Roma vs Genoa 5 Talking Points #419


Roma returned home after a horrid road trip. As they hosted Genoa at the Stadio Olimpico another team that has struggled with consistency in their own right. Roma had immense pressure on them going into this game as Eusebio Di Francesco job security was under serious threat needing a win to hold on to his job. As they faced off with a Genoa team who haven’t won a game in quite some time pressure was really on both these teams as we were treated to an exciting controversial important 5 goal Thriller. After a horrible goalkeeping by Robin Olsen Piatek gave Genoa the early lead. Roma battled back as Federico Fazio equalized making it 1-1. It was a truly back-and-forth game at the stadio olimpico. Genoa took the 2-1 lead moments later through Oscar Hijigmark. DiFrancesco jobs was hanging in the balance and Roma knew they needed a goal before the halftime to give themselves a chance. Justin kluivert behind some unbelievable Brilliance scored his first goal in Italian football right before halftime to make it 2-2 at the break. In the second half Genoa scored but the goal was cancelled by VAR it is something that Roma took full advantage of. Bryan Cristante who had been an absolute boss in the midfield put together some individual brilliance smashing home the would-be winner. Roma battles until the very end a penalty call in favor of Genoa wasn’t given as Roma get a stroke of luck. Behind the brilliance of Bryan Cristante Roma held on for the 3-2 Victory winning their first match since November 11th saving the job of DiFrancesco as his Roma side show spirits as they fought back twice in a hugely important win to push them into the top six in Italian football.

Justin Kluivert First Serie A Goal


In last night’s win there was a very special moment for Justin kluivert as he scored his first goal in Italian football. In a crucial moment in which Roma found themselves 2-1 down the The Talented 19 year old displayed a moment of Brilliance as he got Roma back into the game in doing so scoring his first in Serie A. Justin kluivert was brought to Rome this summer for 20 million from Ajax. An incredibly talented but incredibly raw Prospect who took a while to get his feet in the capital. For the majority of the season thus far he has mostly been used as a crucial substitution in important moments. His career at Roma could not have starred in any better as he assisted a stoppage-time goal for edin dzeko in what was an eventual 1-0 win for Roma in the opening day of the Season. It was great promise for this young Talent but we wouldn’t see another moment like that for a little while. He got some starts and continue to improve. Justin kluivert has now asserts himself as a crucial part of this team after some of Roma’s injury issues he was put into the starting lineup and has a really flourished. A performance in Russia against cska Moscow displayed the type of talent that Roma have. He is electric extremely athletic and Incredibly fast. On the counter-attack he is one of the most dangerous players in the entire league. He has a complete package of skill a huge piece of this Roma side and has done so well since the injury to Stephan El Shaarawy. His goal last night was spectacular On the counter attack instigated by Kolarov a lay off orchestrated by Cengiz Under. Gave Justin Kluivert space to operate he ripped through everyone displaying his speed athleticism and focus putting together an incredible run Justin kluivert on their counter attack made Genoa pay he stuck the ball in the bottom corner on an incredibly efficient break. The team may be inconsistent but he has continuously played well over the last few weeks. Stephan El Shaarawy is Roma’s most dangerous player. He has been able to fill that role he is a super Talent and he will only get better as the season progresses last night he was sensational scoring a goal and providing an excellent assist to Cristante for the game-winner. Say what you want about Roma and  all the issues are the young talent that this team has is ahead of the Curve. Now that he has his first go under his belt he’s only going to get better as the season goes on but an unbelievable moment it appears we have a super star in the making not to we saw the emotion and how much it meant to him it was a special night.

Piatek and Genoa’s Decline


After a relatively hot start to the season Genoa has completely collapsed. Roma was not the only team last night that was in great need of points Genoa haven’t been much better. Now don’t get me wrong Genoa is a quality team and at the moment is the only team this season to take points off Juventus. But over the last few games they haven’t been themselves and are starting to find themselves closer and closer to the relegation Zone. Over their last five games to have not won single game having lost three of their last five. It is not enough and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible they find themselves in 16th just five points away from the relegation Zone if they do not figure something out soon they will only get closer and closer to the bottom. Some of the bottom teams over the last few weeks have started to pick up some serious ground on the table Genoa need to get that together as soon as possible. They have a very strong team and have lost some really tough games last night being one of them. Piatek there Superstar after a really hot start to the season scoring in nine straight games. Has cooled off a little bit his last three goals two of them are penalties and last night his goal was within inches of being a own goal. He’s obviously extremely talented player but he hasn’t played with the same intensity and conviction since he caught fire early in the season. Even though he scored last night he is not in great form and it is going to be a serious problem if he doesn’t get back on track early in the season they were very reliant on him. This team is on his shoulders he is the top scorer in the league and he needs to continue to deliver. I don’t think this team should be in any real danger of the relegation Zone but if they’re not careful that will become a reality.

