Roma’s Mid-Season Review Part 2 #435


Positives (Continued)



Emerging Young Core



The idea going into the season and some of the decisions that were made is essentially for Roma to take one step back and two steps forward. Of course Monchi’s project has come under some major criticism and rightfully so but if you really evaluate what he has done it makes complete sense. Even this season you see some performances and displays that justifies his decisions. Now while I would have not made all the decisions and choices that he has he’s building something within. This Roma team may not be built to win now but there are very few teams and all of Italian football who are better set up for the future. We have seen the emergence awesome incredible young talent that are very capable of winning for Rome in the years to come. Roma has faced some pretty serious injuries this season but in light of all of that we have seen some displays up some incredible young players that maybe would we would not have seen develop. Lorenzo Pellegrini has really come into his own this season proving all that he is certainly the future of this club. He is a Roma born boy that has gotten to live out his childhood dream last season but this season’s out of nowhere he became a crucial to this Roma team. In the derby against Lazio after an injury to Javier Pastore Lorenzo Pellegrini truly arrived. As he was responsible for all three goals they scored. An incredible backheel goal a tremendous assist and he won a free-kick that Kolarov scored. After the Derby up until his injury he started every game and continue to show tremendous ability. He has been one of them as best players this season scored a winner in a crucial Champions League game against Cska Moscow in Russia and provided consistent  moments of Brilliance throughout this season now that he is fully back and healthy he’s ready to wreck havoc on the league he came out recently staying it would be a dream to be Roma captain proving that he is here until the end only 22 years old he has truly emerged as the real deal one of the best midfielders in the entire league. Another superstar in the making is Cengiz Under the Turkish Winger is responsible for 12 goals this season six goals and six assists he is only progressed since last season including scoring some absolute screamers. He completely dominates the Run of play and this season more so than a year ago he looks for the pass and tries to make this offense very formidable by getting his teammates involved . Keeping him in Rome will be really important because he is one of the most exciting players in the entire league. These are the two superstars we have seen this season but there have been other stars on the verge of something special. With the injury to De Rossi Bryan Cristante came in the lineup after having an underwhelming start at Roma and completely turned his season around just winning player the months he has been an absolute sensation since being put into the starting lineup as he has been paired with Steven Nzonzi in the Roma Midfield. Four goals and three sisters season he is in such a crucial role in the Roma Midfield and is on the verge of stardom he is a borderline star already and with the way he’s performed he was worth the charge of omission. He’s only going to improve and get better this season he’s been consistent ever since his inclusion to the starting lineups he’s only going to continue to grow as the season progresses he is the perfect midfielder for Roma he has that quality. Then finally the teenager pair who seem to be two of the most complete and talented prospects in Italian football. Justin Kluivert and Nicolo Zaniolo. Justin Kluivert’s father is a ac Milan legend  Patrick Kluivert and has lived up to the pressure. Provide something to this Roma team that no one does he has speed and athleticism like no other he gives everything he has and goes a 1,000 miles per hour. He has shown incredible technique and clinical ability recently scored his first goal in Italian football. He is a guy Roma are going to rotate in the starting line up more and more often he is largely benefited from the injuries and when he is played he is delivered I had been incredibly impressed of what he’s been able to do at just 19 years old this kid is going to be a huge part of Romans plans going forward he’s as talented of a prospect that I have seen. But then yet again so is Nicolo Zaniolo he is super talented physical and plays the role in the Midfield like a seasoned veteran. Whose potential is enormous he reminds me of a younger version of Francesco Totti. There have been games in which he has dominated and perhaps has the best goal Roma has scored this season a few weeks ago when he caused a goalkeeper and defense to fall on their back after ripping through everyone. He is for real and is the future of Italian football he is big has toughness he’s physical he’s intelligent he has everything necessary to be the next star in Italian football. He is going to run away with the young player of the year. the Nainggolan transfer now looks like Roma have stolen from Inter Milan as he was a part of that deal. On one hand Kluivert he is super athletic speed demon on the counter and Zanilio is a physical tough midfielder that can create problems a antagonizing pair for Roma’s future . This team is full of emerging stars and if you let these youngsters grow you could create a monster. we are so fortunate to be able to see the development of so many young players on this team so far this season and every one of them will continue to grow this season’s making Roma a more dangerous team as the season goes on.






Roma have had their struggles this season’s with some inconsistent and occasionally spineless performances but on certain occasions they have fought back. There’s a lot of negative things that can be said about this Roma team but their character and their ability to fight back is not in question. There have been 19 games played and I guess maybe occasionally they have given up but is a very uncommon things for this team. In three games this season they have come back and found a way through. It is one of the most admirable things about this Roma team. They just don’t quit they may not be consistent they may not be the best but effort is not something they lack. In some of the biggest moments this season Roma found a way to get a result necessary the old Roman sayings Romans never die certainly applies to this Roma season. While success may not be there they certainly have a never-give-up spirit. After a Edin Dzeko goal beat Torino at the death in match day one. Roma got an unexpected test from Atalanta. Even though Atalanta is a great team with some serious players Roma were home at the Stadio Olimpico there really wasn’t an excuse for not winning the game. Atalanta ripped through them multiple times and managed to take a 3-1 lead into halftime after Roma had taken the lead in the opening moments it was a complete breakdown. It wasn’t a lead they weren’t capable of coming back from though after the Barcelona heroics last season you could never count them out. Roma found a way back to avoid some great disappointment to start season. In the second half Roma charged back Alexandro Florenzi got a goal back before Barcelona hero Kostas Manolas helps Roma salvage points after being 3-1 down. This was very early in the season but they displayed that resilience that we’ve seen on a couple of occasions this season. Then just a few weeks ago high flying Inter Milan came to the Stadio Olimpico. This was a match that Roma needed something from. Eusebio di Francesco was a loss away from losing his job at least that is what the tabloids suggested. Roma ended up coming back twice to secure another hard-fought points thanks to an absolute thunderstroke from Cengiz Under and a second-half penalty from Alex Kolarov. Then just very recently against Genoa once again immense pressure on a Roma victory anything short of it could have ended the DiFrancesco era in Rome. Once again Roma battle back twice But this time they will collect all three points. Justin Kluivert tremendous first Serie A goal allowed a comeback to occur scoring right before the halftime. A dominating Bryan Cristante performance in the Roma Midfield inspired Roma to a  victory as Cristante scored the winner with less than 10 minutes to go. Since that victory Rome are playing much better football and find themselves on the brink of the Champions Leagues places. Three times this season Roma have battled back hopefully in 2019 Roma won’t be in a position where they need to but we have seen the character the courage and the leadership in this team this team will fight for each other until the very end. It doesn’t matter the season it doesn’t matter the time of year it doesn’t matter the location until the end of time and even beyond one thing is clear Romans never die resiliency is in the club foundation and in the blood it is what makes this club so special. Once again hopefully it won’t be necessary but the team is always capable of fighting back.




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