Top 3 Performers and Donkey Of the week Match Day 19 #432

Atalanta Striker Josip Ilicic


Josip Ilicic was absolutely sensational this week in Atalanta’s big 6-2 win against Sassuolo. He was one of the biggest difference makers in the match as they annihilate their opponents. He did not enter the game until Midway through the second half. The imposing big man delivered in less than 45 minutes of action scoring his a second hattrick of the season as he makes it on the list for the second time. This Atalanta team that seemed to struggle at the beginning of the season has refined themselves in European football this season. Atalanta have a chance at a Europa League spots they continue to play like this. From top to bottom they are incredibly strong with the hottest striker in the league at the moment Duvan Zapata who has scored nine goals in his last five games. Which seems to have put the Serbian on the bench. An unbelievable performance displays the depth that this team does have he didn’t start the game but managed three goals off the bench. He is a starting-level player and and has a quality necessary to inspire a huge run. Atalanta are in excellent form right now although he may not be the biggest reason why having a guy of his skill level to come off the bench is just a truly dangerous thing. He’s not going to blow you away with statistics but when given service he is extremely efficient and always has been incredibly clinical in front of goal we saw a true display of that in his performance another hat-trick for the Bosnian Hitman. A truly sensational I only see his incredible form continue into 2019.

Atalanta Papu Gomez


Atalanta will feature another player on this list this week. As Papu Gomez put in a man-of-the-match level performance as he Captained his side to a huge win. Papu Gomez hasn’t had his best season but this week he attempted to get himself back on the right track. Something he surely and completely accomplished we are going to need to see continue display of brilliance but in their big win he was influential. Without question at the best player on the pitch his influence on the game he had was unbelievable. He was responsible for three of the six goals they scored. An unbelievable five key passes two of which led to 2 assists. A two assist performance ia pretty spectacular not many players can pull that off in 90 minutes of football. That is hard enough but he also added a goal of his own accumulating 50% of the goals scored by his team. Going into this season he was someone we all looked at as a potential player of the Season type player he was just that good. He had a hot start but has been a wildly inconsistent with his performances. His team have been up and down but currently are on a terrific run but not by his performance but by the brilliance of Duvan Zapata who also scored in this game. He just missed making my list for the third time this month. While Gomez is the leader of this team he is not the Catalyst of of the attack but it is a role he’s capable of but we just haven’t seen that many great performances from him this year. However after a goal and two assists performance we I know what he’s capable of I hope he is able to maintain this form and continue to be an important a valuable member of this high-flying Atalanta team in the new year. If he can recap his form from he had last season this team’s potential is endless a super performance from Atlanta’s captain



Roma Winger Cengiz Under


Cengiz Under has been one of Roma’s most consistent performers over the last few games and again he displayed Sublime quality in crucial moments in the game. In the first half he provided a few chances that came relatively close to finding the back of the net. He was a tireless worker for the team and continuously frustrated the Parma defense with his speed athleticism and football intelligence. Roma’s Turkish super Talent played one of the best games he has played this season. In the second half he was the leader he was the spark plug. Quite honestly a superstar like performance Cengiz Under is an extremely hard player to manage when he is on form. And Parma got the gist of that in the second half he led the charge that ultimately ended up ending with a Roma Victory. Their first away victory since October he orchestrated the entire thing. It’s not to say that it was all him and he wasn’t doing it alone but he was The X Factor in the second half. He got his team into position on a almost regular basis the left-back had a nightmare of an assignment trying to mark him. Under is extremely athletic agile and has wicked pace it made the Parma defense have serious issues trying to control what the Turkish youngster could do. He supplied and unbelievable assist to the opening goal as he perfectly placed his cross off the corner to Bryan Cristante’s goal. It was a nearly perfect cross placing the ball perfectly in a tight space. Under also scored the goal that ultimately killed off the game. Under was responsible for both of the Roma goals and although there are other components he made a huge impact in a very tough environment. He has shown and displayed over the last year-and-a-half his Superstar quality without question one of the best young players in Italian football. Not just in this game but in this week’s Serie A action he was one of the best performers completely dominated the wing he created such a problem because of his skill set he can very close to several goal-scoring opportunities. On his goal it was a perfect touch and a perfect finish from Roma’s Turkish delight. Under is quietly having a sensational season he’s not stealing the headlines and because of Roma inconsistency it’s not been highlighted. However the Turkish Superstar scored his sixth goal of the season to end 2018 which is only 2 less than he had a season ago. With still half to season remaining he has a opportunity to double his goal total. He is such an important piece to this team they do not function the same way when he is not playing. When he is playing well there are very few defenders in the league that can handle him he proved to be a nightmare not only in the attack but in his ability to facilitate opportunities for teammates. A superstar performance a goal and assist he was such a Difference Maker especially in the second half. Roma’s game completely changed because of how influential he was especially in the second half he orchestrated a mistake-free second-half for Roma once again showing his super star quality.

Donkey of the Week: Frosinone



The donkey of the week this week goes to Frosinone Calcio quite simply they are a disaster. This isn’t new news they’ve been bad for quite some time as they find themselves near the very bottom they have no chance at survival in my opinion. That is not what made them look like full this week it was a fact of their inability to beat some of the worst teams in the league. Chievo Verona looked like the absolute worst team in Italian football history this season all the sudden they’re playing well and their relegation possibilities are not as cut and dry they have a slight chance for survival. Had they not had a financial Point deduction they would be higher than Frosinone Calcio. They lost to Chievo Verona this week a team that have not won a single game all season. In the last few weeks Verona have seriously picked up some ground. If Frosinone Calcio cannot beat the team at the bottom of the table how are they going to beat anyone else. This team has no depth no star power no nothing. They have absolutely no chance of surviving this season and they could go down as one of the worst team in the last few years Italian football has seen. It’s not a managing problem it is a player’s they don’t have enough quality to survive. If you were going to survive you need a goal-scorer something they don’t have if you’re going to survive you need an excellent goalkeeper something they don’t have. If you’re going to survive you need a decent defense at least one good enough to get draws something else they don’t have. This entire team of the disaster and we’ve seen some of the less impressive teams this season throttle them. They pick up the donkey of the week this week for their continuous disaster that doesn’t seem to have a solution 







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