A Roman Nightmares as Cagliari strike back twice in Roma’s late collapse #410

Score: A.S Roma 2 Cagliari 2FT



Following a come-from-behind draw against Inter Milan on Sunday Roma head back out onto the road to face Cagliari on Saturday Night Football. Calgary is known as a defensive tactics a team that has the abilities to grab points against some of Italian football’s heavyweights. Cagliari went in the game intending to steal points while Roma we’re looking to ignite a winning streak as they try to get closer to the Champions League places. After an impressive performance last week that showed character Roma must respond as they struggled with this season the Lesser teams. In the first half Roma dominated the run a play but Cagliari did have their moments. Roma got forward quite frequently and looked dangerous when they were coming forward. Roma had a breakthrough after a brilliant set up that ended with a strike from Bryan Cristante to give Aroma a 1-0 lead. Roma continued to have  control Roma doubled their lead with a free-kick as Alex Kolarov drilled the goal into the top corner to give Roma is a 2-0 lead after the first half. However inconsistent Roma reappeared any second half of the match as they were dominated by Cagliari. With just 10 minutes ago Roma had a two-goal lead but they stumbled and Calgary scored late and again stoppage-time despite having two players sent off. As more points are dropped to an inferior opponent there’s no excuse for Roma to have lost the game a change could be coming as Roma fall further away from a Champions League football.




Eusebio DiFrancesco what turned out a very similar Roma side Out of the 4-2-3-1 formation only a few adjustments made ahead of the big match. In goal as usual would be Roma’s number one the Swede Robin Olsen. Roma’s backline would have two changes from last weekend. At left-back would be Alex Kolarov the best player in Italy at the position. Beside him would be the centre-back partnership of Federico Fazio and Kostas Manolas then coming in at right back would be Roma Captain Alessandro Florenzi. We would see the usual defensive Midfield pairing of Bryan Cristante and Steven Nzonzi the they have played exceptionally well together since the injury to De Rossi. It would be a very young energetic attacking midfield for Roma. With all three players under the age of 21. In central Midfield filling in for the injured Lorenzo Pellegrini would be Nicolo Zaniolo who had a exceptional performance last week against his former team. On the right wing would be Roma’s Turkish Talent Cengiz Under who scored an outrageous goal against inter. Then on the right-wing would be the Dutch youngster Justin Kluivert. An extremely young Midfield with pace and athleticism. Then finally up front as the main Striker would be Patrik Schick who continues to fill in for the injured Edin Dzeko. This includes a bit more options Off the Bench as Javier Pastore and Diego Perotti would both be available as they have returned from injury.



Preparations and predictions for the match ahead he was just about to take off in Cagliari on a cold night. Roma went with the long ball football as they had some superiority. Despite that Cagliari was very much in the match. Going into this game they were one of the three best teams at home and early in the game you could see exactly why. The atmosphere was noisy Non-Stop their fans and supporters were making noise to try and disrupt Roma the Rhythm offensively. Nicolo Zaniolo gave Roma the opening chance with a strike from inside the Box. Despite not scoring the Roma youngster took an ambitious effort. The chance would be followed by Pedro who fired a shot at Olsen a few minutes later but I did not threaten the Swede in any way. Roma looked to be more control but occasionally Cagliari would have a moment in which they looked dangerous. A little while later Florenzi took an ambitious strike from distance but the wind took his ball in a place where he did not intend as he missed the target. Roma showed confidence going forward and looked good on the ball Bryan Cristante especially stood out in the first half with his ball movement and his execution with his passes. In the 14th minute Roma displayed some beautiful football. While in an attacking position Florenzi sent in a beautiful cross into the box. Justin Kluivert then made a back pass outside to Brian Cristante who snuck the ball underneath the goalkeeper into the back of the net beautiful execution a wonderful strike together Roma took the 1-0 lead. Bryan Cristante has really turned it on for the last few weeks.


Bryan Cristante continues to perform with a beautify hit goal to give Roma lead. 


