Top three Performers and The Donkey of the Week Match day 12 #389


Roma Winger Stephen El Shaarawy 



After another breathtaking display from Stephan El Shaarawy it is abundantly clear he is Roma the best player. It is crazy to think about when you have a super Talent like Cengiz under and historical goal scorer Edin Dzeko. However this season there has not been a more consistent player. Even in matches in which Roma have performed badly he has the standout star. Yesterday was even more display of that the infectiousness he has on the team and his impact in his position is absolutely sensational. The reason we have not seen Kluivert and Under start together very often is because Stephan El Shaarawy would have to be sacrificed. He is playing at a top-class level for a long time he’s been one of the most underrated players in Italian football. His performance last night was unbelievable. A two-goal performance against a really tough Sampdoria side that beat Napoli 5-0. His opening goal of the match was of an absolutely world-class variety. He currently has five League goals to his name that is 3 more than Edin Dzeko he is a top 10 scorer in the League this season and I see this possibly being his best season yet. I gave him player of the month of October and he’s looking like he’s going to grab it again in November. Last night he was such a big X Factor not only on an offense of aspect he did to get the two goals but it’s what he did over the pitch he was so unplayable. He made smart passes he terrorized the Sampdoria defense with his Speed and Agility and his movement without the ball he is in a league of his own in that aspect. The way he plays and the impact he has on this Roma team can’t be understated. He is the best player on Roma and when he plays Rome perform to a much higher level. The club has made it known that he is not for sale after some rumors about a West Ham approach surfaced in the media Roma came out with a statement saying he is not for sale at any price. He is one of the leaders of this team and in terms of quality he has proved his value. two goals last night against a very tough team not to mention he made some plays that got the offense going and on the counter attack he was unbelievable. I think we all recognize now that Stephan El Shaarawy is Roma’s best player and could be in for a career year his importance on this Roma team is undeniable.


SPAL Wing Back Manuel Lazzari


Manuel Lazzari has become one of the most in-demand wing-backs in Italian football. Without him SPAL would be in danger of relegation. SPAL find themselves four points clear of relegation which at this stage for a club of their size is excellence. I don’t see this team going down and I think they will drastically over shoot their expectations they have quality throughout the side but Manuel Lazzari in particular show me how much importance he plays on this team. SPAL Drew 2-2 with Cagliari this weekend but if it wasn’t for the brilliance of Lazzari they would not have even been in the game. He was responsible for both of their goals assisting on both occasions. He got his teammates into position to score goals and eventually they delivered. He is probably the best player among one of the bottom side and Italian so far. He is wasting his time away at SPAL he should be on one of the biggest teams in Italy. The collection of skills he has is phenomenal for a wing-back to have a defensive and attacking abilities as well as great vision is hard to come by. He still in the very beginning of the his career and he has displayed that quality he was one of the top performers this week despite the 2-2 draw he was influential last season SPAL escaped by the skin of their teeth a year later they are starting to create real separation from the bottom three and a large part of that is because of the impact of Manuel Lazzari he wasn’t sensational this week and I see him continuing to perform at a high level he won’t be at SPAL for much longer.

Atalanta Striker Josip Illic

Josip Ilicic found a way back on this list. He makes his second appearance after putting in a sensational performance against Inter Milan. Inter Milan were winners of their last seven going into their match against Atalanta. This Atalanta team had struggled for the beginning of the season but slowly but surely have got back into a respectable position in the league. Despite the fact that Atalanta have won eight out of their last nine matches at home against Inter Milan what we saw was not what we were expecting. Atalanta absolutely throttled Inter Milan they beat them up with no response. Even when Inter Milan got back into a game through a penalty it was not one they deserved. Atalanta quite easily could have scored five or six goals. The standout star from this match was without a doubt Josip Ilicic he was setting up his teammates brilliantly and had a few chances of his own. He showed at least our quality he has displayed at many times this season. He is Atalanta’s most important player. A capable goal scorer who can find the past to his teammates and he had a field day against a very strong Inter Milan defense. They had no answer for him all day he created so many opportunities for his teammates to score. Even though he did not find the back of the net himself he played a role in almost every attack that went into Millan’s net. an absolutely super performance for one of the most underrated Strikers. There’s not many the has his combination of skills size and athleticism. He’s not going to score an insane amount of goals per season but he plays a part in goals and assists almost on a regular basis to Stats might not look sexy but in games where they need him the most he certainly delivers against Inter Milan he was quite honestly the biggest threat and they could do nothing about it.



DONKEY OF THE WEEK: Gonzalo Higuaín





The donkey of the week goes to Gonzalo Higuaín. He took on his former side Juventus as AC Milan hosted the league leaders at the San Siro. Gonzalo Higuaín is on loan from Juventus and wanted a crack at his former side it did not work as planned. Juventus went on to win 2-0 that was not the big talking point of the match. It’s was Gonzalo Higuaín miserable night it did not go all that well for the Argentina International. Despite the loss AC Milan played pretty well Gonzalo Higuaín was the headline of two incredibly low moments. The first came just a few minutes before half-time when AC Milan was given a penalty. It was an opportunity to turn the game on its head. A equalizer would have changed the momentum in the game. Szczesny  read him like a book saving the pentaly. Gonzalo Higuaín eventually had a few more chances but it was a huge opportunity for AC Milan. However it would get worse Gonzalo Higuaín was a part of a huge controversy near the end of the match where he displayed inexcusable behavior. After receiving a yellow card previously in the match he was given another card for something he allegedly said to the referee. It was a harsh decision what you need to keep yourself composed under that situation it doesn’t give you an excuse to behave in a way he did. He aggressively went running at the referee he was being held back by his own teammates and pushing them. Cristiano Ronaldo try to calm him down but was unsuccessful. It was a hugely inappropriate way to behave and conduct himself. He eventually received a red card and was sent off after the match he apologized for his actions but still received a two-match ban. It’s maybe a bit harsh to call him the donkey of the week but the way he acted when things went badly was inappropriate and unprofessional. Even Gonzalo would recognize that. Two incredibly frustrating moments orchestrated by Gonzalo Higuaín he’s a great player he just lost his head which happens to the best of us this isn’t a cruel way of putting it but I had no choice but to give him a donkey of the week. But this does not make me forget that Inter Milan got absolutely throttled by Atalanta if it wasn’t for Higuaín’s decisions it would be Inter that would be on this list not Milan. Usually I don’t mention who else was in contention but that’s how bad Inter Milan really were. I would be surprised if Gonzalo Higuaín ends up a back on this list for a negative reasons it was purely a moment of madness and which he lost his head.

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