A.S Roma vs Cska Moscow 5 Talking Points #370



Roma battled at the Stadio Olimpico on another European night in the most competitive Club competition in the world the Champions League was back. It was top of the group Russian Giants cska Moscow against second-place Rama with the opportunity go to the top of the group. Roma suffered embarrassing home loss over the weekend and we’re looking to respond with emphatic victory. Roma ripped apart Plzen 5-0 their previous match in the Champions League while cska Moscow beat Real Madrid. Once again it would be the Edin Dzeko show in Rome. Coming off a hat trick against Plzen Edin Dzeko was the Difference Maker in what was a relatively balanced first half. However teamwork by this Roma side opened up a first-half lead. Ball movement between Lorenzo Pellegrini Cengiz Under allowed Edin Dzeko find the back of the net give Roma the 1-0 lead. A little over 10 minutes later Edin Dzeko found the back of the net for a second time with a superb strike drilled into the bottom corner. A goal that took him to a 9thon Roma’s all time scoring list after scoring his 10th goal in his last 7 Champions League games. Cska Moscow had some confidence going close early in this match but it was dashed after Roma ran out to a 2-0 halftime lead. Early in the second half they piled it on even more as is Cengiz Under scored his second consecutive Champions League goal as Roma lead 3-0. The Romans attacked even more ferociously as the game went on an Incredibly dominated performance by Roma. Romans held on to win behind another superb performance from Edin Dzeko on another European night as Roma win their seventh consecutive Champions League game at the Stadio Olimpico


Roma’s home form in the Champions League


In League Play as we have seen this season Roma have struggled defending their own backyard. In the Champions League it is quite the opposite it is one of the most difficult places to win games in Europe. The stadio olimpico has become somewhat of a fortress in the Champions League sadly it is not carried over to league play but in this competition Roma are unbelievably strong in front of the home fans at the stadio olimpico. With last night’s win that is now seven consecutive victories at the stadio Olimpico. These have not come against Bad teams Liverpool Barcelona Chelsea among them this is one of the Champions League’s hardest places to play. During last year’s Champions League campaign they were unbeaten at the stadio olimpico and didn’t even concede a goal until the second leg of the Champions League semi-final against Liverpool. We have seen again a strong performance in the Eternal City during this year’s campaign with two consecutive victories at their home ground. Roma has the potential for another Deep Run and a lot of that will depend on their ability to protect their backyard. Incredible performance in another Champions League match at the stadio olimpico teams are not going to want to come here the rest of his campaign in the Champions League at the stadio olimpico Roma just take it up a notch and it makes it difficult for teams to find a way to break through


Edin Dzeko and the champions league


Roma Striker Edin Dzeko had another historical night in the Champions League on Tuesday as he continuously breaks Club records. Another incredible performance from the Bosnian as not only did he bag two goals and assisted Roma’s 3rd. He was responsible for all three goals being scored that impact could not be underestimated He is truly one of the best strikers in the world Last night was proof of that. In his previous game Edin Dzeko scored a hat-trick in the Champions League against Plzen Edin Dzeko the European goal show continues. His form he has in this competition has been absolutely ridiculous. if you take away Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo Edin Dzeko has been one of the most consistent performers in this competition over the last 2 years. With his two goals one assist performance he passed the GREAT Dino DeCosta for 9th on Roma’s all time scoring list. Edin Dzeko has been at Roma for three and a half years. Last night he scored his 80th goal for the club if you do that math you realize how ridiculous that is. Not only that but he is only one goal away from 8th all time it really displays how great Edin Dzeko has been for Roma. He has now scored 10 goals in his last 7 Champions League games and currently is the highest goal scorer of this year’s Champion’s League. With five goals from thee games his performance last night was nearly perfect not only did he score two goals and have an assist but he impacted the game in many ways as a leader in the attacking aspect and also facilitated a lot for his team a nearly perfect display as whoscored.com rated him a 9.9 after his performance on Tuesday. Quite easily was the man of the match as performed to an exceptional level. Edin Dzeko in my estimation is the best All around striker in the world. He may not score the most goals or is the best player in front of goal but in terms of an all-around game of what he brings to the table on a consistent basis I don’t think there’s anyone better at that. His impact on the game is so much higher than a goal scoring Striker because of how much influence he has to dictate the score of the game. He is a complete player and has displayed it on many champions league nights. Last night in Rome it was no different is a world-class ability was on full display easily one of the best players in the Champions League this week a perfect performance.


