Top 3 Performers and The Donkey of the Week Match Day 9 #368

Napoli Striker Dries Mertens 



Napoli continue to roll this week against a decent udin side that’s capable of a top 10 finish. Going into this campaign many thought Napoli would regret after losing Jorginho but under Carlo Ancelotti this Napoli side although it may seem far-fetched now can challenge for the scudetto and win the title that’s how good they are. This year we have seen the emergence of the Lorenzo Insigne as the best attacking option. However this week Dries Mertens Napoli’s top scorer over the last two seasons showed his quality and his importance to this team as he continues proves how important he is to Napoli. We saw Mertens at his absolute best in Napoli’s 3-0 win he scored a goal and assisted another as it wasn’t just Napoli’s best player but this week he was one of the most impressive players in Italian football. He played with great confidence intelligence and showed his leadership abilities as Napoli slowly but surely carved open the defense and made them suffer for it. Mertens took advantage of his chances and got his teammates involved a superb performance from the Belgian. As he makes his first appearance on this list his influential play makes this Napoli team very dangerous obviously this season Insigne has been getting all the headlines for his incredible play but behind the scenes Mertens has worked extremely hard for the team and is very deserving of some recognition. Even though he is sort of become Napoli second option he is an absolute lethal option in Napoli’s free-flowing attack he is shown some real progress over the last few weeks and I think we are going to see him score as frequently as we have the last two seasons when he gets the chances most of the time he puts them away. Napoli have a huge test against Roma team that is in desperate need of some confidence next weekend in the derby he will be very important in that match. Unbelievable performance I think we’re going to continue to talk about the remainder of the season.



Juventus Midfielder Marlin Pjanic 

Miralem Pjanic of Juventus FC  during the Serie A football

Even though Juventus dropped their first points of the season they struggled against a strong Genoa side with a lethal attack. However in the Juve’s 1-1 draw away from home there was one player in particular that caught my eye. Miralem Pjanic I believe is one of the 10 best players in World football it is a very controversial point of view and obviously as a Roma fan it hurts me to admit that. However the role he plays in that Juventus Midfield was a huge part of the making the Champions League finals a few seasons ago and he continues to show his incredible qualities behind the scenes. His pass distributions and his unbelievable accuracy in his ball movement shows why he’s one of the best players in the world. In my estimation the best player in Italy Juventus were in a very tough game and he’s dazzled with his performance the service he gave to Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest of the attack was unbelievable. He had a phenomenal day especially his service to his teammates it was next level. It is not his responsibility to put them in the back of the net but he created a chances for his first teammates had his teammates been a better in front of goal Juventus will probably have won this game because it was an incredibly efficient standout performance from the Bosnian. he’s not flashing but he does the hard work that helps is teams in the most effective and efficient way it was on full display this weekend as he was the engine in Juventus performance. He will make it back out on this list again he’s just that good he is an under appreciated player that deserves more credit than gets  without a doubt one of the best midfielders in the world and he showed exactly why in Juventus is draw this week.


Atalanta Striker Josip Illic


Atalanta has struggled for Points this season they have massively under achieved their expectations for this campaign. They have not found their touch in the league and found themselves in an unusual situation. In danger of relegation obviously they’re too talented for that to happen but that’s how bad they were to start season. Against the bottom of the table Atalanta finally rose to the occasion picking up a much important points as they thrashed chievo Verona. This performance was a largely orchestrated by Hitman Josip Illic in Atalanta’s 5-1 victory the Atalanta Striker had a game to remember scoring a hat-trick in their big win. He was absolutely unplayable the chances a complete game from one of the most underrated Strikers in Italian football. His power and accuracy with his shots and his velocity in the air created absolute Mayhem for the chievo Verona defense. He is going to be largely important for Atalanta desire to rise up the table to a more respectable position. If he can get that consistency that we have seen from him over the last few seasons they will rise away from the danger zone into European territory this team has the potential to do that. It was a near-perfect performance from the striker and I see him continuing to perform at that level he got momentum and confidence now and was absolutely Unstoppable. He has the ability to consistently do that especially against some big teams you can see this Atalanta team for the potential it has. The team collectively needs to work on giving him Service as much as possible because in front of goal he gave them nightmares. Josip Illic is not going to score a hat-trick every week but if he can find consistently he can turn  his team’s fortunes around this week he was in a league of his own an unbelievable performance from a top quality Striker.


DONKEY OF THE WEEK: Gian Piero Ventura





After Ventura sent Italy home in disgrace in World Cup qualifying he for some reason was given a job opportunity in Italy. In my opinion he should have been banned from the country Italy belongs in every World Cup and to fail to get them there is a disgrace in itself. the donkey of the week goes to Gian Piero Ventura he had a rude awakening in his return to Italy . He took over chievo Verona a team that is on a 0 points. But somehow manage to make them look even worse than they already do. They got absolutely embarrassed getting humiliated 5-1. I don’t normally aggressively criticize managers but I’m not sure if he knows what he’s doing. His tactics and approach to the game were absolutely terrible I could of done better. To come into a new team playing against a team that is not considered a threat at the moment and to get blown out conceding five goals it’s absolutely atrocious I don’t know how long he’s going to last Verona has failed to win games and score goals Atalanta is a good team but nothing to what they will face in the coming weeks. If this is just the start it is only going to get worse he made himself look like a fool again this is a team with very little top players and a serious lack of depth now they  brought in a coach with no business with no ideas a LOSER to get past this moment this is the man who wanted to put on daniele De Rossi instead of Lorenzo Insigne in a game where they needed goals there is a serious lack of judgement and this is only the beginning of what believe will become a nightmare chievo Verona advisors have no idea the kind of mess they have just walked into.

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