Roma vs Viktoria Plzen 5 Talking Points #354




The Champions League returned on Tuesday night for Match day 2 of the champions league. As Roma hosted Plzen at the Stadio Olimpico. This Roma team was full of momentum and confidence coming into this game after their derby win over Lazio. After losing to Real Madrid and match day one Roma had one goal  in mind get the three points at all costs. That was their mentality going into the game but as it turns out Roma found it very easy. Edin Dzeko scored two first-half goals to give Roma the 2-0 lead at halftime becoming Roma’s 10th highest score in club history. Roma only added to the fire with goals from Cengiz Under and the first brace from Justin kluivert in be Roma colors since joining in the summer. Then finally at the death of the match Edin Dzeko fired a bullet of a header into the back of the net to ultimately making it 5-0 win for Roma completing his hat-trick in the process his first Dzeko’s of his career and the first Roma hat-trick in history. A performance of utter domination at the Stadio Olimpico as Roma’s lineup displayed a performance of absolute perfection.



Lorenzo Pellegrini’s New Role

After Lorenzo Pellegrini jaw-dropping performance in the Rome Derby. Eusebio di Francesco has started experimenting a little bit putting him in a different position. The majority of last season Pellegrini played in Romans defensive Midfield. He did score three goals but none of them came from the attacking Midfield. After Pellegrini was forced into the derby after Pastore’s Injury he was put into the attacking Midfield due to the fact he was the best option Off the Bench. It was his best performance of the Season as he was responsible for all three goals in some aspect. In the Champions League against Plzen he was an absolute animal In the Midfield. He played a nearly Flawless game again as we see some real consistency the top level he was playing in the derby carried over to the Champions League. He picked out so many great passes setting up teammates almost on a consistent basis. Easily one of the best players in the Champions League this week. The amount of highest quality through balls that he sent into his teammates was absolutely astounding he had eight key passes in 74 minutes of play which was the highest of any player in the champions league this week. I think he has solidified himself in this position I don’t see him going to the bench anytime soon he is playing out of his mind. Lorenzo Pellegrini claims he’s enjoying his new role and the possibility of going forward in the Midfield. Rather than holding the Midfield in place he is enjoying the prospect of pushing forward this attack I think this is a perfect position for him to be and he is shown in this spot how comfortable he is. His performances are keeping him in this team and he may have solidified himself in the attacking midfielder for the rest of the season.




Edin Dzeko’s Historical Night


There was a lot of history made last night at the Stadio Olimpico. Justin kluivert set two records in his own right but the story of the match was the big Bosnian Edin Dzeko who set 3 benchmarks throughout the 90 minutes. Edin Dzeko came into the match having not scored since the opening weekend of the season. This is something I criticized him for midweek. I felt that he needed to get it going and soon to turn a poor run around. In Europe Edin Dzeko was in fantastic form coming into this game having scored four goals in his last six Champions League games. He was absolutely phenomenal last night as he got out of the slump and his goalless streak. He added two goals in the opening 45 minutes and added another in stoppage-time to score an historic hat-trick. He became the first Roma player to score hat-trick in the Champions League era as well as the first Bosnian to score a hat-trick in the Champions League. Not to mention it was his first Champions League hat-trick of his career. He now has scored eight goals in his last seven Champions League games the only team is failed to score against was Real Madrid. Even more so Edin Dzeko made Roma history after his first goal he became the tenth highest goal scorer in Roma’s history. With 77 goals in 147 appearances he crashed into Roma’s top 10 in just three and a half seasons. This is not the last Milestone Edin Dzeko will hit this season he is in Striking Distance of Dino Da Costa and Marco Delvecchio by the end of the season he could potentially move into the top seven. In fact at this moment it is very plausible that he could end up in Romans top five by the time his career is done. I find it unlikely he will make another move for the rest of his career Meaning that number is only going to go up. It was exactly the performance Dzeko needed for confidence and it was an incredible performance from Roma’s number 9. Much like Pablo Dybala he followed suit getting a hat-trick of his own in the Champions League. Edin Dzeko justifies that he still is one of Europe’s Elite with jaw-dropping performance.



Cengiz Under & Justin Kluivert finally start together


One of the many positive things from last night’s victory was the line up DiFrancesco selected. This arguably was the best lineup I have seen Roma come out with all season. I had no complaints coming out of the 4-2-3-1 formation I thought the setup was brilliance. The way Roma the Midfield organize itself with Steven nzonzi and Bryan Cristante as the holding midfielders and the Brilliant attacking Midfield of Lorenzo Pellegrini Cengiz and Justin Kluivert as well as Edin Dzeko up top. It wasn’t the perfect lineup and I really hope this is used on a more consistent basis because of how well it worked. However this is not the story the thing I found particularly interesting about it was we finally saw Roma youngsters Cengiz Under and Justin Kluivert start together. This is something I have been pleading for the entire season. Under and Kluivert on each Wing is incredibly dangerous it is mutually hard to defend  given what they can bring forward. Given their speed agility and intelligent beyond their years makes an absolutely lethal combination in Roma’s attack. It proves that it worked outside of Dzeko Under was probably Roma’s best player he was Sensational throughout the entire match scoring his second career Champions League goal in the process. Meanwhile Justin kluivert made some history of his own even before the match kicked off. He became the youngest Dutch player to appear in a Champions League match. After putting away a goal coming off a goalkeeper save on an Under shot Justin kluivert scored his first goal for Roma. As he became their youngest Champions League goal scorer in club history.  Now that he’s got his first goal I hope to see him starting some more games this season Under and Kluivert are going to be so dangerous this team is set up so well for the future because of these two stars. Under had his breakout season last year but didn’t score until January kluivert has already found the back of the net much like his father did at a young age. He’s got his first goal out of the way and I see more goals to come from both of these young Stars. The more game time these two have together the more dangerous Roma will become. I don’t think Justin kluivert is ready to start on a consistent basis but Roma Should put these guys together as much as possible.



Viktoria Plzen are Unofficially Eliminated



Plzen find themselves in a huge hole have they won their game in match day one like they should have I don’t think they would be in this situation. Let’s face the facts here they just lost 5-0 to Roma. In their next Champions League match they have to play Roma again they may be at home but they have no chance of winning this game. With cska Moscow win against Real Madrid it puts them in such a difficult situation. I think they’re already on officially eliminated the Europa League spot may even be hard to come by. Even getting 3rd in this group is going to be a challenge had Real Madrid won last night it still would be in the balance but it just seems like it’s going to be a mountain to climb. Unless Real Madrid lose to Moscow again this team is in big trouble this was very much expected so I’m not surprised but a performance like that against anyone is unacceptable.


Plzen defensive struggles


Defensively this team is God awful. They allowed Roma to carve them up so frequently. Roma could have scored 10 goals for the amount of chances they had. 13 of their 22 shots were on Target the defense of did not show up in this game.. That is the one thing that this team should have concentrated on. If you’re going to have a chance against these big teams you need to defend at an unreal level. They should be priding themselves on their defense it should be what their priority is. It was just a disaster Lorenzo Pellegrini in the Midfield ripped them up almost constantly with his passes. They were unaware unorganized and just a flat-out disaster. Even at home if they perform like this again they will be exiting this competition very early.

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