Top 3 Performers and Donkey Of the week Match Day 16 #420

Sampdoria Midfielder Dennis Praet 




DennisPraet was the big difference Maker in Sampdoria’s hard-fought win against Parma. He only continues and continues to develop as a top player in Italian football. After the performance this weekend it only more justifies that he is a superstar in the making. He may not get the Press of some of the other stars in this league but at his position there are very few players that are as efficient as he is on the ball and off the ball. His vision and passing accuracy is second-to-none one of the best passers we have in the league. He also can score when he needs to be is a big part in why Sampdoria has been a success over the last few seasons. This summer they lost Lucas Torreira he was their best player and was the Catalyst of the offense. In fact Sampdoria have lost a key player in almost every season. Dennis Praet might be heading for the exit door sooner rather than later he is just that talented. Against Parma a team in good form with a high-flying Gervinho who was just named player of the month. It ended up being a very tough and physically draining games. There were times in which There were times in which it looks like going to be a scoreless draw. However in the second half late a 3-minute sequence of brilliance turn the game on its head. Dennis Praet set up both goals for Sampdoria within at minutes of each other effectively winning the match for Sampdoria. He has been a big part of the team success this season while they may not be as good as in years past they certainly are still a team that can be a big problem. Their place in the top 10 in the league which is exactly what they were shooting for this season. Europe isn’t out of the question the midsection of the league is very close and maybe they just have a chance with Dennis Praet controlling the offense they are unbeaten in four of the last five Dennis Praet as quietly having a sensational season before too long some of the bigger teams in Italy will realize this and make a move for The Talented midfielder. He was a sensational this weekend and was the big reason Sampdoria were able to pick up the three points.


Atalanta Striker Duvan Zapata (3)


After scoring a hat-trick last week Duvan Zapata kept his scoring streak going with another goal in the opening minutes against a very tough opponent. Despite the fact that Lazio are winless in the last four they are a incredibly tough team with quality throughout the squad. Atalanta doesn’t have nearly the players or the quality. However Lazio do not have a Duvan Zapata. In one of the biggest games of the season Atalanta delivered much of the season and they have a failed miserably against some of the bigger teams in Italy. On this occasion Duvan Zapata delivered for his team. He scored in the opening a 60 seconds of the match in what was an eventual 1-0 win for Atalanta. He was the defining factor in the game not only because he scored the goal but because of how much of a problem he was for the Lazio defense. Even though Lazio had the better players they outplayed the majority of them given his speed physical size he gave the defense some serious problems and in all honestly probably could have added another goal they were absolutely worthy winners as they’ve just added to Lazio’s misery. He now has four goals in his last two games and I only see it continuing the striker tandem with Ollic has been a very effective over the last few weeks. They find themselves even on points with Roma within just three points of the top four. It is a very good possibility that they find a way into Europe again this is a team capable of it and a team that’s built for Europe. Duvan Zapata is a big part of why this team had so much success it’s honestly mind-boggling to me that anybody would send him on loan. He is on a two-year loan from Sampdoria with an option to buy if Atalanta is smart they will not let him leave after his two years. He’s been on several loans and has been extremely effective but honestly hasn’t got the respect he deserves he’s one of the most dangerous players when he is on form. The greatest thing about him is he doesn’t have to score goals to be effective because of his size and a brute strength he can cause some serious problems on a defense in which his teammates can take advantage of. He makes the list for the third time he’s just a special player. Without him Atlanta is not the same team this team is pushing air up and he is a big reason why. Another Sensational performance as Atalanta gets closer and closer to European football.


Roma Midfielder Bryan Cristante


Bryan Cristante only continues to flourish since being put into the starting lineup he has been such an important player from Roma who continues to show the qualities he displayed last season at Atalanta. He completely and utterly dominated the Roma Midfield and was a huge problem for Genoa he made it extremely hard to Mark him because of his incredible intelligence he displayed. We have not seen a Roma midfielder Perform like that since Lorenzo Pellegrini against Lazio. Bryan Cristante is quite simply a superstar he had a less-than-stellar start to the season but since the injury to De Rossi he has just evolved into a star overnight. It’s not just what he did offensively it’s the entire package of skills he displayed in a game a Roma needed to win. Roma could not be denied last night and a Bryan Cristante is a big reason why. His ball movement was Sensational he created attacks and got teammates into great positions to score goals. He was a complete boss in the Midfield quite easily the best player on the pitch last night. He continues to grow and shows the incredible talents and qualities that he possesses. He scored for a second consecutive game this season and the unbelievable brilliance he displayed on the goal shouldn’t go unnoticed. The amount of intelligence that it took to create the masterpiece it was not only that but scored in the game winning goal in which he created the opportunity almost completely by himself he did need help but the way he played on the ball on the goal was absolutely world-class. When in the danger area he took the ball hitting a chip shot to Justin Kluivert who is only a few meters away who returned with the header Bryan Cristante smashed the strike into the back of the net off the volley to score the most important goal this month unbelievable creation pass and a world-class finish. He is going to continue and continue to develop in his early days playing for Roma he was heavily criticized almost on a consistent basis but he has a silence the doubters because over the last month he has just been something else. At this point you cannot take him out of the lineup he’s just playing far too well. Roma have something truly special with Bryan Cristante he single-handedly saved Eusebio DiFrancesco his job Roma have a truly special player on their hands one that could perhaps could lead this club in the future. It was a super star performance from Roma’s expensive signing.








The donkey of the week for this week goes to AC Milan. On Tuesday night they faced bologna managed by under-fire former AC Milan star Pipo Inzaghi. Bologna is one of the worst teams in Italian football this season and Inzaghi is a few bad results away from getting sacked. AC Milan didn’t have a big task ahead bologna is in such terrible form their last win was September 23rd. Everything aligned for them to win. Somehow someway they managed to fail to beat one of the worst teams in the league. AC Milan is a good team with some really good players more being more than capable of beating a team that hasn’t won a game since September. It is absolutely ridiculous that they failed to win AC Milan may not be one of the best teams  but they are in the top half of the table in the Champions League places at the current moment. This is what separates them from their competition for those spots. You are not allowed to drop points against Bad teams Roma has done it  but my point is this they’ve been out of the champions league for so long they cant mess around because everyone around them seems to be improving. It wasn’t just that they failed to win it was never look like they were going to their finishing in front of goal was bad even though they dominate the game they were undisciplined and it was a complete disaster for AC Milan. In fairness half of the team seems to be injured however they had more than enough to beat bologna. I had no choice but to give AC Milan the donkey of the week their job was simple and they failed to deliver.

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