Roma vs Parma 5 Talking Points #431


Roma travel to Parma in what was the final game of 2018 as the Romans desired to end the year on a high note. Roma was coming off of two wins in the last three matches finally finding some consistency and form this season. Roma and Parma had not faced each other’s and many years after their liquidation from Italian football as Parma got back up into the tops flight after three consecutive promotion. They have fared a lot better then the other promoted teams this season as they are a very strong mid-table side. A side Roma at times had looks like they were going to struggle with. It was a very even opening 45 minutes a goalless first half with Parma having the better of the chances despite Roma dominating the possession they’re finishing in front of goal wasn’t at its best. In the second half everything changed Cengiz Under led the charge Roma as he found Bryan cristante off a set piece to give Roma the 1-0 lead. It was Bryan Cristante 3rd goal of this month as he has been playing at an exceptional level and has really stepped up in light of the injuries that Roma has faced. Roma continued to be in complete control in the second half as Parma didn’t show up and the second half as they struggled to get anything going. With about 15 minutes left in the match Lorenzo Pellegrini made his first appearance in many weeks after being injured throughout this entire month. He came on to make an instant impact immediately making a run to find Cengiz Under who put together the finishing touch to give Roma the 2-0 lead who put together the finishing touch to give Roma the 2-0 lead. An excellent reading of the game as it appears Lorenzo Pellegrini is still in fine form despite missing time to injury. Roma secure the three points picking up a 2-0 win at to end 2018 behind the second-half Brilliance of Cengiz Under who played an incredibly dominant role throughout the match. Roma win their third match in their last four games as they find themselves in the top six of Italian football with only two measly points away from Champions League football. To give a perfect ending 2018

The X-Factor: Cengiz Under


Cengiz Under has been one of Roma’s most consistent performers over the last few games and again he displayed Sublime quality in crucial moments in the game. In the first half he provided a few chances that came relatively close to finding the back of the net. He was a tireless worker for the team and continuously frustrated the Parma defense with his speed athleticism and football intelligence. Roma’s Turkish super Talent played one of the best games he has played this season. In the second half he was the leader he was the spark plug. Quite honestly a superstar like performance Cengiz Under is an extremely hard player to manage when he is on form. And Parma got the gist of that in the second half he led the charge that ultimately ended up ending with a Roma Victory. Their first away victory since October he orchestrated the entire thing. It’s not to say that it was all him and he wasn’t  doing it alone but he was The X Factor in the second half. He got his team into position on a almost regular basis the left-back had a nightmare of an assignment trying to mark him. Under is extremely athletic agile and has wicked pace it made the Parma defense have serious issues trying to control what the Turkish youngster could do. He supplied and unbelievable assist to the opening goal as he perfectly placed his cross off the corner to Bryan Cristante’s goal. It was a nearly perfect cross placing the ball perfectly in a tight space. Under also scored the goal that ultimately killed off the game. Under was responsible for both of the Roma goals and although there are other components he made a huge impact in a very tough environment. He has shown and displayed over the last year-and-a-half his Superstar quality without question one of the best young players in Italian football. Not just in this game but in this week’s Serie A action he was one of the best performers completely dominated the wing he created such a problem because of his skill set he can very close to several goal-scoring opportunities. On his goal it was a perfect touch and a perfect finish from Roma’s Turkish delight. Under is quietly having a sensational season he’s not stealing the headlines and because of Roma inconsistency it’s not been highlighted. However the Turkish Superstar scored his sixth goal of the season to end 2018 which is only 2 less than he had a season ago. With still half to season remaining he has a opportunity to double his goal total. He is such an important piece to this team they do not function the same way when he is not playing. When he is playing well there are very few defenders in the league that can handle him he proved to be a nightmare not only in the attack but in his ability to facilitate opportunities for teammates. A superstar performance a goal and assist he was such a Difference Maker especially in the second half. Roma’s game completely changed because of how influential he was especially in the second half he orchestrated a mistake-free second-half for Roma once again showing his super star quality.

