Top Three Performers and Donkey of the Week Match Day 8 #359

Genoa Striker: Krzysztof Piatek


The new Robert Lewandowski has arrived in Italian football. The Serie A has been gracious enough to see the unveiling of a new star in this league. The Polish Striker Krzysztof Piatek who has been absolutely on fire for Genoa this season in fact he is hitting historical benchmarks. I’m going to break my rule here when doing these player of the week Awards it’s important to me that they played well and their team won the game. But for the first time doing these articles I am picking a player on a losing team. Krzysztof Piatek has been lighting it up he is quite literally on fire. Yet he has not landed in my top three performers of the week once which I will take full responsibility for but he’s played too well to not be on this list this week. So making his debut on this list is Krzysztof Piatek . I don’t believe this will be the last time I see him on this list either since the start of the season he has been absolutely on fire. He arrived in Genoa this summer and has scored goals non-stop even at Genoa president said he’s almost scared to admit that he’s the next big thing. He reiterated the point watch how much I sell him for. Not that he going to be sold but in regards to his value it will Skyrocket. He currently is one of Europe’s top scorers this season he scored four goals in the Coppa Italia and currently in Serie A top scorers with nine goals. He became the first player since Gabriel Batistuta to score in each of the first seven games of a Serie A season . Against Parma was no different he found the back of the net early and proved to have that bite showing his unbelievable quality. Despite Genoa losing you can no longer deny how good this kid is at just 23 years old he has broken several records this season and has 12 goals in all competitions. That is more goals then Edison Cavani Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo just to throw a few names as well as many more. He will only improve going forward this season and he has the potential to be one of the superstars of this league in the near future. Genoa could be only a short-term stop for him as teams will be prepared to make big bids for this guy in the summer an unbelievable performance despite a loss that only Justified his amazing start.


Inter Milan Striker: Marco Icardi 



Marco Icardi found himself on this list for the very first time this season as he showed some unreal ability in a tough game. Inter Milan greatly benefited from the lack of clinical finishing from SPAL’s attack which even featured missed penalty. Despite the fact Marco Icardi truly showed why I believe he is one of the most clinical finishers in the history of Italian football at least in my lifetime. He is an absolutely brilliant player but the fact of the matter is he only takes a very limited touches the game. He’s not at all around striker like Gonzolo Higuain or Edin Dzeko but his clinical ability in front of net is second to none. He makes really good runs and he knows how to position himself in the right spots and visibility in front of goal hes it’s just world class. Marco Icardi scored twice in Inter Milan’s at narrow 2-1 win against SPAL. Luciano Spaletti set up I thought wasn’t correct and SPAL had far too many chances more then they should have had. Marco Icardi saved this game for Inter Milan throughout the entire games Inter Milan only had two shots on target. Marco Icardi scored on both an unreal display from Inter’s captain. He’s had somewhat of a slow start to the season but he’s really starting to pick up steam over the last few weeks. Marco Icardi show the why in this match he’s one of the best strikers in the league when he’s on form. Inter Milan go as Marco Icardi goes. A great performance in what was an ugly win for Inter if he doesn’t play Inter Milan don’t have the momentum or the confidence right now.

A.C Milan Midfielder: Suso

AC Milan seemingly has finally got it together after coming off two wins back-to-back. Gonzalo Higuaín and Suso performed to the absolute best this weekend. Although Gonzalo Higuaín’s scored 2 goals and is off to one of his best seasons having scored seven goals in a games and all competitions I can only give this to one of them. I think Suso gets the nod in this situation he has been one of the best players in the league this season vastly underrated midfielder who has world-class ability when he wants to display it. AC Milan easily got past Verona with a 3-1 win most impressively is the performance of the Spanish midfielder accounted for all three goals assisting Gonzalo Higuaín twice and Bonaventura once. He was fully responsible 3 all three goals and was the best player on the pitch by quite a distance. His intelligence and football IQ allowed him to thread the passes finding his open teammates in the right situations not only that but positioning himself to gets the ball to his open teammates not only that but his impact on the game allowed the attack to open up a lot more freely this week. He was all over the place with his vision and his superb Crossing ability an unbelievable performance he is the top assist leader in the league with six assist three of them came today that shows how much of an impact he had on this game.



DONEKEY OF THE WEEK: Mirco Antenucci (SPAL),Francesco Caputo




In The Inter Milan vs SPAL and Roma vs Empoli game we saw two players with opportunities to equalize in both matches against those big teams and they both failed miserably. Caputo had an opportunity score a penalty in the second half against Roma with a chance to equalize and failed to do so. Not only that but he was atrocious in front of goal couldn’t find the back of the net and he had so many opportunities to do so. In the SPAL match I Mirco Antenucci did the same with SPAL was incredibly wasteful and it given a penalty just a few minutes after Inter Milan has scored this could have changed the outcome of that game the momentum could have shifted back in their favor. They were at home and couldn’t find the back of the net from 12 yards out. They eventually got a goal back have they scored the penalty it is possible they could have stolen a point at home against Inter same goes with Empoli both teams had a lot of chances and failed to capitalize but in this situation I cannot fully highlight the entire team the two players that missed the penalties cost them points because both teams could have easily gotten a point out of their fixtures THE DONEKEY OF THE WEEK goes Mirco Antenucci and Francesco Caputo both teams have found themselves on the lower half of the table and points in those big games could of turn to be crucial at the end of the season they cost team point this weekend.

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