Within minutes of Roma’s opening goal there was an onslaughts of Roma chances. Just a few minutes later Under came extremely close the Turkish super-talent just fired wide after being set up by Justin Kluivert. Roma we’re Relentless with their attack coming forward at least it looked really fluid in the first half. It was followed up by Justin Kluivert shot from Deep. Quick athletic players from Roma were really having a field day a lot of opportunities coming left and right. At the 20-minute mark Bryan Cristante had a moment of Genius in which the entire Stadium had to hold its breath. Coming forward the Italian midfielder hit and absolute rocket of a shot drilling it near the top Corner only narrowly missing. A nearly Flawless attack By Roma that just missed out. Roma continued to be the dominant force in the game as more chances we continued. Nicolo Zaniolo a few minutes later came within inches of his first goal for Roma. From inside the box the young Italian try to hit the ball into the bottom corner but the goalkeeper was able to deal with. Despite his shot being saved up to that point he had done really well putting himself in position to have opportunities. At the half-hour mark Schick came within inches of doubling Roma’s lead. After putting his foot through Kolarov’s cross from nearly tucking it into the back of the net. Cagliari were getting into position occasionally going on an attack that looked dangerous but they’re finishing touch in front of goal was poor as Robin Olsen didn’t have much to do in the first half. Calgary were going after it but in front of the goal and they needed improvements. Just a few minutes before the second half Roma won a free-kick.  Kolarov stepped up in a very dangerous area definitely in-range of the Serbian left back. Kolarov struck a absolute perfect ball taking a slight defection as a ball landed in the back of the net to give Roma a 2-0 lead with just a few minutes left in the first half. At the end of the first half Cagliari looked inform as Alberto Cerri put his head through a cross that nearly landed in the back of the net just narrowly missing just out of the reach of Robin Olson had it been on target it would have been a Surefire goal. Roma tried to fire back with chances from Under and Schick that were largely orchestrated by Florenzi and Kolarov but it signaled the end of the first half with Roma having a 2-0 lead thanks to Kolarov and Bryan Cristante.


Kolarov Hits the Dagger as Roma we see Roma go 2-0 up before halftime 



It was a very strong first-half for Roma but we have seen this story before it was important that in the second half that Roma don’t make mistakes that allow their opposition and back into the game this is a very inconsistent team that was their aim at least going into the second half. Cagliari despite being down by two goals looked really good at the end of the first half and we’re hoping to take that momentum into the last 45 minutes. Roma ultimately digressed in the second half but at the very start of it they showed some opportunities to put the game away for good. Just minutes into the second half Under drove the ball near the touchline before cutting it in into Nicolo Zaniolo who fired a shot on goal a well-hit shot but he didn’t have a great angle on the ball to begin with. They’re scoring chance ultimately Ended as Kostas Manolas missed the target coming off the corner. Cagliari continued to push forward with chances from Pedro and Fairgo. Roma for the most part sat back and defended in the second half it was a less-than-stellar performance the momentum and the confidence that they had in the first half certainly didn’t appear to carry over as mistakes were being made occasionally and the ball was in the danger area most of the time for Cagliari. Alessandro Florenzi ignited another chance for Roma in this instance they definitely should have scored as Steven Nzonzi had his shot blocked in the Box Schick tried to respond with a strike of his own but was saved. It was a very unfortunate situation if Roma found the ways to score it could have dramatically changed the results. Cagliari had another chance but Robin Olsen caught the ball into his arms. A few minutes later Nicolo Zaniolo had his best chance of the game as he certainly appeared to have a one-on-one battle with their goalkeeper. From inside the box he tried to hit the ball with power and pace but was denied him. Cagliari continued to push forward and we’re playing an excellent in the second half at no point did I actually think they would come back but they were displaying a serious threat. Coming after Kolarov Miss on a free-kick the VAR was consulted after an alleged penalty against Roma. After the review it was clear the Kolarov did not have his arm in-motion and the ball first initially touch his leg rather than his arm so the penalty was not given. Roma made their first change of the game as a Luca Pellegrini came in for Justin Kluivert. All things considered I thought Justin performed quite well throughout the match. Just a few minutes later Javier Pastore came in  for Patrik Schick to try to give Roma better shape defensively while still having an offense with outlet that Pastore can provide. It had looked like Roma playing a game against the clock as it ticking on. Late with in the 85th minute Ionita got on back for Cagliari. Off a corner kick he beats his man and headed the ball into the back of the net without giving Robin Olsen much chance to adjust his body given the circumstance. In stoppage time the true collapse occurred. In the 93rd minutes two Cagliari players were sent off after a collide with Robin Olsen in which he was kicked in the shoulder and the face. The nightmare occurred late in this match with only seconds to go down to 10 men somehow someway due to defensive erosion from Roma. Cagliari got on a breakaway and Marco Sanu stuck it into the bottom corner Robin Olsen and being let down by his defense as he didn’t have time to adjust it is extremely hard to stop a breakaway but the defense collapse allowed Cagliari to equalize at death of. As they end up stealing a point in a match they quite clearly should have lost.


