


Stephan El Shaarawy had a very convincing case for player of the month. He is joint second top scorer with two goals. He was one of Roma’s few bright spots in the attack over there for run. He scored against Verona like he always does and showed his quality against Real Madrid as well despite not scoring. Edin Dzeko’s not playing well he has stepped up to the plate and has become one of Roma’s primary attackers this month he has more shots on target than any Roma player in which games he has started the match. His frightening pace has been attributed to his performances a goal against Verona and another goal against Frosinone it was a month of real positivity at least individually . It was unsure how much impact El Shaarawy would have this season with all the new signings Roma had brought in but so far I think he’s been very impressive and deserves a improved contract he’s always wanted to play for this club he had opportunities that he rejected because he wanted to play for Roma. He was fantastic this month But not quite enough as he is the runner-up in the month of September narrowly missing out.


Winner Alex Kolarov


Roma’s player of the month goes to Alex Kolarov. He has been without a doubt Roma the best player this month. After a less than impressive opening month of the season for the Serbian International who never seems to smile. He turn that all around as he started to look more like the Kolarov we saw last year. Roma have been a defensive liability this season and while he must take some responsibility for that because he’s a part of the defense. He is a massive part of why Roma has the most shots on target in Italian football this season. The way he has controls and attacks the left flank giving  quality crosses on a regular basis that helps Roma’s chances of scoring. Even defensively he has looked better then he typically does as he is a very offensively ordinated left back. He does a tremendous amount of work on his side Roma are not the same team about him. Not only that but he’s a physical presence and is extremely aggressive with unbelievable with the ball at his feet. He also has shown to be one of the leaders of this team. Not only that but is comfortable in a Midfield position I don’t think he’ll be playing up front that much but he proves he’s got the ability to do it. Against Frosinone when Luca Pellegrini came on in the last 10 minutes of the game Kolarov moved to the midfield and scored a goal in garbage time. A Unreal performance from him in that match but the reason he has won the player of the month besides that he’s performed well this season. He’s performed to the highest level in the biggest game of the season. Against Lazio in the Rome Derby he turned the game around. Kolarov is very familiar with this fixture having scored against Roma for Lazio about a decade ago. In their 3-1 Victory against Lazio Kolarov scored unbelievable free kick to take back the lead after Roma just conceded. He became the first player in 30 years to score for both Rome and Lazio in the derby. He was incredibly joyful about the moment as the exploded into celebration towards of Roma faithful. Meanwhile being booed by his old side. He has scored two goals in his last two games and has been one of Roma’s most consistent performers over the last five games. He is one of Roma’s best players and I nearly gave him MVP of the season last year he must continue to play at this level as Roma are  in search of a little more consistency this season. Alex Kolarov is your Roma player of the month for September.

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