Infective Gervinho


Gervinho is one of the most explosive players in Italian football. His Pace his athleticism are lethal especially on the counter-attack his finishing ability is second to none. Roma knew what they we’re going up against. Gervinho used to wear the red and yellow of Rome. The club knows about him and knows exactly how dangerous he can be. What we expected was it Gervinho to look for blood against his former team. What we ended up seeing is quite the opposite there were a few times throughout the match where when coming forward he looked dangerous but his attacks never really materialized any fantastic chances. There were a few times in this game where it looked like she was going to do something special but it just never happened that moment that you were expecting from a player of his quality well that moment never came. Parma was heavily relying on his skills and the goal scoring ability of Gervinho. He was the only a big name on their front line with Inglesse not playing the match it was on his shoulders and he failed to deliver. He has been incredible in his return it to Italian football but in a big game like this you would have thought gervinho would rise to the occasion and I don’t know if it was the fact that he was playing against his former team or Roma just did a good job on him defensively but it was a very disappointing performance. Roma do have a top-notch goalkeeper in Robin Olsen I wasn’t necessarily expecting him to score but we expect more some players of his quality then what we saw.

Instant Impact: Lorenzo Pellegrini


Lorenzo Pellegrini has been one of them as best players this season prior to his injury he was having one heck of a campaign. Even though we have seen the emergence of Nicolo Zaniolo Roma have missed Lorenzo Pellegrini. He has missed the last month he’s gone through the recovering process and was finally ready to return to the team. Going into the game it was rather unclear whether Lorenzo Pellegrini would be able to return. He was a listed as a substitute but it was announced By eusebio Di Francesco that he could be available. Roma really didn’t want to threaten his heath even further so they had to be very careful and when to use them in this game. He’s been arguably the best player for Roma this season. The Roma born midfielder talked about the ambitions of being captain of The club at something he desires in the future and made an impact late in the game he did what Captains do deliver in big moments. With Roma winning the game 1-0 Lorenzo Pellegrini came in with about 15 minutes left replacing Zaniolo then within minutes he made his contribution on the match. He immediately made a run into the box while Roma were coming forward collected the pass and use his incredible intelligence and unselfishness to lay it off to an open a Cengiz Under as the Turkish star scored to kill off  the game. That is the type of player you want in your team he delivered his assist within 60 seconds of entering the match. When Lorenzo Pellegrini is at full fitness he can starts games regularly once again he is going to be so dangerous this is a player that is likely to be at Roma all the way until the end it was a captain’s contribution when he gains full Fitness this Roma team will get a lot stronger because he is one of the best midfielders in Italian football and even in those short moments he deliver.

Parma’s Second Half Misery


Parma’s first half performance was quite encouraging they even had the best chance of the first half. Even though Roma was in control of possessions and had more chances Parma looks good in the opening 45 minutes. It certainly looked like they were doing enough to at least obtain a point. However that wouldn’t last much longer as Parma had a bit of a collapse in the second half. Parma were very much in the game in the opening 45 minutes and supplied some encouragement they played Roma really tough. In the second half they were barely in the match at all. Roma completely dominated ran the possession and Parma had a mutually no chances in the second half. Parma did end up having to deal with brilliance from Cengiz Under which is always a tough task but there was no fight and offensively in the second half they couldn’t create anything. Roma deservedly won the game but Parma could have performed better because in the second half they offered very little resistance to a Roma dominant performance.

Roma’s Best Form Of the Season


This is the best Roma have played all season this is the team that we thought they were going to be. Roma have been consistently strong in four straight games and have won three out of their last four. Finally a win away from home as well winning away for the first time since October. This team is heating up at exactly the right time. Inconsistencies have been a problem all season. Roma has finally gotten past that even with all the injuries they have faced which have played a role in Romans inconsistency we have seen some players that struggled at the beginning of the year come out of their shell this has become a more complete team in spite of the injuries. When this Roma team gets completely healthy they have the potential and the ability to secure Champions League football once again as well as going on another deep run in Europe. Roma are playing their best football of the entire season. Meanwhile the team is getting healthier a lot of the players that have missed  through injury are returning and at the right time by the time winter break ends Roma should have a fully functioning team with no real injury concerns. Now that Roma has picked up this momentum and confidence that they are clearly feeling they can tear up the first half of the season and start from scratch. Quite obviously they cannot chase the title because I’m pretty sure it’s gone but they can start from fresh and improve on what they have done to end the year. After struggling at the beginning of the season Bryan Cristante has developed himself as one of the best players on the team and an absolutely essential player to Roma success. He is now earned a starting spot for Roma and no one will take it away from him that’s how good he has been. We have seen several players take advantage of player injuries and develop themselves a little bit more. After incredibly strong end to 2018 we now realize Eusebio di Francesco criticism was undeserved had Roma gotten rid Roma would be in trouble he just needed time to develop his team it appears he has done that.

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