Roma’s Player of the Month November Stephen El Shaarawy #400



The month of November it’s all about wrapped up as Roma look forward to December. It has been a very up-and-down stretch for Roma in November the international break came at the wrong time as we saw a lot of positivity at the beginning of the month and negativity towards the end. Roma started the month with a 1-1 draw at Florentina a very controversial result in which and undeserving penalty was given. However Alexandro Florenzi struck late in that game as a Roma earned a hard-fought point. The match was highlighted by the refereeing error but a point away in Florence is never a bad result. Roma followed that up with the Justin kluivert game as I like to call it we have started to see the emergence of Romans talented 19 year old Winger. In the Champions League against cska Moscow in Russia Justin Kluivert ran the show. In hostile territory in an important Champions League match Roma’s youngster Rose to the occasion as he showed off his super Talent. An early goal from Kostas manolas and a second-half game-winner from Lorenzo Pellegrini insured a 2-1 victory for Roma He was absolutely sensational that night with a blistering performance as he has continued to develop throughout the month. Roma responded to a good performance in the Champions League to put on a sensation display against a tough sampdoria side at the stadio olimpico. It was a game Roma truly dominated without a doubt the best performance of the season. Bryan Cristante had his goals stolen by Juan Jesus and Patrik Schick scored his first goal of the season. However the day was about Stephan El Shaarawy again had proven to be the best player so Roma this season scoring two excellent goals in what was a 4-1 Victory a absolutely Sensational performance from team who had not performed to that standard this season. Then the international break came and it threw off momentum following two losses to end the month that came along with huge injury crisis. It was A FIFA like game against Udin in which they dominated in every single aspect but failed to find the back of the net meanwhile the opposition’s only chance of the game found the back of the net as short-handed Roma lost 1-0 to Udinese a team that was in relegation zone. To end the month they have psychological disaster against Real Madrid at the Stadio Olimpico in what was a 2-0 loss despite that they have secured a qualification in the Champions League. Now we will look at the player of the month for Roma.


Nominee #3 Justin kluivert



Justin kluivert came with a lot of expectations to be Roma’s next young star. It has taken him a while to really display himself in the Roma colors. He made a lot of appearances off the Bench with only a few starts prior to this month. However we have seen a breakout of quality from Roma talented 19 year old. Justin kluivert ran the show in an important Champions League match against cska Moscow in Russia it was a night where he showed he has everything required to be a superstar for Roma. He has pace incredible speed and showed so much effort not to mention his incredible ball skills. Over the last month he has been high on DiFrancesco’s team sheet and has started  a few games since the night in Russia. Kluivert even started ahead of Roma’s Turkish star Cengiz Under on a few occasions this season especially this month. Every time you’ve seen him play this season there’s just something special about him. He has performed well practically in every game he has played this season and is deserving of the playing time he seems to be getting. As the season progresses I see him only continuing to get opportunities to perform and display his incredible Talent. His numbers this month won’t impress you but the way he is performs both in the Champions League and Serie A deserves some recognition. He has shown that he is a superstar in the making and everybody knows it he offers a dimension to Roma that they do not have he is so dangerous especially coming forward the strategy will change and how they attack teams based on the skill set this incredibly talented youngster has.

Nominee #2 Bryan Cristante


Roma captain Daniele De Rossi has missed the entire month due to an injury Roma have missed him dearly but one of Roma summer signings has finally gotten the opportunity to display his ability. Bryan Cristante has been forced in for Daniele De Rossi this month as he has started in his position in every single game besides Steven Nzonzi. We do miss De Rossi and hope he comes back as soon as possible but in some respect this has been a blessing in disguise. Prior to this month Bryan Cristante has been underwhelming in his performances after the high expectations coming in from Atalanta this summer. Beside his goal early in the season and the passing Brilliance against the Viktoria Plzen he had not hit the ground running like many people expected. During this month he has certainly grown in every game he has performed exceptionally well even in ones that Roma have lost. He has been a bright light in what otherwise has been a gloomy month for Roma. Based on what we have seen from him over this month he seems to have everything necessary to become a top midfielder for Roma. His pairing with Steven nzonzi has been absolutely special the World Cup winner has helped his development the two of them together can be incredibly dangerous hard to stop as a pair. Recently he has just been a delightful Roma he has passed the ball well orchestrated and trying it to control the pace of the game and offensively helping Romans attacking Midfield get forward. Against sampdoria he nearly scored had Juan Jesus not given a late touch the goal would have been credited to him. In that game among a lot of players he was special he found the passing lanes and executed. With the ball on his feet he has been very impactful he has been one of Roma’s most effective players this month and his proved is worthy of starting in the defensive Midfield with and Steven Nzonzi. He has shown defensive and attacking abilities making him a very effective two-way player. If he starts playing with a little bit more confidence and gets more opportunities this season he certainly could start to justify his price tag. November was very encouraging for the midfielder I expect to see more displays like we have seen throughout the rest of the season because this month he has been just special.

Winner Stephan El Shaarawy


Although Justin kluivert and Bryan Cristante have done really well this months El Shaarawy has been heads and tails above the rest. The player of the month in October has won it again in November. He is quite honestly proving to be Roma’s best player this season. He’s not only Roma’s best player this season he is Roma’s most important player as well. He is the team’s top scorer in the League this season with five goals. Which ranks in the top 10 in Italian football this season. Goals and assists are great but his performance have gone way Beyond stats. If you look at the effectiveness of Roma with him and without him it paints the entire picture. Roma are a better team when El Shaarawy is playing at least 60 minutes. Obviously this month’s the big performance was against sampdoria in which he added two second-half goals for Roma. Scoring arguably one of the best goals of the season in that game which he scored from a nearly impossible angle. All the analytics will tell you that Roma are stronger and more well rounded when El Shaarawy is starting games this is a large part of why Cengiz under has only started a very limited amount of games this month. With the emergence of Justin Kluivert DiFrancesco has wanted to give him some more opportunities to prove himself but because of this Under ended up on the bench because this season no one is taking El Shaarawy out of the starting lineup his position is secure. It’s more about individual performances its about what his impact has been on the team. While he is one individual the way he impacts the game makes it easier for his teammates to get in position to score. El Shaarawy is the best player in the world in terms of his ability to move without the ball this unleashes a dimension of the offense that can be very effective. When El Shaarawy is getting opportunities his shots are on target practically on every shot. No one in Italian football has had a higher amount of shots on target. While he’s only scored two goals this month he is an absolute danger every time he has played. Believe It or Not Stephan El Shaarawy is Roma’s best player this season and probably has the most importance out of any player. Not only on the pitch but in the media when Roma has had a embarrassing performance in which they did not play up to standard it is always El Shaarawy taking responsibility for the team. He is in for a huge season El Shaarawy is just playing out of his mind many people had thought that El Shaarawy this season may not have as many opportunities but in fact he has been such a key part of this team he just needs a little more consistency from everyone else. El Shaarawy has done his part he has been extremely consistent and impressive throughout the month of November there has been no better player. His injury against Real Madrid was a gut-punch to what was otherwise an incredible month for El Shaarawy.

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