Top 3 Performers and the Donkey of the Week Match Day 7 #351

Roma Midfielder Lorenzo Pellegrini


Lorenzo Pellegrini had an opportunity to live out his childhood dream. Pellegrini is a Roman born Roma Academy graduate. His entire life probably dreamed of getting the opportunity to play in this game for his Boyhood Club. Last season he did not appear in either game they played against Lazio. He wasn’t expected to appear in this game as early as he did. But in his debut he was absolutely brilliant took the league by storm with his performance. Javier Pastore got injured near the end of the first half. He was told to warm up and eventually entered the game almost immediately. There wasn’t even an opportunity for him to get nervous he understood the situation and delivered for his team. Within just a few minutes his dream has been realized as he gave Roma the lead right before halftime scoring on his Derby debut. He was not expecting to be in that situation and he came on and showed his incredible quality this is one of the best young players in Italian football a player that has shown a lot of loyalty to Roma even at such a young age. After his jaw-dropping performance Roma realize what an Incredible Gift they have. Not only did Lorenzo Pellegrini score and incredible backheel to give a Roma to lead but from the start to finish he was a sensational not only in the attacking sense but in general. His vision with excellence he worked hard for the team and sent in a lot of crosses that ended up being in dangerous positions he did tremendously well especially on Roma’s third goal that put the nail in the coffin. An assist he supplied Federico Fazio was a world-class variety incredible pinpoint accuracy from such a young and talented player. A joyous occasion for a young lad who always dreamed apps going against Lazio in the derby. He was influential in the victory it’s such a hard thing to ask for someone to perform in the situation he was put in an unreal performance and I think this is the beginning Lorenzo Pellegrini era a Roma.




Juventus Strikers Cristiano Ronaldo (2) Mario Manzukic (2)


In a huge match up on Saturday evening between Juventus and Napoli Cristiano Ronaldo and Mario Mandzukic returning to my list for the second time. It is was not only a huge game for Juventus against a very capable and talented Napoli side managed by a brilliant Carlo Ancelotti but the first big Serie A game for Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo started a bit slow to his life in Italy but once he got that first goal he’s been playing exceptionally well. This was his first huge game Cristiano Ronaldo has had he did what Cristiano Ronaldo does against big teams in big moments. The world’s best player was absolutely sensational furthermore proving he’s a big-time player. Ronaldo is known for one of the most lethal goal scorers in football history and does not get the respect he deserves regarding his vision and passing ability. He was in a league of his own against Napoli he assisted all three goals of Juventus 3-1 Victory at home. Ronaldo does not need to score goals to be effective he’s a leader of this Juventus team. He currently leads the entire league with seven assists it’s hard to argue against how well he’s been playing. Even at 33 almost 34 years old he is performing at an extremely high level and he was on full display against Napoli. This guy lives for the big moments and in a game that had so much pressure not on his team but on him to deliver and a justify the huge price tag he balled out against a discipline and strong Napoli. It wasn’t just Cristiano Ronaldo that answered some questions it was a Mario Mandzukic who scored 2 goals as he doubled his season total to four goals this season he is already on Pace to obliterate his highest goal total for Juventus. As we know Mario Mandzukic is more than just a goal scorer he has physical size he is very strong and athletic this makes him a mutually impossible to guard especially on Corner kicks. One of his goals in this match was outrageous sorta reminded me of Mario Icardi’s goal against Milan last year from a visual point it was box office. Ronaldo and Mandzukic shows they are big-time players and it’s not just them individually together they are incredibly lethal partnership. Defending these two as a pair is incredibly difficult. Mandzukic stands at 6 foot 3 while Cristiano Ronaldo stands at 6 foot 2 they’re both physical incredibly clinical in front of goal and have current attributes that make them next level players. As a pair they are getting the best out of each other it was possible that Mandzukic would leave after the World Cup but Juventus is so grateful. They are fantastic but together there isn’t a strike partnership in Italy that can even compare with what Juventus can put forward. This is a huge part of why Juventus as won of their first Seven matches for the first time since 1931. If these two can continue their Production they just might win everything the two of them we’re on full display for the world to see they showed up the way the Big Time Players do.



Donkey of the Week: Atalanta 



Atalanta started of the Season pretty well with an emphatic 4-0 Victory on the opening weekend of the season. That followed up with them at being 3-1 up on Roma after 45 minutes it really was starting to look like they were going to be a team to watch this season. It turned out to be quite the opposite Roma eventually leveled that game as Atalanta only got a point. The only reason I mention it is because it might be a psychological they just broke down. Since the opening weekend of the season they have three losses and three draws. From the opening seven games they have six points which currently is 1 points above the relegation Zone. This is a team that’s been to Europe in the last two seasons in a row last year they won their group in the Europa League and showed some real promise in Europe. They lost out to Copenhagen as they walked out of Europe this year and since then they have done nothing that makes me believe that there are going to push like they did last season. This weekend they lost to Florentina who is a good team but six points and 7 games just isn’t good enough. This team has some real talent with Papu Gomez who we seemingly haven’t heard from since the opening week of the season the team is too good not to be doing better. To a certain extent maybe the manager has lost the locker room because they’re not playing with confidence or belief in each other. I’ve waited and waited over the last few weeks for this to develop a little more but at this point they are fully earned themselves the donkey of the week. The reason being the team is just too good to be in this position. When we looked at the season most of us thought they would be fighting for the Europa League spots not for survival. At this point they’re fighting for survival and if they don’t get it together and soon that could become their reality.








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