Penalty injustice Doesn’t Stop Alexandro Florenzi as he Saves Roma At the Death In Florence #379

Score: A.S Roma 1 Florentina 1FT


Following a tough earned points against Napoli Roma traveled to Florence to meet up with Florentina. In the two meetings between them last season they split the season series with a both away team’s winning. Both teams have displayed inconsistency this season in what would be a hugely important match for the ambition to get closer to the European places. Florentina welcomed them to the Stadio Artemio Franchi for a battle and that’s exactly what they got. It turned out to be a very competitive yet very close match for much of the game neither team showed their dominance of superiority. Both teams attack each other with great success but the finishing touch in front of goal derailed a both teams. However football is all about opportunities and Florentina put themselves in a position to get one. Near the end of the first half controversy hit when a penalty was given that was clearly not a penalty . Jordan Veretout buried it to give a Florentina a 1-0 lead at home. Roma did everything in their power to respond as a continued to attack the Florentina goal Edin Dzeko was brilliant but some of these touches in front of goal is we’re not clinical enough from either side. Roma needed to avoid another loss at all costs they were ultimately playing a game against the clock. Changes were made but it seemed any chance of equalizing was going further away from them. Then at the brink of death with five minutes remaining in the match Roma Captain Alexandro Florenzi rescued Roma with a timely goal to give them a much deserved Point. Both these teams played superbly well the Roma’s failure in front of goal and the penalty call prevented them from walking away with it the three points. Attacks they provided was more convincing than the one we saw from the viola. However in the end we saw a split points in Florence. Roma fails to win at the game but stealing big points against a tough opponent can be looked at as a positive result they have moved up in the table as a edge closer to the top 6. Roma steal another point in a tough environment. Realistically Roma should have won. Roma have a string a games in which they have the ability to pick up points but stealing points from Napoli and Florentina on the road will give them some sense of positivity.


For this much importance match against Florentina DiFrancesco set up his team out of their usual 4-2-3-1 with some minor adjustments with the absentees of Daniele de Rossi. In goal would be Roma’s number one Robin Olsen. In front of him would be back line of be of at leftback Alex Kolarov beside him would be the centre-back partnership of Juan Jesus who gets another start and Federico Fazio. Then finally patrolling right back would be vice-captain Roma captain Alexandra Florenzi. We would see a surprise in Roma’s defensive Midfield as the young Nicolo Zaniolo gets his first Serie A start as he comes in for Daniele de Rossi he would be paired with Steven nzonzi in the defensive Midfield. There will be no changes in Romans attacking Midfield. In central Midfield would be the in-form Lorenzo Pellegrini. To his left on the left wing would be Roma’s player-of-the-month Stephan El Shaarawy then on the right-wing we would see Roma’s Turkish talent Cengiz Under. Then up front as a Roma’s main Striker would see the ever so dangerous Edin Dzeko who is once again on record watch this week. As he is one goal away from 8th all time on Roma’s all time scoring list. Then as always a strong bench with the likes of Justin kluivert Javier Pastore and Kostas Manolas.


