Champions League Players of the Week Match Day 5 #399

Atletico Madrid Striker Antoine Griezmann 



Antoine Griezmann’s brilliance has put Atletico Madrid in pole position to win the group. After being crushed by Borussia Dortmund 4-0 in match day three Atletico Madrid have fought their way back and now look like the likely winners of the group. Atletico Madrid won the reverse fixture against vs Dortmund 2-0 and last night put themselves in great position to top the group when it looked unlikely just a few weeks ago. Antoine Griezmann was influential in Atletico Madrid 2-0 victory against as Monaco. He’s had somewhat of a quiet season with only six goals to his name. He has really struggled in La Liga only found the back of the net three times. However in the Champions League he has just in a different type of player the Frenchman has scored 3 goals in 4 games for Atletico Madrid on their way to another Champions League round of 16 matchup after missing out last season. As the holders of the Europa League have secured their place in the next round. Antoine Griezmann single-handedly took down struggling as Monaco. As the World Cup winner killed off the game in the opening 45 minutes. Antoine Griezmann used his incredible vision to find Koke for the opening goal in the game’s first two minutes. He continuously make dangerous runs at the goal and got in good positions to score. Then right before halftime Griezmann found the back of the net in what was a 2-0 victory. Griezmann had an absolutely standout performance with the way he played how he controlled the game and the runs he made at the Monaco goal. Griezmann and Atletico Madrid made easy work of Monaco who have seem to lost their way over the last month. Antoine Griezmann when he is in form is a sensational player hopefully another great Champions League performance can Inspire him for more glory in Europe’s biggest competition. They have great defense the world’s best keeper and an attack with capabilities lead by Antoine Griezmann. Antoine Griezmann gave Atletico Madrid that Competitive Edge last night and I see that continuing for the rest of the competition I think he will end up taking it up a notch as the competition progresses.



Bayer Munich Winger Arjen Robben 



We saw the resurrection of Arjen Robben as of the Bayern Munich and Dutch Legend proved to the world he still is a world class Talent. Going into the game he had only score one goal in all competitions as it had been argued that he was starting to show age. It is no debate that he’s not the player he once was and his Effectiveness on the a Bayern Munich side that has ultimately a huge mountain to climb to even contend for the league title. Bayern Munich’s manager has been heavily criticized and was fighting for his job. A very unlikely source has a resurrected Bayern Munich this season. While they won’t win the league title this season they still have shown the life and ability in the Champions League Bayern Munich still remains unbeaten in the competition but have Ajax on their tail. Arjen Robben delivered for Bayern Munich the opening 30 minutes of the match belonged to Robben. Arjen Robben went vintage with two absolutely outrageous goals against Benfica. You can make the argument that they were the two of the best goals of the Champions League this season they were absolutely Sensational. Both from long-range from a very tough angles. This may not be something we will see on a consistent basis this may be based on something we have seen in the past. Will Arjen Robben be able to do this on a consistent basis I find it unlikely but in a half hour we saw exactly what made Arjen Robben such a special player over the last decade. More importantly they gave Bayern Munich momentum and confidence for the rest of the match as they went on to win 5-1. Bayern Munich have already qualified for The Knockout stage but winning the group may be more difficult then it might seem. They will have to go to Amsterdam and play Ajax. When Ajax came to Germany they were able to get a draw at the Allianz Arena. Winning the group is going to be very difficult especially given the form that the Amsterdam Club has right now. However given the situation they still have a great chance especially if we can see a performance like this again from Arjen Robben. We saw a glimpse of how great Arjen Robben has been in World football even if we will not see a performance like that again this season from him but it was definitely worth it.




Shakhtar Donetsk Midfielder Taison 


Shakhtar Donetsk going into the their Champions League match this week against Hoffenheim seemed to be dead in the water. The Ukrainian Giants were without a win and basically signifying that they will not be participating any further with a likely bottom finish. However it now appears they have a chance at a Europa League place and even possibly qualification for The Knockout stage even though it may be a long shot. Shakhtar Donetsk and Hoffenheim put on an incredible display in a five-goal thriller. This game had multiple stories with the star ended up being Taison. Shakhtar Donetsk creative midfielder was responsible for all three goals in their dramatic late victory over Hoffenheim. Shakhtar Donetsk got off to the races with a very early 2-0 lead for the Ukrainian champions. Taison using his great vision facilitating Ishmael’s goal for the early lead. Just two minutes later Taison scored one himself things just seemingly were coming easy. They were without a win and they were already 2-0 up. However there was a huge collapse as Hoffenheim ultimately brought the game back even making it 2-2 before halftime. In the second half  Shakhtar Donetsk fought and fought because they knew they were playing for their lives a  loss the hoffenheim would eliminate them from the competition was no chance even at Europa League. In the dying minutes of the match Taison delivered a stoppage-time goal to give Shakhtar Donetsk a glimmer of hope with a very late of victory in the Ukraine. A sensational performance by Taison having been responsible for all three goals in the 3-2 victory. Now they’re in position believe it or not to possibly take second in the group. If they find a way to beat Lyon on the final match day they could push themselves to second in the group which would earn them qualification for the round of 16 for the second consecutive season. If they get a draw they could get into Europa League. Shakhtar Donetsk’s late winner have turned everything around in this competition when it looks like all hope is lost Taison orchestrated the turnaround for the Ukrainian champions a sensational performance as Taison took the role as leader and found a way to crawl back into the competition.

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