A Child of War to Winner of the Ballon D’or Luka Modric Recognized as World’s Best #404




It has been announced that Real Madrid Midfielder Luka Modric has won footballs best individual prize The Ballon D’or. An award given to the Best Player of that Year it is also known as WORLD FOOTBALL PLAYER OF THE YEAR. Real Madrid Croatian midfielder Luka Modric has ended an era of dominance by two of the greatest footballers we have ever seen. Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi have dominated this competition for a better part of a decade. It has been a competition between two men over the last 10 years no one else really has stood a chance at this award. 2007 was the last year either Messi or Ronaldo was not given the Ballon d’Or. In 2007 it was the last year of the Mortals as Kaka beat out both Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi to the honors. He was the last one to win before the aliens arrived. By all accounts Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi are unparalleled in sports what they have done over this. It’s absolutely incredible. These are the two most dominant performers in sports history that I’ve ever seen. Collectively they are more dominant then Michael Jordan LeBron James Michael Phelps and many others. Every year in the NBA a new MVP is awarded. We have not seen a player or players dominate in this way LeBron James not winning the MVP every season that is essentially what Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have done over this decade. It has become a more than an award is boiled down to a competition between it to superhumans. They were playing for Barcelona and Real Madrid the two greatest sports teams in history we saw them dominate La Liga in the highest degree as well the Champions League. With over a 100 Champions League goals each they are the most dominant soccer players of this era and maybe ever. I’m not saying they’re the best of all time but in terms of the way they have dominated this sports for the last 10 years no one can really match up. Collectively they have scored 1,184 goals combined 64 trophies 224 individual honors since if you look the definition of domination in sports the answer is Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. This has been their competition this has been their ceremony. It has been over a decade and arguments can still be made that it should have continued. If I’m being completely honest I would have voted for one of them but I’m not going to take away this moment from Luka Modric who was a Worthy winner of the Ballon d’Or.


A case can certainly be made that Luka Modric did not deserve this award and it was biased journalists and people in the media that made this happen. You can make the arguments for several players that should have won this award instead of Luka Modric I could make those arguments myself. I quite honestly would have voted for Cristiano Ronaldo. He was influential and Real Madrid’s capture of another Champions league title scoring in important moments he show the Superstar qualities at the World Cup that included a hat-trick against Spain. Not to mention he made a move to Italy and Real Madrid drastically weakened they’re not the same team without Real Madrid’s number 7. He went to Italy and Juventus has become stronger better and more disciplined. To me I think Cristiano Ronaldo should have won this award giving it impact he has had this year and what he has achieved and the trophies he has won certainly display why he was deserving of this award. In terms of what he has done I don’t think it should have been very close I think Cristiano Ronaldo should have easily won his 6th Ballon d’Or and I will get into the issues of what the problem is with this entire system at a later date but despite everything I just said. Luka Modric is incredibly deserving of this award again he would not have gotten my vote but you can’t deny how important he has been to Real Madrid over these past few years and without him cause Croatia does not get to the World Cup final. He doesn’t score tons of goals or dish out tons of assist he’s not electric or a sexy player he is hard-working and extremely effective. In some respect I’m glad he won this award because he really deserves it not to mention this changes the narratives that this ceremony and achievement is a goal scoring contest. It is not what it should be about it should be about individual performances throughout the calendar year achievements at club level and signifying performances in the season. It shouldn’t just be about goals and with Modric receiving this award Maybe the interpretation of that will change. I completely understand why people are upset or outraged by him receiving this. However whether he is the most deserving are not is up for debate but there’s no debate that he deserves this.