After preparations and predictions for this much anticipated match we were just about to kick off in Florence. In one of the most exciting matches in Serie A this week with a battle between Florence and Rome two of Italy’s most important cities going to battle. Both teams equal on points making this so important regardless of the results. It was an attacking friendly at least in the opening few minutes. Roma on the loan Gerson’s tried to strike against his own team but missed the target. Just a minute later the young Nicolo Zaniolo set up Edin Dzeko for tremendous scoring opportunity. Dzeko struck the ball from Inside the box but the goalkeeper denied him. Florentina responded as Kevin Mirales and Giovanni Simeone both missed but the attack seem to be there from Florentina early however the clinical finishing had been poor. Edin Dzeko came close just a few moments later. When Alex Kolarov found the Bosnian in good space but the header went wide. In the open a minute it was a very balance between the two sides despite the fact that Roma had complete control of the possession there was no superior early. Both teams were struggling with their finishing ability in front of goal about 10 minutes later we saw misses back-to-back from Roma and Florentina with Federico Fazio and Giovanni Simeone both missing the target. The creation of chances wasn’t the problem it was the finish in front of goal that was causing issues for both teams. As the game went on Roma seem to be in more control as their attacked seems a little bit more frequent and dangerous. However finishing off the chances still remained to be a struggle. Edin Dzeko and Stephan El Shaarawy had a few chances between them but still couldn’t find the back of the net. At this point Roma started to look like the slightly superior team with their runs and they just seemed more effective while Florentina slightly struggled to create good opportunities. A little later they finally got one as a Gerson hits a ball some close but Robin Olsen emphatically saves. Seconds later controversy would strike in Florence. A penalty was given to Florentina an absolutely outrageous decision from the referee. Simeone was brought down and the area but Robin Olsen barely touched him there is no way that someone was his size can be brought down as easily as he made it seem. No VAR was consulted which was an absolutely joke anybody who watched this match knows this was not a penalty but despite that the penalty was given. Roma’s entire team screams outrage. Jordan Veretout scored the penalty to give a Florentina a undeserving 1-0 lead. This was an important point of this game for Roma because they needed to accept it and play their game the best way they could. It was huge because it is a hard place to go in a game. That would signal the end of the first half with a controversial ending which was otherwise strong first-half from Roma.



19 Year Old Nicolo Zaniolo shows his promise in the first half 


Obviously headlining the first half was largely subjected to the Penalty that was given. However besides the penalty Roma had played really well getting into tight spaces the finishing needed improvements but in terms of chance creation it was all there. Which is why at the penalty being called was such a gut-punch so Roma they needed to find a way to come together and continue to perform after such a momentum shift. In the second half Roma had the challenge to forget about the penalty call and try to get back into the game. The chances early in the second half  weren’t as frequent as the first 45 minutes. However Roma played with a conviction and the desire to get back into the game. They really turned the corner and started to play really well they were being smarter and more intelligent with their movements and decision-making. Early in the second half the young Nicolo Zaniolo came close with a really well taken shot that was saved. Roma continued to play quite well but after a little while DiFrancesco wanted to make some changes. Justin kluivert was brought in for Stephan El Shaarawy to give Roma another dimension on the wing. Florentina came forward with a few chances but much like the first half they were very wasteful. However Florentina try to catch Robin Olson in his sleep as a cracked a shot from 35 yards out by Benassi Robin Olson found no trouble making the save. It was very much possession football as the chances weren’t coming as freely and often as they were in the first half. Despite that Roma really starts play well in their ball movements they got forward quite a bit but focused on trying to create the perfect chance for them to equalize it was easier said than done in Florence because the stands are so close to the pitch it is a little bit of an intimidation factor making it sometimes hard to break through. Roma made their second change as Nicolo Zaniolo came out for Bryan Cristante as he gave Roma another option to try to break the game open. Moments later Alex Kolarov came very close as his strike from the side of the box nearly found the back of the net. Just a little while later Bryan Cristante got his head to a Lorenzo Pellegrini cross that came very close to an equalizer. Roma were running out of time they were playing a race against the clock and losing given the circumstances of the match this is a match Roma could not lose. Roma made their final change of the game as they brought on a striker Patrik Schick came on for Cengiz Under for a late push. It started getting really late now and the chance of an equalizer minimized as the minutes ticked on. Then finally in dramatic fashion in the 85th minutes the moment came. Coming off a free-kick in a dangerous position Alex Kolarov launched a well hit free kick into the area. The Florentina goalkeeper tried to clear the ball out as the ball was coasting in a dangerous area in his Direction. The ball was punched out and rather than clearing Alexandro Florenzi connected on his first touch as the ball viciously hit the ground before bouncing into the top corner to equalize making it 1-1 with just 5 minutes ago. A goal that Roma absolutely deserved after the injustice of the penalty that was given against them. Alexandro Florenzi completely symbolize what it means to be Captain as he led his team back from what seemed like a hole that they could not get out of. When Daniele de Rossi retires there was no debate of who the armband is going to Florenzi displayed exactly why he is the next leader to rise from the ranks of the Roma Academy. With 5 minutes to go Roma actually had a chance to win this thing now but unfortunately a late Edin Dzeko chance was not enough to secure the victory as Roma come back to secure a draw in Florence. In a tough environment in a game in which there was Injustice against them they come back and steal points from a fabulous Florentina team. As we saw a dramatic finish in Florence.



