Top three Performers and The Donkey of the Week Match day 10 #376

Inter Milan Striker Marco Icardi (2)




Inter are absolutely on fire and a large part of that is Marco Icardi. The Argentine Striker is not missing a beat for Inter Milan as they pull off their sixth straight wins against another tough opponent. The clinical finishing ability of Marco Icardi is one of the best I have seen in my lifetime. He is a strange prototypical Striker that takes very minimal amount of touches and doesn’t affect the game outside of his scoring. However he scores almost on a consistent basis his finishing ability in front of goal has it been a joke. Early in the season critics came down on Marco Icardi for his lack of production in the team. However over the last few weeks he has found his form having scored 6 goals in his last nine games. He is now 3rd in the league in scoring. The Inter Milan Captain has also proved to be a leader of his Milan side. He has been the deciding factor in Inter’s amazing form recently. He is able to propel above & beyond Luciano Spaletti who I believe has very little infliction in this team it is the high-scoring striker that has led Inter Milan on this unbelievable run. Marco Icardi returns to this list for the 2nd time this season showing his unbelievable ability as of late. Inter Milan had a rough schedule ahead with likes a Florentina  Milan  and Lazio. Based on how this team looks on paper you would suspect Inter Milan would drop at least one of these games. However the brilliant Marco Icardi Rosen above and beyond to truly show his unbelievable ability. When he gets going he is one of the most dangerous strikers in World football. The winner in the Milan Derby last week and bagged two goals against Lazio at the stadio olimpico. My preseason pick for the golden boot has delivered and I think he will continue to do so. Player-by-player this Inter Milan side is not as threatening as they appear but when Marco Icardi is scoring goals and the defense continues to perform  this team could be force to be reckoned with. Napoli are probably still slightly better but it is going to be a battle. In the champions league has scored in every single game he has played. Against a very tough Lazio side who typically play well against the big teams Icardi demolished them quite handedly. When he’s on form he is one of the best players in the league and at the moment he is on fire another sensation performance against Lazio has proven his absolutely unbelievable quality.

Juventus Winger: Cristiano Ronaldo (3)


 Cristiano Ronaldo makes his third appearance on the list. In Empoli team that show courage and grit in their loss to Roma a few weeks ago has installed the same frustrations against Juventus. It was an ugly win for the  scudetto holders in fact they even took the lead in this match. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo are made for these moments he is one of the greatest players of all time for a good reason. In what was a tough game Cristiano Ronaldo converted an important penalty stat equalize before doubling his total with an absolute stunning strike to give Juventus lead. Cristiano Ronaldo was without a doubt The X Factor he not only scored the winning goal but provided a very brilliant football match. He was more than an attacking outlet as he facilitated for teammates and got his guys motivated when they were down. After a rough start he has continued to thrive in one of the toughest leagues in the world it is quite clear in Italy that he has become one of the most dangerous players if not the most dangerous in all of Italy. He continues to score goals and find teammates for scoring opportunities. He has mutually gotten man of the match for every game since his first goal. Cristiano Ronaldo is the player Juventus have lacked for years the reason they have not listed in the Champions League trophies that they feel that they deserve. This team has so many outlets and adding a Cristiano Ronaldo even if it was for an outrageous price tag he is showing his worth to this league and this great team. Another Super performance against a team that at moments frustrated the league leaders important wins like this is what Champions are made out of Cristiano Ronaldo is that player for Juventus that can take them over the top. He has changed this team’s mentality and he has changed the League’s marketability him being here has made this league of grow and more eyes have been on it than ever before and after his performance against Empoli he showed us exactly why. Serie A is trending up and that is because Juve’s  number 7 as he has now put himself in position for another Ballon d’Or an absolute breathtaking performance and something we will see much more of this season.




AC Milan Winger Suso (2)



AC Milan had a very tough battle on their hands as they found themselves in a shootout with Sampdoria Despite the fact that AC Milan is the only team in Italy who have not had a clean sheet this season They delivered in a game where it almost seemed too crucial. AC Milan experimented playing the young Cutrone with Gonzalo Higuain up front in a new updated formation out of the 4-4-2. It is something that paid off as both players found the back of the net. However the one player that has been AC Milan most important player delivered once again after the entire team took a day off and the Derby last week against Inter. Suso has just been quite clearly next level for this AC Milan side if you take him out of this team they are not even remotely close to getting into Europe. This AC Milan team but because Suso’s involvement in this team it has kept them afloat and continues to push forward this season. Suso’s of vision it’s unbelievable this season he is finding players and good positions almost every week his ball placement with his passing has been exceptional. He leads the league in assists and I think he will continue to pile them up with how well he has played in his position. He’s not with a  goal shortage eithe. Against a very strong Sampdoria he added in both columns picking out the game winning goal with an excellent cross and found the back of the net as well. A nearly flawless performance from one of the League’s most underrated players. Every single game he plays his value in this transfer market goes up. He has just been playing out of his mind this season and it doesn’t appear that he is slowing down. He does have helped upfront with some proven players but Gonzalo Higuain is not getting the looks he has this season without suso’s incredible vision and passing ability. We’re going to be talking about this guy near the end of the season as possibly the player of the year in Italy. While my preseason pick was Lorenzo Insigne suso has all the ability to collect multiple Awards when this season comes to an end. He is the  the energy of this AC Milan side this is a team that doesn’t quite have enough to push but holding on it to a player like Sue so will always give him a chance given what he brings to this league and this team. Quite simply he is one of the Best Wingers in all of Italian football. He has massively overachieved anybody’s expectations for him and he has thrived continuously under Gattuso he added another Sensational performance this week.





It is my great pleasure to present this week’s Donkey of the week to my biggest Rivals. Rome’s small steam on the blue side of Rome Lazio got absolutely annihilated by Inter Milan in a game that held some real value with the possibility of Lazio shooting up the table. Lazio has drastically improved over the last 3 Seasons send the arrival of Ciro Immobile they have been a team to be feared and even early this season they looked incredibly strong. Every time these guys face a big team they are falling on their face I do realize that Lazio is ahead in the table above Roma but based on how they play against these big teams they are going to get passed up by their neighbors every time they play one of these big teams they fall on their face. Lazio got completely destroyed by Inter Milan a team that many would consider a little weaker than Lazio. and it wasn’t like they didn’t have opportunities in that game they just wasted them they let Marco Icardi  ripped through their defense and score goals. There have been times this season where they have looked incredibly strong but if they can’t deliver against big teams they’re not going to progress this season. As much as I may not like them from top to bottom they have quality players there is no excuse for being out classed by every big team they face. If they don’t fix their situation accordingly and soon a certain Ciro Immobile might want to head for the exit door. A truly embarrassing performance against Inter Milan as Lazio fall on their face at the Stadio Olimpico they still remain in a good position but if they do not fix their problems they will fall out just like they did last season.

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