Luka Modric has been through so much in his life and football career and if anyone deserves recognition for that it is the Croatian magician. He has worked so incredibly hard to get to this point the things he has been through early in his life his realities as a young child would be your nightmares. When Luka Modric was a child he was born into the Croatian War of Independence. A very scary and dark time for the country. The war escalated and in doing so Luka Modric and his family was forced to flee the country. Madrid grandfather was executed by Serbian Rebels in result of the Serbian War. His childhood home was burned to the ground. His family were refugees and lived with relatives and a hotel for 7 years. There was a time where his father joining the Croatian Army during that period the country could have not been in its worst shape. In that space of time thousands of bombs fell on the city. During those years Luka Modric only way to escape was football playing the game he loved made him forget about all the horrible things he and his family were going through on an almost daily basis. He has described these moments as making him the person he is today. During the war He was unaware of it for the most part because he was friends with many people in the neighborhood and the parents did not let it affect his well-being. He started playing his football under strange circumstances mostly playing in the hotel parking lot. As a child he was inspired to play the game of football because of Francesco Totti the Roma Legend. Luka Modric eventually discovered by Dinamo Zagreb playing for the Croatian Giants he developed into a young star. After four seasons 128 appearances and 32 goals he attracted the attention of the Premier League. He joined the Spurs in 2008 wearing the number 14 Jersey to honor Johan Cruyff.  Four years later The Los Blancos of Real Madrid Came Calling.


He went from growing up having to see bombs go off on a daily basis to playing for Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu. Yet adversity struck against him once again something that Luka Modric is far too familiar with. He was voted the worst signing of the season as the Spanish media ripped him apart something that I can imagine was hard to deal with especially given the pressure and expectations of Real Madrid. Fast forward 5 years and that Luka Modric is arguably the best midfielder in the world a player that once was considered a bad signing now truly looks and appears to be a huge bargain. Since that disappointing debut season he has made 223 appearances scoring nine goals and having played a big role and Real Madrid success over that time. Since being referred to as the worst signing he has one 12 trophies including winning the Champions League 4 times in 5 years and was a big part of Real Madrid’s ability to 3-peat Europe’s most desirable competition. Regardless of who you wanted to win this award you can’t deny that he did deserve it. Whether he was the most deserving or not it’s something that can be discussed. However for many years he has been underappreciated and unrecognized for all the hard work he does in the Real Madrid Midfield. Cristiano Ronaldo was the biggest part of that success the Luka Modric played an exceptional role and the dominance of Real Madrid in Europe. Over The Last 5 Years Luka Modric giving his impact on the team he deserved to be in consideration for the Ballon d’Or he was universally unrecognized was never given the respect he deserved. There has been a negative response to all of this my fans and players alike although we all have an issue with the committee that decides these things we should recognize Luka Modric for the incredible player he has become given what he went through there is no one in the world that deserves this recognition more. Is the sad fact that Iniesta Xavi Pablo Maldini Francesco Totti Buffon and others never received this award but Luka Modric has. While Luka Modric isn’t as good as those players and it’s sad that none of them won this award I don’t think it’s fair to take this away from him. The adversity he had faced on a regular basis throughout his life is something that most of us can only find in our nightmares he lived it in reality and overcame it to become the world’s best midfielder is now being recognized as the best player this season there’s very few people that is more deserving that Luka Modric.

Football: Croatia vs England at World Cup

Modric helped Real Madrid win a third successive Champions League title in May and also captained Croatia to their first World Cup final, being named player of the tournament despite his side losing 4-2 to France. Over this last year he has been quite simply one of the best players in the world. His role in Real Madrid Champions League this season cannot be understated while Ronaldo may have scored the important goals the work Luka Modric did in the Real Madrid Midfield during this run to the Champions League trophy has to be respected. Although La Liga did not go the best for Real Madrid last year he performed on a consistent basis in every competition we have seen him in. The entire Real Madrid team has struggled a little bit this season but last year he was just special. He may not be the best player in the world that still belongs to Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi but without question he is one of the best players in the world. He was the engine behind an unlikely Underdog to get to the World Cup final as he drove Croatia put the team on his back and delivered something they had never experienced before. They might have fallen short in the World Cup final but he won the hearts of the world. He was recognized as the World Cup’s best player as on a consistent basis he was the hardest working most efficient player in the entire tournament and that is without a debate it was as clear as day he was quite easily the best player in the tournament. He was recognized as Europe top player and now he has captured the unthinkable. After a decade of Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi a different name gets read from the card at the Ballon d’Or ceremony he has finally achieved everything going from a child of war to the winner of footballs highest individual price becoming the first Croatian in history to win this award. In doing so becoming the first person to win this honor since the aliens arrived. He is highly unlikely to win this award again and maybe they were people more deserving based on how they have played in the last year but I think we all need to get in the place regardless of what the opinions are to be happy for Luka Modric there’s not a player alive today deserves this more given everything that he has been through he went from  Serbian War to the world’s best.









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