The Derby of Rome 5 Talking Points #350



One of the of Italy’s most dangerous and intense rivalries took place on Saturday night. In the Roman Derby as Lazio and Roma battles the supremacy in the city. On Derby Day the entire city stops as the Battle of Rome takes place. Not only a competitive rivalry but one that goes back to 1927. Roma and Lazio have been fighting for what seems like eons The Hatred this teams have  makes this Derby so competitive and intense. Coming into this game Lazio had won 4 games in a row after dropping the first two to start season meanwhile Roma were just starting to get their momentum back after a very poor run of form. When the Derby of Rome kicked off all of that didn’t matter it was about proving that about being the best. For Roma it was as about proving that Rome is still their city and for Lazio it was an attempt to change that narrative that they are not just in Roma’s Shadow. A very intense game with drama very evenly matched at a point in this game you could see it going either way. However Roma got the momentum they needed at the end of the first half when Roma born Lorenzo Pellegrini came in for injured Javier Pastore and delivered. With a backheel goal at the very end of the first half to give them some momentum. Then late in the second half it had look like Lazio got back into with a Ciro Immboile coming off a horrible Mistake from Fazio. However Roma would take the lead within minutes of lead again as former Lazio player Alex Kolarov scored an incredible free kick to give  Roma the 2-1 lead a minute later. As He became the first player to score for both teams in the Derby  in 30 years. Lazio tried come back but Roma showed the city is theirs When Lorenzo Pellegrini found Federico Fazio on a free kick who put it in the back of the net for the eventual 3-1 win. Roma put one over on their hated rivals.




Instant impact Lorenzo Pellegrini



Lorenzo Pellegrini had an opportunity to live out his childhood dream. Pellegrini is a Roman born Roma Academy graduate. His entire life probably dreamed of getting the opportunity to play in this game for his Boyhood Club. Last season he did not appear in either game they played against Lazio. He wasn’t expected to appear in this game as early as he did. But in his debut he was absolutely brilliant took the league by storm with his performance. Javier Pastore got injured near the end of the first half. He was told to warm up and eventually entered the game almost immediately. There wasn’t even an opportunity for him to get nervous he understood the situation and delivered for his team. Within just a few minutes his dream has been realized as he gave Roma the lead right before halftime scoring on his Derby debut. He was not expecting to be in that situation and he came on and showed his incredible quality this is one of the best young players in Italian football a player that has shown a lot of loyalty to Roma even at such a young age. After his jaw-dropping performance Roma realize what an Incredible Gift they have. Not only did Lorenzo Pellegrini score and incredible backheel to give a Roma to lead but from the start to finish he was a sensational not only in the attacking sense but in general. His vision with excellence he worked hard for the team and sent in a lot of crosses that ended up being in dangerous positions he did tremendously well especially on Roma’s third goal that put the nail in the coffin. An assist he supplied Federico Fazio was a world-class variety incredible pinpoint accuracy from such a young and talented player. A joyous occasion for a young lad who always dreamed apps going against Lazio in the derby. He was influential in the victory it’s such a hard thing to ask for someone to perform in the situation he was put in an unreal performance and I think this is the beginning Lorenzo Pellegrini era a Roma.

Lazio’s identity who are they?



This Lazio team is difficult to figure out what is their identity. On paper they are loaded one of the best teams they have had in recent memory. They added important pieces this season that makes them better than they were last year. Lazio went out and got Corra and Acerbi to push them on further than last season. They narrowly missed out on Champions League a year ago and they have done a lot to try to change their fortunes this season to get into that Champions League spot. They dropped their first two games this season against Napoli and Juventus two incredibly difficult teams. They were able to bounce back as they won their next four games they looked to have all the pieces necessary to continue their winning run. After the loss to Roma in the derby questions have to be asked about them and what their Ambitions really are. If you’re going to get far in this league you need to beat the big teams which is something they have struggled so far this season they are currently 0-3 in those games. At this point it’s hard to tell whether they’re going to contend and push the season or are they going to regress. If they can’t beat the big team during crucial moments of the season that’s a big concern they could have created a lot of separation between them and Roma they were unable to do it. On paper there is good as anyone but now I feel like there’s some what of uncertainty about this team.


