Roma’s Mid-Season Review Part 1 #434


League Position: 6th 8-6-5 30Pts
Coppa Itiala Round Of 16: vs Virtus Entella Jan 19th
Champions League Draw: FC Porto
Scoring Leader: Edin Dzeko (7), Cengiz Under (6)
Assists Leader: Cengiz Under (6)

We have reached the Midway point of the the 2018-2019 Serie A season. As we approach the winter break we’re going to take a look at some of the positives and negatives of Roma this season. Through 19 games Roma find themselves in 6th Place with 30 points. It has been a very fortunate position to end 2018. Roma are just two points out of the Champions League place with an opportunity in the new year to turn their season around. There’s been a lot of chaos animosity and changes made with this Roma team this season we have not quite gotten the response we expected so far this season. Roma were eight points better a season ago with still a finger on the title race. I wouldn’t say a polar opposite of their position now but a big change. Roma have mutually no chance at the title race all their hopes and Ambitions hang on their ability to secure Champions League football next season. It was a big turnaround this summer with the departures of Kevin strootman to Marseille, Raja Nainggolan to Inter Milan, and most importantly Alison Becker on what was a 75 million transfer to Liverpool. Roma sacrificed three key players over the summer and in some ways have paid for it. Roma signed a collection of young talents and some veteran experience as well as securing a replacement for Alison Becker in the Roma goal. Although we have seen the emergence of some young Stars that are poised to lead Roma forward in the future and we have seen some excellent performances from Robin Olsen in his mission to fill the shoes of Allison this was one of the worst starts to a season in a very long time for Roma. They has been one of the most inconsistent teams in Europe. They’re have been matches where they have performed to their absolute top level and others in which they have failed to pick up points against inferior opposition. Roma is one of those teams this season that no matter the opponent there’s a possibility to lose win or Draw because you never know what you’re going to get. Eusebio Di Francesco has been under immense pressure at many times this season with his job hanging in the balance throughout this difficult season. Roma secured second in their Champions League group. In Europe they have been much more consistent but still have their own issues. Defensively it has been a struggle and Roma don’t seem to have a go-to scorer this season. Injuries as well as plagued them this season but Roma did end up ending the seasons in the best way possible. Roma have won three out of the last four games as they all of a sudden have put themselves on the forefront of the Champions League race we’ve seen the emergence of some stars and this finally looks like a team that could be dangerous again. Even had a little luck as Roma drew they’re most desirable Champions League opponents avoiding Borussia Dortmund,Manchester City,PSG and Bayern Munich in the Champions League draw but FC Porto. It may not have been their best season but they’re certainly things to look forward to in 2019 we’re going to look at the negatives and positives for Roma so far this season.


Robin Olsen


Allison arrived in Rome two years ago and drastically transformed into arguably the best goalkeeper in the world. When Francesco Totti and Monchi got an offer up 75 million it was one they simply could not have passed up. Given how great he was in the Roma Jersey the goalkeeper that would come in and replace him would have incredible pressure to repeat performances. The last two years Szczesny and Alisson put together two of the most incredible goalkeeping seasons Roma had seen in many years. Alisson’s Champions League performances and Szczensy leading the lead in clean sheets. Regardless of who was going to come in it was a hard path to follow. Roma considered AC Milan Gigi Donnarumma, Leicester City’s Kasper Schmeichel and PSG’s Alfonso Arreola. Most people speculated that Roma would go for a high profile goalkeeper of similar value. However after a tremendous goalkeeping performance that prevented Italy from making the World Cup and being the driving force behind Sweden’s unlikely run to the quarterfinals in Russia. Roma opted for experienced goalkeeper Copenhagen’s Robin Olsen. He was brought in for the fraction of the cost in a 8.5 million deal that only will rise as much as 13 million. He was a player then never really played for a big club like Roma ever before he had the opportunity to win the love of the fans and try to fill the boots of Liverpool bound Alisson. Robin Olsen may not be as skilled as Allison but has a bigger frame and great awareness. Robin Olsen even though the expectations are quite low he has drastically over achieved what was expected of him. Robin Olson has been one of Roma’s best players this season. Roma have given up a fair amount of goals but considering how he’s done in front of a very shaky defense he has proven to be one of the best goalkeepers in the country. He may not be a top 5 goalkeeper in the world but I think he’s a top 15 in the world. He has had some incredible performances and rarely makes any mistakes. Alisson maybe making history with Liverpool but Robin Olsen is making history of his own. He has quickly become a fan favorite at the Stadio Olimpico he’s a goalkeeper we could see and the red and yellow of Rome for a long period of time. Robin Olson is not a better goalkeeper than Allison it’s certainly surpass his legacy in Rome it’s possible Robin Olsen is not the goalkeeper that Roma deserves. But his performances against some of the best teams in Italy on a consistent basis proofs that’s the goalkeeper Roman needs right now. Given the expectations and what has been asked of him he has certainly proven to be a bargain his value could not be understated he is a tremendous goalkeeper a goalkeeper that is perfect for Rome.

Multiple Goal scorers


Over the last two seasons Roma had a primary goal scorer someone that could depend on a regular basis. It’s something great to have to have someone like Cristiano Ronaldo who can guarantee around 15 goals at midseason. I’m not taking anything away from team to have guys like that and sometimes that is the best way to win. However spreading the ball out is another way meaning there multiple players that can hurt you. One ways not better than the other but given the situation those are the only two ultimatums if neither one of these things exist you are a bottom table team. Roma over these last two or three seasons Roma have had that primary goal scorer someone they can depend on late in games to get them crucial goals in big moments. Over the last two seasons that man has an Edin Dzeko who has been historically great for Roma as he is in the top 10 highest goal scorers in club history. Before he caught fire in the capital Mohamed Salah did his thing before that it was Pjanic before that it was Totti. Roma seem to always have a player capable of putting up big numbers. While very few have won the Golden Boot in Italy like Dzeko in 2017 and Totti in 2007 this is the first time Roma really haven’t had that. The highest goal scorer for Roma is Edin Dzeko with seven goals which is a fair amount but only two of those goals came in the league. Dzeko has missed time due to injury and he has haven’t had that killer instinct at least in league play that he has in years past. I fully expect him to refined himself in the second half of the season and I still reckon he’ll score a route 15 goals maybe even more if he catches fire at the right time. However at the moment this is a club and a change that has spread out their goal scoring tally. In fact among clubs in Europe to team has more different goal scorers than Roma. Roma have 16 different goal scorers since the start of the season. While it’s great to have a goal scorer you can count on on a consistent basis the fact that Roma have so many different scores make them difficult to plan for. Roma do have other issues and I will get into that later the fact they have so many different players who have scored goals this season proves the collectively the attack of Roma has been effective when they are playing well. It’s not to say Roma don’t have guys who are putting up good numbers this season Edin Dzeko Stephan El Shaarawy and Cengiz Under have all scored five goals are more this season. The fact that they have so many goal scorers has made them very efficient offensively Roma do need to do a better job in front of goal but they have created more chances than any team in the league. We need to have Edin Dzeko score on high numbers again but at the current moment the way in which the team is playing having goals being spread out through the entire team is phenomenal. 16 different goal scorers is a huge number it proves Roma have a lot of quality in this team. Not another team in Italy even comes remotely close in that regard that really justifies the quality that exists in the team.


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