Champions League Players of the Week Match day 2 #355


Juventus Midfielder: Pablo Dybala


Pablo Dybala set the world on fire with his Champions League performance this week. Juventus who were without out Cristiano Ronaldo universally known as one of the three best players in the world. Despite the slow start Cristiano Ronaldo is a very important player for the Juventus. With him serving a suspension someone needed to step up and deliver for the old lady. Pablo Dybala rose to the occasion one of the best players in the world at least in the top tier of it. Despite the fact he’s world class at Juventus sometimes he’s just not viewed in that light. There have been rumors and speculations of his departure from the Italian Giants. His performance against young boys shows why Juventus should not even entertain the idea of Dybala heading towards the exit door this summer. He was absolutely Sensational in a game and a match in which Juventus needed him to step up he displayed a world-class performance. Much like a Dzeko did later the same night Pablo Dybala had a hat trick scoring on three occasions as he joined a very impressive company featuring Arturo Vidal Pipi Inzaghi and Alexandro Del Piero. Becoming only the fourth player in Juventus history to record a hat-trick in the Champions League. Pablo Dybala came out of his shell tonight and delivered for his Club when they needed him the most anybody who is even remotely considering selling him should reconsider that claim after his performance in the Champions League this week. It was nothing short of world-class his potential is so high and he hasn’t even hit the iceberg of how good he can end up becoming Sensational from Dybala in the Champions League.



Roma Midfielder: Lorenzo Pellegrini


In the Champions League against Plzen he was an absolute animal In the Midfield. He played a nearly Flawless game again as we see some real consistency the top level he was playing in the derby carried over to the Champions League. He picked out so many great passes setting up teammates almost on a consistent basis. Easily one of the best players in the Champions League this week. The amount of highest quality through balls that he sent into his teammates was absolutely astounding he had eight key passes in 74 minutes of play which was the highest of any player in the champions league this week. I think he has solidified himself in this position I don’t see him going to the bench anytime soon he is playing out of his mind. Lorenzo Pellegrini claims he’s enjoying his new role and the possibility of going forward in the Midfield. Rather than holding the Midfield in place he is enjoying the prospect of pushing forward this attack I think this is a perfect position for him to be and he is shown in this spot how comfortable he is. His performances are keeping him in this team and he may have solidified himself in the attacking midfielder for the rest of the season. This just may just be the future of Italian football this Roma born kid is going to be develop into one of the best players in the world and the Serie he has officially Popped in the champions league he was easily one of the best this week another unreal performance and for the second time this week my jaw was on the floor as he delivers on the biggest stage once again.  


Roma Striker: Edin Dzeko


Edin Dzeko came into the match having not scored since the opening weekend of the season. This is something I criticized him for midweek. I felt that he needed to get it going and soon to turn a poor run around. In Europe Edin Dzeko was in fantastic form coming into this game having scored four goals in his last six Champions League games. He was absolutely phenomenal last night as he got out of the slump and his goalless streak. He added two goals in the opening 45 minutes and added another in stoppage-time to score an historic hat-trick. He became the first Roma player to score hat-trick in the Champions League era as well as the first Bosnian to score a hat-trick in the Champions League. Not to mention it was his first Champions League hat-trick of his career. He now has scored eight goals in his last seven Champions League games the only team is failed to score against was Real Madrid. Even more so Edin Dzeko made Roma history after his first goal he became the tenth highest goal scorer in Roma’s history. With 77 goals in 147 appearances he crashed into Roma’s top 10 in just three and a half seasons. This is not the last Milestone Edin Dzeko will hit this season he is in Striking Distance of Dino Da Costa and Marco Delvecchio by the end of the season he could potentially move into the top seven. In fact at this moment it is very plausible that he could end up in Romans top five by the time his career is done. I find it unlikely he will make another move for the rest of his career Meaning that number is only going to go up. It was exactly the performance Dzeko needed for confidence and it was an incredible performance from Roma’s number 9. Much like Pablo Dybala he followed suit getting a hat-trick of his own in the Champions League. Edin Dzeko justifies that he still is one of Europe’s Elite with jaw-dropping performance he lives for Europe as he performance  in this competition  at the highest level once again.


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