Cska Moscow’s opening 20 minutes


Cska Moscow over the first 20 minutes provided and incredible plan of attack as they went at Roma’s throat early and often.  Pressurized the Roma goal when coming forward. Much like they did against Real Madrid they attacked broke through early manage to Nick in early goal and won the game. However despite three legitimate scoring opportunities for the Russian Giants they were flat lined by Robin Olsen and the more they came forward the less confident they were. The Roma defense did a sensational job dealing with the early specialization from cska Moscow. They failed to capitalize on those early chances and because of it it cost them as Roma broke through eventually steamrolling the Russian Giants. Had they capitalized on one of those early chances it would have spun this game on its head. Going into this match cska Moscow was top of the group and had an opportunity to defend as the game went on they were incredibly wasteful in the second half and it really jeopardize their chance to steal points at the stadio olimpico. The opportunity wasn’t there for them they just failed to deliver in the small window of opportunity they had. A mental breakdown allowed Roma punish them. This allowed a more skillful Roma to jump on the opportunity when the Russians failed to convert.


Roma’s clinical finishing


This weekend Roma’s incredibly wasteful first half saw them drop all three points in a game that should have been over in the opening minutes. The match came down to their finishing ability in front of goal they lacked that Cutting Edge clinically they were very poor. This is not the first time this has come up either they had issues with this last season as well. However in this game in the Champions League they turned the tides. In this match Roma’s finishing in front of goal was superb a complete opposite representations of what we saw on the weekend. Roma got on the attack early and often and when the opportunities presented themselves they capitalized. The intelligence teamwork that Roma displayed on Tuesday night was incredible from the majority of the match they seem to all be on the same page and they’re quick passing point-of-attack allowed them to rip through the Russian defense constantly. All three goals Roma scored there was brilliant  ball movement and intelligent play as they displayed incredible teamwork. Almost on the verge of telepathic especially on the opening goal of the game be quick movement between Under Pellegrini and Dzeko carved open the defense very easily that ended with a superb finish. All three parts played an incredible role in their movement and accuracy that created what was a very telepathic team-oriented goal. The team chemistry was just fuming from the game as it turned out to be one of the best games Roma has played this season it was largely due to the team chemistry and the telepathic movement between players. Everyone was on the same page and their approach completely suffocated Moscow. The way they played in some ways was a little reminiscent of Barcelona’s Tiki Taka they took the ball and then they were Off to the Races with quick passing as their point of attack Moscow had no answer and together cohesively performed to their absolute Peak.


Moscow broke down after conceding



Cska Moscow was very much into this game up until the point Edin Dzeko broke through for the Romans. Once they conceded mentally they broke down their strategy somewhat changed and it allowed Roma to exploit it Moscow as they feel apart. An attack that was exchanging blows with Roma instead of the typical thing trying to just defend. When Roma broke through their entire system collapsed they weren’t as attacking oriented and before they knew it they will already down by multiple goals at halftime. Adjusting their strategy hurt the Russians  Moscow was were away from home in a place where it’s difficult to win games but they have to stay the course in order to get important points. They lost confidence and beliefs in their point of attack after Roma scored and instead of becoming more aggressive they became less aggressive cska Moscow had less scoring opportunities after conceding they lacked the creativity to create despite being behind they could have done a lot more to try to get back into the game to make it more respectful but the mental breakdown caused them to fall out of this game after halftime.

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