Bryan Cristante’s A Super Star Performance


Bryan cristante only continues to flourish since being put into the starting lineup he has been such an important player from Roma who continues to show the qualities he displayed last season at Atalanta. He completely and utterly dominated the Roma Midfield and was a huge problem for Genoa he made it extremely hard to Mark him because of his incredible intelligence he displayed. We have not seen a Roma midfielder Perform like that since Lorenzo Pellegrini against Lazio. Bryan Cristante is quite simply a superstar he had a less-than-stellar start to the season but since the injury to De Rossi he has just evolved into a star overnight. It’s not just what he did offensively it’s the entire package of skills he displayed in a game a Roma needed to win. Roma could not be denied last night and a Bryan Cristante is a big reason why. His ball movement was Sensational he created attacks and got teammates into great positions to score goals. He was a complete boss in the Midfield quite easily the best player on the pitch last night. He continues to grow and shows the incredible talents and qualities that he possesses. He scored for a second consecutive game this season and the unbelievable brilliance he displayed on the goal shouldn’t go unnoticed. The amount of intelligence that it took to create the masterpiece it was not only that but scored in the game winning goal in which he created the opportunity almost completely by himself he did need help but the way he played on the ball on the goal was absolutely world-class. When in the danger area he took the ball hitting a chip shot to Justin kluivert who is only a few meters away who returned with the header Bryan cristante smashed the strike into the back of the net off the volley to score the most important goal this month unbelievable creation pass and a world-class finish. He is going to continue and continue to develop in his early days playing for Roma he was heavily criticized almost on a consistent basis but he has a silence the doubters because over the last month he has just been something else. At this point you cannot take him out of the lineup he’s just playing far too well. Roma have something truly special with Bryan cristante he single-handedly saved Eusebio DiFrancesco his job Roma have a truly special player on their hands one that could perhaps could lead this club in the future. It was a super star performance from Roma’s expensive signing.

VAR The Good and The Bad


The VAR came into play last night I’m not going to complain about the calls or the decision made however that doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t still have an issue with this technology. The VAR rightfully wiped off what would have been Genoa goal. That’s not the problem here the problem is this it took far too much time for the referees to determine the result of the play. Var should be simple check the replay an issue with decision. The amount of time it took to make this decision was absolutely ridiculous. While the referee ended up making the right call it took too long to determine. VAR is very useful technology but it shouldn’t be dragged out so we’re just sitting and waiting for like 5 minutes for them to make a decision. Look at the replay makes the decision and let the match continue the amount of time it took for them to come to an agreement was crazy it cannot take this long to decide. Genoa third goal was offside in the right decision was made Roma went on to score a third goal in which ended up being the game-winner. It took the momentum and the flow of the game away because of the amount of time it took. Late in the game it came up again where Genoa had a penalty claim at the very end of the match. In my honest opinion it was a penalty they should have at least looked at it. As a Roma fan I’m glad they didn’t because that could have thrown away what was an inspiring Victory but nonetheless the honest truth is it should at least have been reviewed even if they made the wrong choice you have to give an honest representation VAR has issues it is fixable but Football Federation has to acknowledge there’s a problem.

Roma’s Fighting Sprit


Over the last two games in which Roma quite possibly seeing their lowest point of the season. Roma lacked spirit determination and the resiliency to bounce back in dire situations. Roma lost to a team in a Champions League they should have buried. Then in the league last week they threw away a two-goal lead with 10 minutes to go. Roma quietly just needed to finish the job. This match tested them physically mentally and emotionally. It was an incredibly difficult match with a team who really seemed up for the challenge. Roma showed so much resiliency and spirit through the 90 minutes. This match quite easily could have cost Eusebio Di Francesco his job. I think it would have been a little unfair but results speak for themselves. Roma’s having all sorts of issues but I don’t believe DiFrancesco is the reason why I think it would have been harsh but the players delivered putting in an inspiring performance for their manager. After the game DiFrancesco recognized that they have some cleanup to do but he finally saw the Spirit he has been looking for from this team. Roma came back twice they did not have a lead until the 60th minute. At times Roma have been unable to fight back during certain situations and last week they could not finish the job. Last night in Rome they provided all that in more as they came back multiple times not just to earn a point but to win the game. They played with such spirit and resilience while I was watching the game I even had doubts that Roma could finish it off. Roma a team who is still dealing with injuries but found a way through  as they came back and delivered an incredible performance that gives them a reason to believe again. This was such an important match because next week they travel to Turin to play Juventus a team that has only dropped one point All Season. While Roma might still lose that match they can go into the game with confidence and momentum after a great performance in which they provided spirit determination and resilience they found a way to secure three points for the first time since November 11th. As they go into the top six largely behind the character of the team who refused to give up. This is the third time this season in which Roma has come back from the dead to secure points during important moments. Roma still have work to do it wasn’t a perfect performance by any means but they fought until the very end.

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