Outrage from Roma after seeing them Choke away a 2-0 lead

An abysmal second-half display denies Roma of securing the three points they earned during the first half of play. For the second time this season Roma cough up a two-goal lead. A mental and psychological collapse saw Cagliari come back twice in the game’s final 10 minutes which included a breakaway strike that denied Roma of a victory at the very death of the match despite being down to nine men having two players sent off prior to the Breakaway. An excellent first-half a play was written off because of Roma’s inability to limit mistakes late in the game. Robin Olsen could not stop either chance as the Roma’s defense betrayed him something that has been too common of A occurrence this season. Roma dominated the first half with brilliance from Kolarov and Bryan Cristante among others as they had many opportunities to score. Roma took the lead through a brilliance team goal as Bryan Cristante found the back of the net after being beautifully set up by Justin Kluivert to give Roma the 1-0 lead . Roma were able to double it through an outrageous Kolarov free-kick to give Roma the 2-0 lead. This gave Roma a cushion going into the second half. During the second half Roma did have a few chances in which they probably should have scored a few but Cagliari for the most part was in full control. Forcing Roma to sit back and defend almost constantly. Surprisingly Cagliari attacks Roma uncharacteristic to what they have typically done over the last few seasons. Much of the second half DiFrancesco was screaming at his team allowing them to get back into the game. Defensively they were making too many mistakes. Despite their terrible second half it had looked like a Roma we’re going to find a way across the finish line getting the three points. Roma said I found a way to finish them off with a two-goal lead Roma needed to be  mistake-free until . 10 minutes Cagliari scored five minutes to the end. They scored at the Dead an inconsistent Roma leave Cagliari frustration. They had a 2-0 lead with 10 minutes to go that is absolutely and inexcusable for them to have blown it. I’m not sure what needs to happen the fact of the matter is Roma are good enough they have some quality players in their squad as well as some really good young Talent it is not acceptable for them to be doing this poorly. They have dropped points against mid table and bottom table teams these are the games that should be easy three points and it has failed to deliver. There were some bright spots with  Kolarov goal not to mention Nicolo Zaniolo showing more so that he is a top player was another inspiring performance. The man of the match goes to Bryan Cristante who not only played a big role in scoring a goal the in creating opportunities as well as getting his team out of bad situations. Unfortunately it was not enough due to the second-half collapse Genoa and Juventus awaits they are very tough opponents the inconsistency is a huge problem for Roma there’s no way they shouldn’t have won this game they only have themselves to blame for the second-half collapse changed may be on its way but players need to take responsibility.



Man of The Match: Bryan Cristante (2)


A.S Roma
Shots: 24
On Target: 6
Possession: 45%
Passes: 378
Pass Accuracy: 77%
Shots: 16
On Target: 5
Possession: 55%
Passes: 465
Pass Accuracy: 77%
Top of the table
1.Juventus 14-1-0 43pts
2.Napoli 9-2-2 32pts
3. Inter 9-2-4 29pts
4. Milan 7-4-3 25pts
5. Lazio 7-4-4 25pts
7.A.S Roma 5-6-4 21 Pts
Bottom of the table
16. Udinese 3-4-7 13pts
17. Fc Empoli 3-4-7 13pts
18. Bologna 2-5-7 11pt
19.Frosinone 1-5-7 8pt
20.Chievo 0-5-9 2pt


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