Why Selling Cengiz Under would sabotage Roma’s future Part 1 #361


Monchi got his hands on a a Turkish Talent from Istanbul last season by the name of Cengiz Under. The sporting directors first transfer window he secured what would turn out to be one of the biggest signings of the season. Roma paid 13.4 million for the 20 year old Turkish Talent who had been at Making Waves in the Turkish Super Liga in his early years in fact Monchi had an eye on him for several years prior to his deal with Roma. However Roma ended up having some competition for the Turkish youngster the likes of Tottenham Hotspur and  Manchester City all expressed interest. In fact he was on the verge of a move to the Etihad to join up with Pep Guardiola and Manchester City who we’re picking up momentum as the overwhelming favorites to lift the Premier League title. However the folks at Manchester City decided they would sign him for the future as they were negotiating with Bundesliga Club Freiburg on a loan deal. The idea was he would sign with City then go to Germany for a season then Manchester City would reassess the position after a season. This ultimately was a turn-off for the Turk as he withdrew his interest from the Premier League side. Monchi and Eusebio Di Francesco swooped in it to change things.  Roma’s sporting director who was already interested in the player all of a sudden put Roma in pole position to sign the player. He was able to use resources that were unavailable to the other teams chasing him. After a meeting with his agent and the player Monchi and then New Roma manager Eusebio di Francesco had told him that he would be a major part of the team this season as you would have the opportunity to battle Stephan El Shaarawy and Diego perotti for the starting spot on the left or right wing. Even the iconic Roma Legend Francesco Totti spoke with the young process before the move was finalized. Eventually the Turkish youngster agreed to join a Roma on a five-year deal.


Cengiz Under by the end of last season was regarded by many as one of the best young talents in Italian football a borderline superstar in the eyes of many however it didn’t start off that way. Last season he had a relatively slow start to the campaign what most would describe as a very uneventful first several months in the Roma colors . He got a few starts in which he wasted many chances although showed some promise. He made a lot of appearances From the Bench the crowd at the Stadio Olimpico were waiting for the Superstar to emerge and it just took a long time getting used to at least it seems like it at the time. I believe a large part of his early struggles in the Italy didn’t necessarily have to do with his ability although at times he quite noticeably struggled. A big parts up to slow start I believe had to do not with what happens on the pitch but some of the stuff that happens off of it. Cengiz Under was a 20 year old kid in a new country in a new environment who had who had up to that point have not learned the language. He was completely alone without any family and all he could depend on is his teammate. Edin Dzeko voluntarily took up the role as a mentor for the Young Turk. It was a new style of football it was a new environment and it was a new country he played well in some games but didn’t really tap into his potential during the first half of the season. At the halfway point of the season he had yet to score a goal many at the club had suggested that he should be sent out on loan but DiFrancesco still had plans for him and had worked with him almost on a constant basis with all the issues he was having when he first arrived. During the second DiFrancesco would give him a boost in confidence by giving him a start against a relegation favorites Hellas Verona. He scored his first League goal  60 seconds into that game which ended a 7 game winless run. The next week he scored two goals and dished out an assist against Benevento which was followed by a thunderbolt of a strike against Udinese. His incredible rise only continued scoring a crucial away goal and his Champions League debut against Shakhtar Donetsk they could not have advanced without it. Further proved that he is a big time player as he showed his quality with a goal against title contenders Napoli at the San Paolo. His incredible rise in Italian football only continued as he proved to be the best player in the league for the second half of the Season he ended the season with eight goals and five assists. Which included the assist to the heroic Kostas Manolas goal against Barcelona to send Roma into the semi-final without him they would not have pulled off the miracle erasing the 4-1 first leg deficit. 



His collection of abilities was on full display during the second half of the season. His rapid pace incredible aggression and athleticism and a wicked left foot that provides a mean strike. Also is an incredibly intelligent footballer for his age. He has the complete package an unreal potential to become one of the best players in this league. Francesco Totti when asked about the player that’s worthy enough to replace him saying I haven’t seen him yet but one day he’ll arrive. Lorenzo Pellegrini has shown all those same qualities I think Under may be the future of this club. Roma is still a big Club but they do not have the trophies lately to justify its stature Under is incredibly important to what this club will do in the future this has an extremely young core but I believe Under and Pellegrini are at the front of it. There was one moment last season that truly made me believe that Cengiz Under will be the future of this club as long as Roma can hold on to them. The second to last game of the season was against Juventus was an opportunity for the old lady to win the title unfortunately Roma were unable to deny them as they celebrated the title in Roma’s backyard a very painful experience as you can imagine. However there was a single moment in that match that made me fully believe that Under can be the future of AS Roma. Cengiz Under was matched up throughout the 90 minutes with Juventus left-back Alex Sandro. Alex Sandro in this market is a 65 million value player there’s around how much it would cost to sign him away from Juventus. In that game Cengiz Under made Alex Sandro look like a nine year old boy he could do absolutely nothing about the Young Turk especially his speed and athleticism Alex Sandro is a top-class player and he couldn’t handle the Young Turk as he ripped through him almost on a consistent basis. That was the moment I realized this kid is FOR REAL.












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