On Loan Roma Midfielder Gerson shares a moment with Alex Kolarov 


Alexandro Florenzi saves Roma at the death of the match with a goal with just five minutes remaining. As of Roma steal another point away from home. We cannot sit up here and pretend that Roma were simply amazing and deserve to win this game but they certainly did not deserve to lose it. Roma had a bit of Misfortune in the first half with the penalty without it Florentina we’re never going to get into the lead it wasn’t just that but the penalty was clearly not a penalty Robin Olsen barley touched him it was frankly an absolute joke.. The attack that Florentina brought forward was not convincing enough and chances were wasted in front of goal. Roma miss their fair share of chances as well but looked much stronger especially in the second half. The penalty to some extent it changed the momentum of the game. Giving away a penalty is one thing but doing it right before the end of the house is another especially when it shouldn’t have been called. From the attacking standpoint of things Roma did everything required up until the finish. They’re their chance creation was incredible the problem was there finishing was poor. Had that they done more with the chances they created they could taken all three points and I think they still could have regardless. Roma were Without their leader Daniele de Rossi and Javier Pastore and Kostas Manolas not being a hundred percent it created some problems with the lack of quality available to bring into the squad under certain situations. However Roma were able to adapt to them as much as they could. DiFrancesco took a little bit of a risk playing 19 year old midfielder Nicolo Zaniolo but for the most part it didn’t seem to weakened I thought the youngster performed quite well under the circumstances. However collectively as a unit Roma were not at their best and improvements are in order. Despite that there were times in which Roma were great in the second half they worked really hard and weren’t going to be denied the lads really wanted it tonight.It wasn’t just Roma who at times struggled Florentina had issues too even more so especially coming forward their techniques and finishing wasn’t as clinical at all to be without their penalty they never would have gotten a goal. It was a bit of an ugly match between two teams who were very similar in quality as both teams are equal on points. There weren’t that many standout performances it was just one of those tough games where you have to grind out and find a way to get points. I thought Edin Dzeko did especially well to get in position to score I thought his role did help the team he just didn’t have that killer instinct in front of goal which prevented him to have a near-perfect performance because he did everything else well throughout the match. Roma were very unlucky at points in his match as well as we saw Lorenzo Pellegrini hit the bar. Florentina’s big stars failed to deliver under the circumstances playing with the lead they should have created and put away more opportunities. People will bang on Robin Olson performance in goal for Roma but I think that is incredibly unfair because it never should have been called as a penalty. I thought he played well he is the perfect goalkeeper for Roma and I’ll continue to give him my support. The man of the match for Roma goes to Alexandro Florenzi quite obviously he scored the goal stealing a late point in Florence a place that Roma typically struggles. It wasn’t just the goal he created many opportunities down the flank and try to create chances as much as possible overall was a really good performance he played his role both offensively and defensively. Defensively as a unit I thought Roma’s defense played well considering the circumstances of the match. Neither team performed all that well However Roma deserved the point and maybe even the win it would have been hugely unfair had they lost. This is always a tough match in a tough place Roma will learn from this match and take it into their next few matches to try to improve. Roma should embrace some of the positive things they have done tonight in Florence.

Man Of the Match: Alexandro Florenzi (1)


Next Match:@ CSKA Moscow, Wednesday November 7th, 2018

A.S Roma
Shots: 19
On Target: 4
Possession: 62%
Passes: 462
Pass Accuracy: 81%
Shots: 14
On Target: 3
Possession: 38%
Passes: 286
Pass Accuracy: 67%


Top of the table
1.Juventus 10-1-0 31pts
2.Inter Milan 8-1-2 25pts
3. Napoli 8-1-2 25pts
4. A.C Milan 5-3-1 18pts
5. Lazio 6-0-4 15pts
Bottom of the table
16. Udinese 2-3-5 9pts
17. Bologna 2-3-5 9pts
18. Empoli 1-3-7 6pt
19.Frosinone 1-2-7 5pt
20.Chievo 0-2-8 -1pt

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