Roma’s shift in momentum


Just a few weeks ago there was a major crisis in Rome. Roma were playing really poor without any real convincing performances this season and Roma’s manager DiFrancesco was in crisis. He found himself on the hot seat. An inspiring Derby performance lead by Lorenzo Pellegrini has taken the pressure off a little bit as the critics are silenced. After back-to-back wins and an important victory against Derby Rivals Lazio Roma find themselves in a good situation as they’ve rediscovered momentum. Coming off a win like this it just seems that a team have now gather themselves a little bit and have learned to play with each other a little more than before. It takes getting used to when you have a very new team players will not play together on a consistent basis. It certainly seems over the last two weeks that they are all on the same page now. Roma need to do a good job of getting more people involved but overall they look like they’re in a good space. For the first time this season Roma has momentum and confidence going into the Champions League especially this is important. Roma have found themselves just a point back from Lazio and in the top half of the table if the team can gather get more victories they can really start to push for the top four. This one was extremely important not only for pride and bragging rights for soul momentum that Roma had not had they regain that after the great performance that showed a lot of character and fight it seems that Roma’s identity crisis is over this is the Roma we all know their capabilities are endless if they continue to perform it is just only 2 games but for the first time this season this is a confident group who aren’t afraid of anything.


Kolarov comes first player in 30 years to score for both Roma and Lazio in the derby



Alex Kolarov scored the vital goal Roma the lead after just conceding. It’s turned out to be a historic goal and he became the first player in 30 years to score for both Roma and Lazio and the Roman Darby. Kolarov joined up with Roma last summer despite the fact that he used to play with their Arch rivals Lazio earlier in his career. He scored an absolute screamer while in the blue of Rome 9 years ago. He was booed by the Lazio supporters practically every time he touched the ball his world class free kick gave them an important lead it was a goal that turned the match around. He celebrated by running towards the Roma section of the stadium towards bench to celebrate as he exploded with excitement. For a player this very rare that you see them play for both of these clubs given how much they hate each other but it’s even more rare to score in the derby playing for both colors. Since Kolarov arrived in Rome is played at his peak of his career last season statisticly was probably his best season as a  footballer. It may not be his most accomplished season but in terms of consistent high-quality play he has been unbelievable for Roma. I hope to see it continue as it makes Lazio fans skin curl every time he performed well against them. A historic goal and to achieve something that had not been done in 30 years is remarkable. Back-to-back games he has scored and what a free kick it was. It was a low blow he delivered against his old side.


Lazio Lack in Communication 


Lazio on their day is good as anyone in Italy. On a consistent basis for the most part they’re able to perform and see the best out of their team. However for whatever reason against Roma it just failed to do so maybe it’s the pressure of the Derby or maybe it’s something else. What they really lacked in this match was the cutting edge. They just were not a finishing enough they had more scoring opportunities than Roma did but just failed to do good enough with them. The one goal Lazio scored was because of a defensive mistake from Roma other than that there were very few times where they looks like they were going to threaten the Roma goal. When you have players like Ciro Immobile  you always going to have a chance to score and he provided a fair few chances for Lazio but collectively as a unit they were really disappointing. Not only as it regards to finishing their chances but they seem to have a lack of communication and discipline much of the game. Especially on the first goal Roma scored there is no reason they should have allowed that to happen. Lazio on paper are and Incredibly talented team and I very much expect them to be near the top of the league when the season is over but these communication issues need to be fIxed or they’re going to make it harder on themselves than it actually is. With this team there is no reason why they should not be getting Champions League football they cannot let little mistakes like this determine results like it did on Saturday.


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