Roma’s Player of the Month October Stephen El Shaarawy #377



As we end the month of October Roma find themselves in 6th Place in Serie A. The month of October has a been a mix of good and bad. The good without question the Champions League as Roma now look like the favorites to win Group G. With a win against  cska Moscow last week. As we saw a perfect performance from Edin Dzeko his 2 goal 1 assist performance was the difference as Roma Now find themselves on top of the group in the Champions League. However it’s not all been good inconsistent Roma as of reappeared in League Play. Going into the month of October Roma has strung together a massive winning streak that included a tough win against Empoli at the very beginning of October. That was followed by an international brake that took all the momentum and confidence away from Roma. Coming off the international break Roma lost to SPAL as the Romans continue to struggle against some of bottom teams. Inconsistent play continuous to be an issue as a Roma have trouble closing out games they have not taken advantage of the opportunities they have been given which is why they found themselves in this situation. However a positive result to end the month may have restored their confidence and momentum they had lost. A showdown in the derby Del Sole at the Stadio San Paolo against high-flying Napoli gave them some confidence. Despite being convincingly outplayed they defended superbly well nearly stealing all three points in Naples. A opportunity converted by El Shaarawy gave Roma the lead a lead they held onto for the majority of the match before it Dries Mertens broke Roma’s hearts at the very end. Despite the draw it was a very positive performance from the Romans especially the performance we saw from Stephan El Shaarawy and Robin Olsen. Roma could have done better over this stretch but it could have been a lot worse getting that point against Napoli is crucial for Roma going forward that is one of the best attacking minded team in football and they were able to go into Naples and come out with a point they truly deserved. It’s time to recognize the player of the month in October for Roma. One of the most difficult decision as of this month it was wide open. Stephan El Shaarawy Edin Dzeko Robin Olson Lorenzo Pellegrini and Cengiz Under are all worthy and deserved recognition however there can only be one. My choice maybe slightly controversial but I believe performances have more to do than goals and assist it’s the impact of the game. We will look at the top three candidates for player of the month my choice maybe slightly controversial given the statistical value of some individual performances.


3rd Choice: Lorenzo Pellagrini 


 Lorenzo Pellegrini since being put in a new position he has thrived and has not missed a game since the derby. At this point if you are following this season we all know the story Lorenzo Pellegrini get subbed on in the Roman Derby for Javier Pastore he has his coming out party with a goal and an assist performance as Roma beat Lazio. Since the Derby at the end of last month he has a stablished himself as a starter he has started every single game since the derby. He is mutually occupied the central Midfield position for the remainder of the Season he is performing too well to be replaced anytime soon. Lorenzo Pellegrini has never been an attacking midfielder it’s something that Roma had experimented with his new position change. Instead of being the holding midfielder he played as last season he is now in a Central Midfield role where he has more space to operate. During this month he has had repeated great performances. One game in particular comes to mind his performance against Empoli was absolutely superb with a incredible deep free-kick that found Steven Nzonzi in what was a goal that gave them the lead. Then he followed that up against Plzen in a game in which he supplied a Champions League High 7 key passes in their 5-0 win. He has consistently played well above the expectation this season and this month he has been without a doubt one of the best players he surprises everyone with the elements in that Central Midfield position he has become quite accustomed to it and he has thrived. He has not done a quite enough to win the player of the month but you have to give him credit for how well he is performed.



Runner Up: Edin Dzeko

AS Roma v FC Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Leg Two

This choice is where the controversy may come in but the runner-up for this month’s player-of-the-month goes to Edin Dzeko. Most people would probably have given this year’s player of the month award to Edin Dzeko for the goals he has scored in the Champions League. Despite the fact that I’m not taking him He has done a tremendous job and it was very difficult to make this decision. In the Champions League Edin Dzeko is the competition’s highest goal scorer with five goals. He has continuously made Roma history in Roma’s 5-0 win against Plzen he scored a hat-trick becoming the first Roma player to do so. He added another two goals against cska Moscow a unbelievable performance in which he also had an assist. At the current moment he is Roma’s 9th highest scorer in club history. He is only one goal away from moving into 8 that’s how good he has been for Roma. In the Champions League he has been absolutely sensational. However the lack of production in important league matches has cost him winning  player of the month. Champions League is extremely important but in the league he has just hasn’t been consistent enough. Almost to a fault we expect Edin Dzeko to put in those Champions League performances on a weekly basis. In the league he has not quite been able to do that and although it’s been a sensational October for him Roma have dropped points in the league this month and I don’t think you can blame Edin Dzeko but if he was able to put in those unbelievable performances in the Champions League it is appropriate to expect that he at least performs a little like that in the league every point is meaningful. That is the only reason he is not the player of the month. A ridiculous month of October especially in the Champions League and because of him Roma find themselves in pole position to top the group but just falls a little bit short of the player of the month.

Winner: Stephen El Shaarawy 

The game is not all about goals and assists there’s much more value into becoming a top-quality playmaker. Although making this decision was incredibly difficult because of all the top quality players that performed this month my vote for player of the month goes to Stephan El Shaarawy. He did not score as many goals as Edin Dzeko he did not have as many assist as Lorenzo Pellegrini but his overall performances over the month of October were Superior to his teammates. Stephan El Shaarawy had a zero bad games in every single game he played in he was one of Roma’s best performers. There were even games like against Napoli was he was the only offense of outlet with no help and still  was able to cause problems when he was running with the ball. He is a player a lot of people probably thought would not fit in with this new look Roma this season he not only fits but he is one of Roma’s most crucially important players. Nobody in Italian football has more shots on target than Stephan El Shaarawy he may not be scoring goals every weekend but he’s getting himself in position on a consistent basis and any criticism in his direction is completely uncalled for. There are games when he is the only one who is doing anything for this team would be far worse without him. Using his speed creativity and his incredible movement without the ball he has earned himself  player of the month. He has not had a bad performance maybe even all season. the game that sticks out in my mind is the derby against Napoli. Napoli for the most part dominated the match but when Roma had the opportunity Stephan El Shaarawy put it away if he does not handle himself under that pressure Roma don’t steal a point and Maples. That’s not to mention the entire attack was circulated around him he did not have a lot of help if he did maybe Roma would have won the game. You could see the frustration he was feeling. He still works incredibly hard for the team and even scored some goals in October. Roma’s playmaker has proven over the month of October he has been the best player in the Roma colors he has proven his ability and has been a revelation this season and this month was no different Edin Dzeko was  great this month but in terms of the most consistent performer who had the most infliction of energy on the team that’s El Shaarawy. Stephan El Shaarawy is Roma’s player of the month in October.

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