Captain Florenzi Following the Steps of Totti & De Rossi Part 2 #391




Francesco Totti and Daniele De Rossi have led this Roma team for the better part of two decades. While Francesco Totti has since retired to become a sporting director of the club. Daniele de Rossi Still Remains the club captain the question becomes for how much longer? Eventually he will have to pass the torch to a new leader. Daniele De Rossi will not retire after this season but eventually Roma is going to need to have that conversation because Daniele De Rossi is closer to the end than the beginning. A new contract is being prepared for Roma’s current captain but only truly to extend his career by another year. He’s going to be offered a one-year extension that would expire at the end of next season after the conclusion of the 2019-2020 Serie A campaign. The idea is he will follow the footsteps of his father Alberto and hang up his boots in exchange for the sidelines. Roma have been discussing the possibility of Daniele De Rossi to coach one of the Roma youth teams after his retirement from football. Francesco Totti was never going to be a manager you could tell based on his personality that he would be better suited in a director role. One day soon in the next two years it is possible that Daniele De Rossi and Francesco Totti could be working for Roma together. two boyhood Romans who got to live out their dream playing for the club of their lives. However eventually Daniele De Rossi playing career will come to an end and Roma will have to make a decision one a player to lead this team forward in the future. It is a very difficult decision to make given what the armband means in the city of Rome to their beloved Roma. There are certain teams that rotate Captain’s pretty frequently. Roma are not one of those teams being the captain of Roma means more then just being the leader it’s about so much more. The captain of Roma has a even more significant role it is about symbolizing and representing the city and its colors. This is a very important role in the club and deciding who should lead this team for the next decade is a very difficult decision especially in the transfer Market era in which players have the license to leave practically whenever they want. Following the footsteps of Daniele de Rossi and Francesco Totti it is always going to be difficult and that there’s going to be a lot of pressure on the next player who gets to wear the historic Roma armband. by the time Daniele de Rossi does retire the two Roma icons will have combined it for nearly 45 years and over 1,300 games combined. Francesco Totti and Daniele de Rossi both where Roma boys who grew up with one dream to play for Roma. Both men were able to facilitate dream sacrificing trophies money and accomplishments in the process. Roma must give this armband to someone capable and worthy enough to symbolize the city the club and what this team means to the Eternal City someone who displays all those characteristics a player who is willing to spend an entire career at this club. A day will come when the armband will be passed fortunately Roma have someone at the club right now who can fulfill and add to the history of the Roma captains that have come before him.



We have known for quite some time who the future captain of Rama is going to ultimately end up being. I’ve personally had an idea since 2013 it is an incredibly hard and difficult decision to make given what the captain of Rome means to the city and the club. However the decision itself is a simple one. We always knew at some point Roma would have to prepare for Life After Francesco Totti and Daniele de Rossi that day is going to come sooner than later. Alexandro Florenzi perfectly emulates what it means to be a part of this historical Club. There is no person at his Club more Suited to be captain of Roma. He even has captained the side on many occasions. He is Rome as a Vice Captain and he wears the armbands When Daniele de Rossi is either injured or not in the lineup. Much like Francesco Totti and Daniele De Rossi Alexandro Florenzi is a Roma born and raised in the Eternal City and been with the club since he was brought to the Roma Academy in 2002. He has been with the club since he was 11 years old and it’s very likely this is the last Club he will play for. Alexandro Florenzi he is in his seventh season at Roma he has already registered 235 appearances and 27 goals over that time frame. He has essentially been a starter since the 2012 season. Florenzi made his debut late in the 2010-2011 campaign replacing the iconic Francesco Totti a much more historic moment than any of us truly realized. He was sent away to Crotone to gain experience the following year. He lit Serie B on fire with an unbelievable season in Italy’s the second division. He scored 11 goals last season as he returned to Roma in high spirits. When he returned to Rome the versatile Italian made his mark. After an exceptional season in which he scored four goals being a consistent starter at left back and occasionally in the Midfield Florenzi was an incredibly important impact player for Roma. The next summer he continued his development in the 2013 MLS All Star game as Roma face off against the America’s Finest. Alexandro Florenzi ripped the MLS All-Stars to shreds at Sporting Park in Kansas City winning the MVP. He followed up that season with another Sensational campaign his six goals was just a parts of the type of impact he had on the Roma team. Over the next few seasons he became a leader on the pitch showing the passion and admiration he has for his childhood Club. He by all accounts was living the dream trophies would be hard to come by but Florenzi was proving to be one of the best players in Italy. A massively underrated player who caught the eyes of the world in the Champions League in 2015 against  super power FC Barcelona who were the defending champs at the time. Florenzi scored from 50 yards out that Florenzi goal caused the world to lose its mind everybody from every corner of the globe was talking about the goal.  It ended up being a nominee for the goal of the season in Europe A award he should have received. In addition to that he got commended for his class leadership and respect Winning the a fair player award. He was just a Class Act and was putting the entire World on notice for things Beyond his incredible ability. The next season he tore his ACL as his. However what he meant to the team could not be understated Daniele De Rossi that with him in the hospital at 4 a.m. so he could be there when he woke up. A true Class player who that everybody loves. Alexandro Florenzi is a truly special player one of the best at his position especially in Italy a truly special player one of the best at his position especially in Italy his versatile ability to have a brilliance in the attack and the defense has made him one of Serie A best players. Being a captain is more than just leadership you also have to show your ability nobody’s going to follow someone into the line of fire if they don’t have the cutting edge.



Alexandro Florenzi is without a doubt the future captain of this club. When the iconic Daniele De Rossi retires he will be the next one to wear the armband something he already has done on multiple occasions. This is such an iconic thing for the club given some of the captains that have come before him. We already know he has unbelievable quality that he has earned the reputation for one of the most versatile players in all of Europe something that he has shown on a consistent basis. Daniele De Rossi Francesco Totti and Alexandro Florenzi are all Roma boys. All of them went through the Youth Academy living out their dreams of playing for Roma the club is something they all keep close to the heart. There is no one more fitting for the role. Not only does he symbolize what it means to be Roma captain but he understands it he once was a boy cheers for Roma like the captains that have come before him he has described his relationship with Totti and De Rossi as I relationship that goes beyond football. They isn’t a player that more understands the role and the honor of Captain in Roma no on is more worthy of passing of the torch.   . Alexandro Florenzi loves to this club and I think it’s very unlikely he will ever leave it he just signed a new contract this season that has increased his pay as well as the length of his deal. Florenzi is a player you would give a lifetime contract to you see the love he has for the club it flows through him after every goal every crucial moments the love is just on full display. I don’t think he even considers or thinks about playing for anybody else his dream was to play for Roma and he has been able to do it 235 times. Not only does he completely emulate the importance of Roma but he displays Captain characteristics and has for many years. He is a player that is constantly giving encouragement to young players his impact on the team cannot be more clear. The passion and the enthusiasm he shows displays why he should be captain of this team when Daniele De Rossi retires. Everyone adores him and seems to respond positively through his leadership. We had seen him as Roma Captain several times over the years and he constantly displays a big moment wearing that armband. Florenzi is a kind-hearted person who loves what he does and love the people he works with Roma is his family.There are very few people who loves anything as much as Florenzi loves Roma. Anybody has the right to try to lure Florenzi away from the Stadio Olimpico but it will never be successful. Florenzi have opportunities to achieve his childhood dream of captaining his Club. He has been associated with the club for so many years he is only 27 year old and it’s already made over 200 of appearances for Roma he’s had opportunities to leave but it’s never interested him because the one thing he’s always wanted is win with Roma if he had one else where it wouldn’t mean anything to him. He’s got everything he needs to be the future captain of this club he symbolizes and relates to the people of Rome he has the quality the leadership and the passion. He has already proven that he is capable of the role and the responsibilities of being Captain as he has worn the armband. A Rome born product who has developed into a superstar that’s exactly what Roma look for in a captain and there is nobody more deserving than Alexandro Florenzi. After Daniele De Rossi’s retirements I believe Kostas Manolas should be the vice captain of the team as he is responsible for one of the most important goals and much like Florenzi gives everything he has. Alexandro Florenzi is the future captain of Roma and he will Captain this team until he has nothing left to give.



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